Monday, May 2, 2016

News From Whatcom County Democratic County Convention In Washington State

Recently House Member Suzanne M Rosser and Her Husband Steve from Point Roberts, Washington filed this " Grassroots Report" with the House of Public Discourse.

Suzanne Loves Cats 
Steve & I attended Whatcom County Democratic County Convention yesterday. 80% Bernie, the rest for Hillary. 
Say what you will Bernie is a real Democrat and Hillary uses the Party as a cover.....this is especially apparent if you read the Party Platform. The crowd was the biggest in that Convention's history of Whatcom' 40th & 42nd. As for Bernie appealing to just the youth that's a mirage. There was evenly dispersed every voting age, gender, race, etc etc.... It was a wonderful experience. There's a big difference between sitting at one's desk pontificating and being on the floor of the Convention participating. The Grassroots is very powerful and they were not there in big numbers for Hillary yesterday. 
The MSM has not been a friend to Bernie and when one has the opportunity to see in real life the difference in enthusiasm between the 2 Candidates' supporters it is illuminating. 
For example, US Rep Rick Larsen walked up to the mike to speak and he was booed the entire way there and then some. He's a Hillary supporter and supports the TPP. He handled it well considering. 
Del Bene, also a TPP & Hillary supporter spoke for 5 mins then left but did not get booed. She did not mix with the crowd on the floor so either she heard how Larsen was received or was just in a hurry. Satpal Sidu was there, Rudd Brown rolled up his shirt sleeves and helped out though out the days' proceedings. The huge Gym was packed to the rafters..... Bravo Whatcom County voters, a smarter group of citizens I've not seen..... Oh and the Party Platform is going to be outstanding. it's 17 pages and still in edit mode.

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