Monday, May 9, 2016

House Member Bella Wade: Bernie Must Have A PLAN B!


A thought has rolled around in my head for weeks about what happens after the convention if Bernie isn't the nominee. Here is my letter to Bernie Sanders.

Dear Sen. Sanders,
Bella Cennato Wade
I am honored to support your candidacy. You have run an open and honest campaign that truly showed us that it can be done in this country. Unfortunately, the American plutocracy (political parties, corporate MSM, corrupt corporate money propping up corrupt candidates, election boards engaged in fraud) are determined to deny the will of the people. Will they succeed? That's our question. Bernie, I love you but truth is, I hope you understand you called for a political revolution in this country. Do you think that ends with the democratic convention?
Do you think we should sanction the corrupt behavior of the entitled in this election? Is "defeating an idiot republican" more important than defying the corrupt process that has been determined to install one of the most toxic and corrupt individuals in the American political scene, Hillary Clinton or a master reality TV showman called Trump, into power. Was your call for revolt real?

I'm going to take you to task. If you aren't willing to register in every state to run for president, then perhaps you don't fully understand what's at stake either. That's plan B. Plan B isn't to deny a republican the white house and install the other plutocrat. Seems to me Trump is far less dangerous than Hillary who will further entrench the plutocracy as the skilled neo-liberal destroyer she is.

Plan B is to CONFRONT the rigged system, including the stealing of our vote, our voice and our desire for an honest economy and an end to entitled privilege.

I believe you win in the general, whether as a democrat or as an independent. I know, you said you wouldn't. But the DNC said they wouldn't cheat, steal and put a heavy hand on the primary process. Well, we know they did even to the point of stealing people's votes and quashing new voters attracted to the party by your candidacy. Is that ok with you?

What do you tell those people denied their vote in the primary? Oh, well just ignore that, the republican is more dangerous. How do you not allow those new voters, those hundreds of thousands denied their vote via democratic election fraud, to get that chance again?
Bernie, you called for a revolution. Revolution does not defend corruption. And if you don't run as an independent, be assured that you make yourself the agent of a rigged system that forces Americans to again choose between two evils.

Please plan for a realistic Plan B. And a realistic Plan B demands you register your presidential run in every state in the union if the convention fails to address the corruption of this election cycle. Allow this revolution to continue to November. Give us the guarantee and we will back your play. But going along to get along, that is in the trash heap of more bad ideas. The enemies of "we the people" don't have a political side, it's every one of them who exercise their power to destroy the 99% via a rigged economy and legalized corruption.[See Article]

This fight must continue unabated. 

If you don't run to November, ask your supporters to SANCTIFY the corruption of this primary election, then revolt is not real because when it counts, those who called for it ends up abandoning those who answered the call.

Please, make this a fight against the plutocracy.  If you don't, I suspect all the mediums used to support your candidacy will be crippled in short order.  If you don't, the millions of us who supported your campaign with feet on the street, on the phones and with our money will essentially be abandoned once again to a corrupt system.
We have had your back for over a year.  It's time for you to make hard choices for the people.  I know it might make you vulnerable in the Senate if you return there.  But we are not going away if you stand up and fight for the presidency, all the way to November and beyond.

Write To Senator Bernie Sanders Yourself And Let Him Hear Your Voice

Sen. Bernie Sanders
1 Church Street, 3rd floor
Burlington VT 05401

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