Friday, May 6, 2016

Major Issues Being Discussed In The House Of Public Discourse Today!

Hillary Clinton the presumptive democratize nominee by party establishment and the media might be headed for complete self-destruction. 

From House Member David Fillippo 

Bernie Sanders, despite all odds, might have a chance to win the 2016 democratic nomination. The Hillary email scandal and FBI probing is only getting worse. Now a federal judge has ordered that Hillary Clinton testifies under oath. Not to mention that recent hacker from Romania has publicly claimed to have hacked her email server. With all the ensuing controversy, it's difficult to see how the superdelegates will stay with Hillary.
The FBI is not just investigating the usage of emails on a non-secure server, they are now probing to see if the State Department was used in conjunction with the DNC and the Clinton Foundation to funnel money illegally.
Donal Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee. With cries like "Crooked Hillary" becoming a slogan for him, it's hard to see that democrats will stick with her especially if Bernie Sanders continues to win the states. It seems that the media is finally forced to report on the email scandal given some of the recent questionings.
The corrupt media has also failed to distinguish the difference between Hillary Clinton's and Bernie Sander's position on trading with Panama. The Panama Papers is a vital leak of information that gives a glimpse into the financial tax-free accounts that many corrupt corporations accomplished with tax havens in offshore accounts of countries like Panama and the Bahamas. Bernie Sanders predicted this in 2011. The Panama papers, despite it being one of the most influential leaks of information in modern times for the poor and the lower-class, was mostly disregarded by American media.
Regarding civil rights, Bernie Sanders also endorsed Jesse Jackson ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and marched with Martin Luther King Jr. The mainstream media censorship refuses to reveal these facts. Bernie Sanders has been a champion for the Civil Rights since he was young, endorsed by civil rights activist Professor Cornel West. Young Bernie Sanders led some of the first civil rights sit-ins in the North. Bernie was also arrested for protesting against racial discrimination and segregation as a Civil Rights activist. Not to mention that he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) during a civil rights march.
Bernie Sanders is the people's choice, he is the candidate with true dauntless integrity.

This Report Was Published On You Tube Channel: The Bernie Sanders News.

Why Bernie Sanders might win!

House Mentor Diana M Buettner poses serious questions on the House Floor that we all need to seriously think about. 

Diana M Buettner
I've been thinking...yes you should be afraid. All kidding aside:
What stops the UN from imposing sanctions against the United State? Seriously, if Trump has the launch codes, even if Clinton has them, what is keeping us safe from the same sanctions we impose on others? We have successfully allowed our manufacturing jobs, our food production, and many other means of self-support to be exported.
What stops those who understand the evils we have perpetrated on others, as well as our own, from using the same tactics we have used on them. Perhaps it is a true sense of understanding that war solves nothing. That sanctions tend to cause wars. That at the very least the US has caused the suffering of innocent humans.
When will we learn the lessons that we have imposed, painfully, upon others? Will it take like measures or actual war? Think long and carefully friends about whom you choose to support for the leader of this supposed "free world!"

House Member Vicki Adams Ponders  The Future If Donald Trump Was To Get Elected?

Vicki Adams
"So every poll out there is saying Hillary will beat Trump by about 3 points or that she will flat out LOSE. So, there is a very real possibility that Trump will be our next president and we will be the laughing stock of the world. BUT.....I was thinking about this today. Everything Trump says he will do is so ridiculous that it will never happen. Congress won't allow it. I mean....he won't build a billion dollar wall separating us from Mexico. He won't deport 11 million immigrants in the middle of the night. He won't kill terrorist's families. He won't force Muslims to be registered or wear badges. So, we will have 4 years of nothing getting done. But, if Bernie ran against him in 4 years....he would absolutely murder it. Maybe this is what needs to happen. Light at the end of the tunnel? Hmmmmm"

House Of Public Discourse Founder Expresses Why " Inequality Matters." 

Johnny Hill-House of Public Discourse
Not only does inequality matter but we should also reflect why the ills of plutocracy have cast a long shadow on our democracy. Rich people in America think they are the wealth creators. They feel that all us mere minion are parasites living off them. They have the gall to argue that there is too much government regulation and that's what killing the American economy.
We are living in an age where we have wealth inequality raging down on us like a "bull in a china shop." For example, take New York City where wealth inequality rivals any third world country. According to our research of the 25 most populated cities in America New York is one of the most unequal. The median income for the bottom 20% was less than $9,000 while the top 1% of New Yorkers have an income of 2.2 million. Across America, this divide between the super rich and everybody else has become as wide as the Grand Canyon. Major economic studies have indicated that this chasm has and will stifle jobs and economic growth for years.

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