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Why Hillary Clinton ' A Win Is A Win," Is Not A Win In Iowa?

Hillary Clinton Said A Win Is A Win For Her In Iowa Is That Accurate?

Hillary Clinton
The results of the recent Iowa Caucus was the closest ever in this " horse and buggy' way to elect a political candidate. With both Democratic Party participants coming away with an almost equal amount of delegates. Even though coin flips are part of this archaic method of choosing a political candidate there are major questions surrounding the counting of the votes in Iowa?

After watching what went down on Monday night in the Iowa Caucus on the Democratic side has left many people scratching the heads. Hillary Clinton is claiming a victory and the Sanders campaign has called it a virtual tie. Since the results of this razor-tight vote, there have been some major questions raised about not only the coin flipping but the overall behavior of the Iowa DNC headed up by a Hillary Clinton operative.

There has been an allegation of voter fraud, voter manipulation, vote rigging, and understaffed unreported precincts. With that said nonetheless, the Clinton Campaign has declared itself the winner. Even long time and well respected MSNBC host Rachael Maddow declared that the Iowa Caucus was a huge win for the Bernie Sanders campaign who erased a 50 point deficit and shocked the democratic establishment world by coming within a coin flip of beating their preordained choice Hillary Clinton who they hoped to hand the nomination to on a silver platter

Bernie Sanders Has The Political Momentum Coming Out Of Iowa

The winner of the Iowa Caucus traditionally slingshots a person running for president into national eminence and gives a political campaign a huge boost going into New Hampshire. In the case of Bernie Sanders, he was able to achieve these factors by just finishing in a dead heat with democratic establishment dynasty candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary Clinton coin flip win in Iowa was not a win because the notion that the former Secretary of State run for the White House would result in her being the inevitable nominee has been shattered. When a candidate has the name recognition and a political establishment machine backing her to come out of Iowa with a draw and a " Apparent Winner" label based largely on coin flips there is hardly any momentum whatsoever to draw from other than political spin by her corporate media buddies. 

Heads Or Tails

What really baffles the mind is that it took six magical coin flips for Hillary Clinton to even achieve whatever narrow margin she did receive in the Iowa Caucus. Other than longtime Iowan caucus goers the majority of the nation were unaware of such a preposterous way of resolving a tie. Common sense dictates if a precinct ends in a tie neither candidate should be allowed the delegates from that precinct. I challenge anyone to flip a coin fairly and tell me the coin landed on heads six times in a row. What is important here is in a general election Hillary Clinton will not be afforded such a luxury, nor will the GOP winner abstain from besieging Hillary Clinton on her current email legal problems this will be a talking point topic of every debate the careless former fist lady is a part of in a general election debate. 

What the bottom line regarding the outcome of the Iowa Caucus is something you will not hear from the Clinton News Network[CNN] or MSNBC. The Clinton political organization was beaten in Iowa! The whole mindset that she will waltz her way to the nomination has been totally demolished. The whole Hillary Clinton decades-long establishment political connections and machine could do no better than to secure a virtual tie with the populist choice Bernie Sanders and his political revolution. 

"Now that Hillary is running for President, the donors have an even better idea of what good things might come to them--or what problems and complications could develop if they cut the Clintons off...
Third, the Foundation vehicle allows the Clinton's to attract enormous sums of money from foreign as well as domestic donors.
Unlike ordinary politicians, the Clinton's can take money from foreign individuals, states and firms without breaking US laws. They can even sidestep much if not all of the odium that comes from running an American campaign with foreign money." [Source: Walter Russell Mead, Bard College's James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs, in an article titled The First Postmodern Political Machine:]
This is the very political machine with a worldwide reach that a 74-year-old Democratic Socialist from Vermont and his political revolution defeated Monday night in Iowa. This shocking finish has provided him [Bernie Sanders] with a national momentum heading into New Hampshire where his campaign presently holds a double-digit lead according to several well-respected polls. 

Bernie Sanders showing in the Iowa Caucus sent a message to the Democratic Party establishment that they needed a miraculous coin flipping exercise and a antiquated political process to achieve a tie with a surging in popularity non-establishment guy Bernie Sanders. Sanders with a huge lead going into New Hampshire will undoubtedly get more coverage from the mainstream media than he has previously. And, with that more attacks from the Hillary campaign operatives. Hillary Clinton said today in New Hampshire that " A Win Is A Win," this writer would suggest the opposite that her showing in Iowa shows that the once thought untouchable Hillary Clinton campaign is well in reach of being upset by Bernie Sanders and the political revolution he leads. 

Watch Bernie Sanders' full speech after Iowa caucuses.

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