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Bernie Sanders Was Awesome And Won The Third Debate No Matter WTF Corporate Media Is Reporting!

Third Debate
After watching the third Democratic debate Saturday night, the very first thing that popped into this writer's mind was scheduling a debate on Saturday night the weekend before Christmas was as dumb as dumb can get. However, we know why the DNC did this. If you don't know the DNC is doing everything they can to hide away and limit the exposure of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. There is no doubt that Martin O' Malley was a big loser Saturday night. He should just go ahead and pack it up. His performance was shocking and his demeanor did him in.

The clear winner of the third debate was Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont. In fact, he won by a long country mile. This debate lacked energy overall and there may be some reasons for it being so. For starters the moderators of the debate were awful. They lost control of the debate and the questions they asked were terrible. For example, why at a Democratic debate was there not one question about climate change? Yet, they focused on terrorism for almost an hour. Maybe more.

ABC and their moderators must have thought they were at a Republican debate. We know that ISIS is a major problem, but there are other domestic issues that are a problem as well and affect more Americans on a daily basis than ISIS ever will.

And, why in the hell was the question about presidents spouses even asked?

That question had no business being asked nor does it have any relevance to the issues facing our nation. We are not voting for a potential president's spouse are we? Just like the “Star of Bethlehem" shown bright on the night of the birth of Christ it's clear who the DNC and corporate media have picked as their choice for the Democratic nomination. If you can't see it you are blinded by the light itself.

According to Slate polling, Bernie Sanders won a huge victory Saturday night. However, mainstream media declared Hillary the winner no different than previous polls from the store bought mass media polls. [See Source

The Candidates

Martin O'Malley

Third Debate
Martin O'Malley
O'Malley sounded very much like a "wind-up doll" in the third debate. In fairness, O'Malley did not stand a chance from day one.  O'Malley's incessant bragging about his record as the Maryland Governor wears a bit thin in a third debate. His [O'Malley] comments sounded empty and uninspiring. O'Malley's comment about being a candidate from another generation implying that the age of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was an issue fell flat on its face. In retrospect, O'Malley had the dumbest moment in the debate when he stated we should not replace capitalism with socialism. Bernie Sanders is not advocating replacing capitalism with socialism. This comment was a dig at Sanders he borrowed from the Republicans. Martin O'Malley, I have some news for you any person elected president from the Democratic Party will be called a socialist. Republicans called Barak Obama a socialist. It was an idiotic comment. 

Bernie Sanders

Sanders did an awesome service to his campaign by calling out the DNC and for apologizing to Hillary Clinton for the data breach issue. Sanders comments about Saudi Arabia and Qatar needed to step up to the plate in the fight against ISIS was spot on and was very well received by the debate audience. Now, what Sanders needs to do moving forward is give us more details how he would bring about this much-needed coalition in the fight against ISIS. Sanders comments were correct when he stated that overthrowing these Middle East dictators has been an aggressive tactic that has proven to be a complete failure. Bernie Sanders proved in the third debate he is no rookie when it comes to foreign policy. We must remember it was Bernie Sanders that got it right back in 2002 concerning the war in Iraq and it was Hillary Clinton that was wrong who has admitted the mistake. 

Third Debate
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders showed that he is more than a one-dimensional candidate and that his 25 years in Washington has made him a very well rounded and qualified candidate for the presidency. The best most down to earth honest comment in the whole debate was delivered by Sanders when he stated that corporate America would not like him over Hillary Clinton. Sanders did himself a big service by pointing out who the donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign are it was a strong factual point. Moreover, Hillary Clinton had no rebuttal because it was a true statement. Also, it was Bernie Sanders who lead the fight against Bill Clinton removing of Glass-Steagall which many economists claim was a major factor in the 2008 bank bailout debacle. In the third debate, Sanders did an excellent job of pointing this factoid out. Sanders also did a great job of explaining the link between health care and campaign finance reform. He made the point that Hillary Clinton who was for universal health care at one point in her career but now is against it and that she [Clinton] has received major donations from the medical insurance companies. The point that Clinton is now a bought and paid for tool of the medical insurance industry has merit based on those donations and Clinton subsequent flip-flop on the issue of universal health care. Sanders goal of making college tuition free for all Americans is a noble one. What this writer would like to hear more of from Sanders is how to deal with the issue of people with current student loan debt because in my view more could be done than just lowering the interest rates. Sanders did a very good job of responding to Hillary Clinton attack that Bernie Sanders health care plan would raise taxes. What Clinton is not telling people is that our current system is costing taxpayers upwards 30 trillion dollars already and that Bernie's plan would be a reduction in that cost. Sanders comment that with a single payer system we would not need to be paying the 30 trillion the private healthcare system is currently costing us. So the raise in taxes would be offset by the savings from the five times the rate of inflation our current private healthcare system invokes on Americans now. Sanders did a great job of showing how Hillary Clinton comments are misleading. 

Sanders was exceptional in his comments surrounding one of the biggest problems we face in this country "Institutional Racism." Sanders set himself apart from Hillary Clinton on this issue. Sanders addressed the "Black Lives Matter" movement with grace and style and most of all his comments were genuine. Bernie Sanders has a proven record for fighting for civil rights in America. Other words, he has the record to back up the rhetoric. 

Hillary Clinton

Third Debate
Hillary Clinton
For starters Clinton comment about no one cared about the "Bernie Sanders Scandal" concerning the DNC data breach came off phony as a three dollar bill. In fact, the day before the debate Clinton and here machine was condemning the Sanders campaign. You cared about it the day before why not 24 hours later in the debate? Clinton did a good job of bringing up her three-point foreign policy plan. But, where the vagueness comes in is when she stated her plan would do more to keep us safe. That sounds like a Republican talking point. What does that mean and what will be its cost? Clinton was correct in her comment saying we do not need a ground war in Syria. But, the problem is people trusting her to live up to the comment. Like it or not hard-line Democrats Hillary Clinton has a trust deficit with the American people from the left, right, and center. [See Source]

Clinton argument for a "Syrian No-Fly Zone" was in a word terrible. When asked would she shoot down a Russian plane that violated the no-fly zone her reply "I don't think it would come to that," not only made no sense it's wrongly presumptuous and quite frankly irresponsible. Hillary Clinton are you not aware of what Vladimir Putin has been doing that last several months? The bottom line she made a lousy case for the no-fly zone that would do nothing but trust our nation into another full-scale war in the Middle East. 

It's no secret that Clinton and Putin do not like each other and Hillary's no-fly zone is her way of flexing her political muscles at Putin who in the House of Public Discourse view would tell Clinton to stick her no-fly zone policy where the sun doesn't shine. According to her, remarks at the third debate Clinton purposes fighting Assad and ISIS at the same time. This may have been the second dumbest remark in the third debate. In practice, Hillary Clinton proposal would have us fighting both sides of the war. ISIS and Assad are at war with each other and what Hillary Clinton suggest is not only preposterous current U.S. President Obama disagrees with this approach and the no-fly zone as well. 

Hillary Clinton No-Fly Zone Policy Is A Republican One

What blows this writer's mind is someone who is a lifelong Washington insider former first lady U.S. Senator and Secretary of State could be so ridiculous to even advocate such a hawkish policy in the first place and begs the question of her objectivity for real coalition building suggested by the Sanders campaign. 

What the reality of a Hillary Clinton presidency suggest her words not mine that we would be fighting a war in the Middle East against the factions who are in fact fighting against each other which puts us slap dab in the middle. Clinton lost points in the debate on her foreign policy approach among a wide demographic of potential voters both in the primaries and general elections. Just like economic issues, Hillary Clinton looks more like a Republican in her foreign policy than a Democrat. Iran being in Syria has nothing to do with her beloved Israel and their Jewish lobby money that the Clinton campaign would love to have.[See Source]

Hillary Clinton true intentions here are written all over her face. Moreover, it's evident that Hillary Clinton has not learned a lesson from her previous foreign policy blunders. When you arm rebels there is no telling whose hand these arms end up in. 

America Needs To Help Support Coalition Building In The Middle East And Stay The Hell Out Of It Militarily! 

On economic issues, Clinton was not strong at all in the third debate. Bernie Sanders message is resonating with ' We the People" leagues ahead of the Clinton campaign. Anytime she is asked about economic issues she defers to her plan on her website instead of answering the question and then quickly pivots to the Republicans. She doesn't want to answer questions about her being in the pockets of Wall Street. Clinton 5000 dollar tax credit idea concerning healthcare will not only do very much it is status quo politics at its core and is a proven failure. 

What this proposal proves to this writer is that you really don't know the real problems facing the average American regarding healthcare issues or you don't care. Maybe that "Medical Insurance Industry" money means more? Most people who are in debt due to medical bills are in debt way more than a measly 5000 tax credit would provide. You can run up a 5000 dollar medical bill in less than a day if you have to be hospitalized or have a serious ongoing health condition. The 5000 dollar tax credit idea by Hillary Clinton is not only a joke it's an insult. 

In closing, the one big glaring reality that shine forth in the third debate is that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a moderate Republican. There are conservative Democrats who undoubtedly support Hillary, but her positions and policy proposal go way beyond anything remotely progressive or liberal. There is a term being bandied about in social media " Republican Lite."Hillary Clinton fits its mold to a tee. How anyone who considers themselves a liberal can support Clinton is a mystery to this writer.

Hillary Clinton Is Hungry For War

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