Saturday, December 13, 2014

America's Becoming A Police State? So What Does That Have To Do With Wealth Inequality?

As you know..the wealth inequality in America is at ridiculous highs. Never before have the rich been so rich as the poor get poorer and the middle class fades into a distant memory. Economist Samuel Bowles did an interesting study and it suggests the following...the greater the wealth inequality in a society, the greater that society spends on 'guard labor' other words, labor that focuses on protecting that wealth. That means, the greater the wealth inequality, the greater the police state of that society becomes...

One Nation Under Guard!!!

Also the rich are getting richer at an accelerating rate...and that means the police state is only going to get bigger and more oppressive. Worried about militarized police and increased surveillance on us now? Sorry, it is going to get worse.[See Source]

Written By:
Brian Stetten

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