Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Voices Are Loud And Clear in The House Today!

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. [John F. Kennedy]

Voices Are Ringing Down Today In The House Of Public Discourse.

Dylan Hock

Honestly, no jabs, no snark, no judgment: If you have been fighting and barking for change all through the Obama administration and support Clinton, I just don't understand you. And with a once in a lifetime candidate like Bernie Sanders fighting like hell to bring the Democratic Party back to its alleged home base, and the people, that goes double. I just don't get it. In the beginning, when Clinton seemed the assured, safe bet, okay, I get that somewhat, but with the fire and mass support out of the blue that Sanders generates, and with a wider voting base ready to fight for him against Trump than Clinton, I just cannot understand, and I think I'm a reasonably intelligent person. It just doesn't make sense. Vote for who you wish, of course, by all means, but I don't think I'll ever understand it.

I maintain respect and unconditional love for my friends and family who for whatever reason still choose Clinton, and I dig that you haven't kicked my Sanders supporting ass to the curb to be sure. We can be loving, respectful adults about this, but friends, loved ones, some of you really baffle me.

Long Time House Member Christopher Hull Weights In On A Recent Article Published In The Huffington Post. [See Article]

Christopher Hull

So Harry Reid who screwed over Jimmy Carter's grandson so he could hand the second Nevada Senate seat to a Republican in now fundraising for Patrick Murphy a Republican who became a Dem thirty seconds ago! Fuck Harry Reid. Yes, Alan Grayson is a bit of a pompous ass, overly full of himself, etc. BUT does anyone believe that he's a pro-war neo-con? Let's be blunt: THERE are no substantial differences in economic, war, or environmental policies between the Republicans and the Democratic establishment. BERN the fuckers down or BURN them down! Revolution is coming either way. It can be peaceful and the rich can keep what they have OR it can be violent. At this point, I don't care which occurs. Once again, FUCK Harry Reid!

One Person, One Vote!

Lori Johnston-Arthur
Here's the rub. Super PAC's....lobbyists (bribery)...super delegates...the electoral college are all in place to make sure that the oligarchy gets's who they want into the power positions...who they bought and paid for. By making things complicated they can massage their way to power. It's a set up to override your vote. The elitists still let us vote to keep up appearances, but ultimately, with their money, and power, and influence they get bang for their buck...and a faithful puppet ta boot. Time to simplify. Time to take our country back. One Person-One Vote...that's all that should ever be counted.

House Voice Mika Ellen Orzech on the Bernie or Bust Movement.

Mika Ellen Orzech
But if we really want to treat the problem - not just the symptoms - I would recommend that we stop wringing our hands on cue and take the Bernie or Bust movement for what it really is. Not the ideological purity of dreamers, or the bad sportsmanship of losers, but a struggle to do something responsible with our faith in politics now that we've found it again. That's why the "vote blue no matter who" slogan, typically accompanied by a photo of Trump's face exactly as it will appear in our post-election nightmares, is so terribly misguided. 

Writer H.A. Goodman Is In The House Commenting On The Nevada Fiasco 

House Member Mark Smith Issues A Fair Warning To The Democratic Party Estbalishment

Mark Smith
The Democratic Party establishment is getting ready to destroy the national party for at least a generation. Millenials now make up the same percentage of the population as what Baby Boomers do:31%. They may win the battle (by giving the nomination to Clinton), but they may very well lose the war (when they alienate these young voters with their shenanigans). Can ANYONE say "myopia"?

What we have before us today right now mirrors exactly what was the order of the day in medieval Europe under Feudalism.

House Founder-Johnny Hill
The only way a true middle class can emerge in today's world of unregulated capitalism is by massive social upheaval, or by government intervention. Historically our government [We the People] has been the only mechanism for keeping Feudalism in check. It's what we used here in the United States since the founding of our Republic until the Reagan Revolution to fight the Plutocrats and build a middle class from the ground up. 
Our government has used all of these mechanisms to restrain the natural tendency of unregulated capitalism that creates inequality: Tariffs, workers’ rights legislation, Glass-Stegall Act, and higher taxes on the rich. All of which, on balance, helped create the middle class. However; ever since Reagan and the Nazi-like brainwashing job he pulled on the American people - proclaiming government as the problem, not the solution - we have gutted regulation, busted up the unions and reverted capitalism back to its natural dog eat dog state. What has been the result? Record Inequality!

We Must Replace Our Corrupt System of Legalized Bribery

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