Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Let Your Voice Be Heard In The House Of Public Discourse

House Members Weight In On The 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Race.

MaryAnn Scandura
"Hillary supporters need to wake up and wake up fast.
You get mad at people like me who point out Hillary's flaws, corruption, and scandals. It's almost like you think that if I and other Bernie supporters would just shut up and put Hillary on the ticket that life is suddenly going to get all red and rosy. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you think I say things that will hurt Hillary in the General Election, you haven't heard nothing yet. Bernie Sanders himself has not brought up the emails or Clinton Foundation along with many of other issues that the Republicans are going to broadcast, 7/24, week after week, month after month until the last vote is cast in November. They are going to rip into her like a hungry Tiny Tim ripping into the Christmas Turkey and Figgy Pudding.
The problem with Hillary is that the material the Republicans will have to work with is an endless void of scandals and corruption and they don't even need to make shit up. Do your homework people...."

Hillary Clinton Can't Wait To Compromise With Republicans

Michael Rudnin Is In The House

"#‎BernieOrBust‬ are comprised of about one in three liberal independents who wholeheartedly want Bernie Sanders to win, and will under no circumstances vote for any more corporatist democrats ... there's enough of us that the difference actually affects polling outcomes in the general election to the point that if the DNC nominates Hillary Clinton, she's likely to lose ~ an undesirable outcome we place blame upon the DNC, don't try to convince us otherwise, such will be a fruitless effort. To democratic loyalists, understand that Hillary has not earned our vote ~ we see her as the poster-child for everything wrong with big money corrupting politics, and to some, she's even worse than Trump. Hopefully, that will clear up any talking points left unanswered."

You Do Not Owe Hillary Your Vote

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