Friday, November 13, 2015

Bernie Sanders Gets Important Endorsement From Postal Union

Bernie Sanders Gets Important Endorsement From Postal Union

The endorsements of unions are necessary and significant. Union endorsements are important because union workers do many tasks in an election cycle like working phone banks, social media, and put boots on the ground. They knock on doors and help bring awareness to a particular candidate. 

Having the endorsement of unions creates a solid infrastructure of support for a given candidate. In a time when we have seen operatives like Karl Rove and other conservatives work so hard to destroy workers rights who know by doing so, you ruin this infrastructure that generally support liberal candidates. 

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In fact, labor unions are a bastion of support for the Democratic Party and the progressive movement in this country. The AFL-CIO has stated they are not coming out with their endorsement until later on in the political process. 

Recently, the American Postal Workers Union has thrown its support to Bernie Sanders. The " American Postal Workers Union" like all unions members are made up from all walks of life. These unions members share a gambit of political views. This union[APWU] is very concerned about the future of the postal service. Their members care about having a good working living wage. Under this criterion according to APWU leadership Bernie Sanders stood head and shoulder above any other candidate from any political party. 

 The APWU made this determination based on Sanders record and his vision moving forward. Bernie Sanders has been a long time fighter for the postal service and wants to expand its service in a new world economy. The foundation of this endorsement is based on Bernie's history of fighting for the Postal Service and other broader issues as well. 

One important factoid here is the United States Postal Service is not funded by the American tax dollar. The problems the Postal Service have had are not the result of poor management. The problems have been caused by Congress by this pre-funding of retirement mandates and health care benefits ten years in advance. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to get rid of these mandates. 

The Postal Service Has To Win The War On Messaging Why It Is Having Financial Woes!

Bernie Sanders has been a leader in getting the truth out to the public about the problems facing the United States Postal Service.[USPS] The issues facing the USPS are manufactured problems by Congress. The USPS is not broke regarding its operations. The internet and email are not killing the post office. Yes, it has changed mail but has created a myriad of new revenue streams for the USPS. 

No one has fought harder and told the truth about the problems facing the USPS and its workers than Bernie Sanders. Sanders has a long record and a present one of taking the lead on important issues facing the working Americans like postal workers and others. In this writers view this is why there is so much excitement about his campaign. 

Bernie Sanders is an authentic person. Sanders has a no-nonsense approach to politics. He is the face of the new political revolution in America. Americans are tired of the 1% controlling and putting our democracy up for sale. 

We need to protect the common good and to protect the USPS, and the APWU is part of the goal. Many Americans and businesses rely on the postal service each and every day. Bernie Sanders have stopped Congress from appointing people who would work to privatize the postal service. The primary fight the USPS has on its hands is fighting the mechanism in Washington who want to see the service privatized. Privatizing the postal service would lead to a lesser product without the long-standing guarantees now provided by the USPS. 

Privatizing the USPS would cost workers their jobs and facilities will close all across America. Bernie Sanders has led the fight to stop this from happening. Bernie Sanders has long been a fighter for a viable productive and profitable postal service and his getting this critical endorsement is fitting. Bernie Sanders has earned this endorsement. 

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