Thursday, January 21, 2016

Republican Operatives Are Posing As Hillary Clinton Supporters On Social Media

Republican Operatives Are Posing As Hillary Clinton Supporters On Social Media

Republican Operatives on social media are posing as Hillary Clinton supporters because they are growing ever weary of facing Bernie Sanders. These GOP operatives see the rock star popularity of this honest integrity rich politician with a 25-year record to back it up and it's creating panic that 2016 will be another 2008 all over again.

Now that the once thought inevitable nominee Hillary Clinton aura has evaporated into thin air and with the Sanders campaign surging in the polls the Republican establishment are seeing a repeat of Barack Obama in their dreams and it's a nightmare. 

Bernie Sanders has all but erased Hillary Clinton lead in Iowa and has surged to a double-digit lead in New Hampshire.[See Source] Republican Operatives are noticing that Sanders is outperforming Hillary Clinton against every GOP presidential candidate including front-runner Donald Trump.[See Source

Moreover, the Sanders campaign has a populist message that has created a political tidal wave in the 2016 presidential race.[Read Article] The "Bern Campaign" has received more individual donations from everyday American's than any other political campaign in the history of politics.[See Source] This factoid alone scares the daylights out of the Republican establishment but there is more. Ever since Bernie Sanders announced his run for the presidency his rallies have generated huge enthusiastic crowds even in the deeply red south. 

Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally In Birmingham, Alabama - 7000k In Attendance! - Bernie For President

The most shocking poll number is the popularity numbers that senator Sanders has recorded leading one expert on such polling to comment that he has never scene such high favorability ratings ever in his career.[See Source

The one factor that has put the Republican establishment in a panic mode more than anything else is Bernie Sanders record of fighting for the everyday person in America. There are no Benghazi or Email scandals to exploit.

There are no flip-flops or evolving and most importantly no special interest ties the Sanders campaign has for them to demonize. Bernie Sanders has a record of consistency that has become a breath of fresh air which is unlike the majority of politicians in Washington including Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders record speaks for itself and these Republican operatives have no material to work with so the only alternative is to steal the Hitler, Nixon, and Karl Rove playbook to spread propaganda, lies, and use the old John Birch Society playbook of fear.[Read Article]

So What Are These Republican Operatives To Do?

They come disguised as a Hillary Clinton Supporter spreading fear that a Democratic Socialist is evil and cannot beat a Republican. They try to create fear that a Bernie Sanders nomination would hurt the Democratic down ticket. They claim that Bernie Sanders is making promises he knows he can't keep and is brainwashing the new and young voters. They know Bernie Sanders has a huge lead over Hillary Clinton with Independent voters who are the largest voting block in America and vital to any Republican victory in a general election. So they're attempting to fool this voting block into thinking Bernie Sanders is a Communist. There hope is that by this attack coming from a so called Hillary Clinton supporters will sway the undecided to choose the candidate they much rather face one Hillary Clinton. 

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