Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Political Thoughts By Doug Morrel: A Letter To Bernie Sanders "We Got Your Back."

Dear Senator Sanders, 

We got your back. That's it. Simply put, we are behind you 100%. The improprieties of this primary have not gone unnoticed. The efforts and sacrifices you've made have not gone unnoticed.  The corruption you've shed light on has not gone unnoticed.  We got your back. Do what you need to do and we will follow.  Not you, us. 

If you need us in Philly, we got your back. If you need us in DC, we got your back. If you need us to fill the halls of Congress or the jail cells or the streets in our hometowns, we got your back. We'll flood whatever locations you need. 

We only have one single provision.  We will not vote against our own best interests.  We will not have your back if you choose to back Secretary Clinton in the event she wins the nomination.  That is asking too much. Sorry. I hope it never comes to that but if it does understand you will be standing there alone. We will not yield on this issue. 

Senator Sanders, you have lit a fire. I'm sure you realize this by now.  Perhaps that was your intention, perhaps not. It doesn't matter, the fire is lit and will not be put out.  The DLC created the kindling.  The election fraud has fanned the flames. Leadership is the only thing that we were missing. You've provided that and that spark has lit a fire that will never go out. 

Going forward Sir, we got your back as long as you choose to lead us in the right direction.  Frankly, and I'm not trying to influence you, it would be irresponsible to light this fire and abdicate your responsibility. If you choose to lead the people into the arms of the corrupt politicians we are fighting we will not follow. We will be leaderless and without clear direction.  Maybe nothing will happen.  I doubt that. I expect this fire will continue to burn without someone to tend it. The destruction that may be wrought by corporate governance or people without hope is something that no one wants. We got your back but you must continue to have ours. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for waking so many people up. Thank you for another chance to advance the Country for the good of all of  mankind not just the Citizens of the United States. Thank you for your sacrifices, your heartache, and your speeches that have touched the hearts of millions. Most importantly to me personally, Senator Sanders, thank you for giving me the opportunity for the first time in my life to vote *for* a candidate and not against the greater of two evils. 

Sincerely, one of the Millions of your supporters that will fight with you in your efforts to rid us of corruption and make this Country the Great place it should be. We got your back Bernie.

Written By: Doug Morrel [House Admin]

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