Monday, May 23, 2016

Voices Carry In The House Of Public Discourse

House Member Susan Williams Informs The House We Should All Be Concerned About The Scandalous Clinton's 

I remember many scandals within the Clinton years in the White House. It was disgusting most of the time and scary a lot of the time. The Arkansas Bonnie and Clyde were ruthless. Who remembers Vince Foster and the controversy over his death? Who remembers all the women Bill cheated with in Arkansas, having State Troopers bring them to him like prostitutes, which they were. Who remembers the deceitful schemes including but not limited to contributions from foreign oil countries, the "Clinton Foundation" which has been characterized as a money laundering scheme, and the way they "stole the silver because they were broke?" They are both sociopaths and if they weren't schmoozing with the 1% and their Panama Pals, they would have been in jail for the millions of young people they helped put there. 
Oh, and did I mention that I can't stand them?

It's a shame you have to fight for your rights in the 2016? 

Lisa Heean
Why is it even a question, in 2016, for everyone to have the same rights? I mean really. Some of you may not remember segregation, but I do. I remember going with my best friend in kindergarten to a store that had a sign out front that we didn't see and the old angry man inside running us out calling her the N word. And I grew up with my granny telling me about the first time she was LEGALLY ALLOWED to vote because she was a woman and did not have that right until later in her life. I remember my mom not getting jobs that were considered "a man's job" over and over and when she did get those jobs, she was paid HALF what the men were paid. I remember fighting for the Americans with Disabilities Act when I realized that people like the dude were often prevented from getting a basic education.
Why is someone who you perceive different wanting the same rights you enjoy without even a second thought a threat?
It isn't.

From Our Facebook Page Comments, Don Barkey Puts Greed In Its Place

Don Barkey
The problem with greed as a motive is you can never get enough? It's just another addiction, you want more all the time, just like gambling and substance abuse. The rich become preoccupied with gaining wealth, and eventually, turn a blind eye to the devastation they cause across the world. Their very being transforms into an addiction of wealth accumulation and nothing else matters to them. Somehow the US oligarchy was formed by greed and has been underground for some 40 years without most Americans even understanding it. It took a smart compassionate guy like Bernie Sanders to open Americans eyes. Bernie's people must band together to fight against this damaging oligarchy in American society and politics and end it. This will take a long time considering the number of years it's predominated US economy and politics! Every man, woman, and child of voting age must focus on their only hope, and that is to vote for Bernie Sanders. Millions must attend DNC Convention and fight it to the end to nominate Bernie! This must be the 99% of American people's highest priority right now, it's your only chance! [Please Visit and Like Our House Facebook Page]

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Democrat Argument Should Go Out With The Trash!

Dylan Hock
The people complaining that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and that he should have run Independent would be just as pissed, if not more so, had he done just that because he would have split the ticket. What they're really saying is he shouldn't have run at all; it's Hillary's turn. Either way, no matter what, they would still be against him. Telling someone to sit down, shut up and stay out of the race is a bullshit democracy. That's what Bernie's fighting against, and that's what his supporters love about him. That's why they/we won't give up until the convention is over. What everyone decides from there remains to be seen, but constantly telling him to drop out of the race is hogwash. You'd think in such a sports-oriented country where you are taught to finish the game no matter how bad you are losing people would not push him to drop out so, but that's exactly the case. You play the game, you fight hard until the buzzer sounds, then you shake hands, say good game, slap five and head for the showers. That's sportsmanship.

Jill Levy Provides Common Sense Rational In The House of Public Discourse

Jill Levy
"Bernie is going to win the July convention. That’s because polls already are and will even more dramatically show that Hillary will lose to Trump, but not just the White House. She will cost the Democrats a majority in the Senate, the Supreme Court and a stronger position in the House. Over the weeks before the Democratic convention, Hillary will slide to a worse and worse position. Her “win” in Kentucky is emblematic. In 2008, she defeated Obama by over 200,000 votes. She squeaked out a victory by 1800 votes last night. The slide will be in full bloom, like the reek of a cesspool, by convention time. The superdelegates will be faced with a decision— go with Hillary, with many many polls showing a disaster about to unfold, or go with Bernie and win the Senate, take the Supreme court and make major headway in the House."

Long Time Friend Of The House Of Public Discourse Author Christin Berger  Reminds Us That " History Does Repeat Itself In Politics." 

Christin Berger
One of the best things that we can do to continue the legacy of ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ is to get behind Brand New Congress and take back the government. Get back to ‪#‎WeThePeople‬, and support campaigns for those who will actually Represent.Us. This is not the first time that monied interests have taken over the political process, we have taken it back before, and we will again. We need to be committed to setting up a process that will keep them from stealing it again. We can change everything with the mid-terms. We can take back our local government bodies as well. WE have power, WE need to use it.[See: History Does Repeat Itself In Politics]

Clinton Democrats Are Nothing More Than Moderate Republicans Wearing A Blue Mask!

James Alan Cole
The only ones acting like Republicans here are the establishment Hillary Clinton Democrats. Truth be told, the Democratic Party is a diverse group of left, moderate and right-leaning political people. Yet, some would have you believe the more liberal or progressive members are not Democrats. I say it is these members that have high jacked the traditional values of the party and replaced them with corrupt, deceptive and often disgraceful practices that are far removed from the dignity of the strong fundamentals that made the party the voice of the common working class.

Here Is An [Exert] From An Upcoming Article In The House. ( America's Political Process Is A Symptom Of A Sick Society.)

House Writer: Johnny Hill
America has always deemed itself the shining example of Democracy. What we have come to see in the current 2016 election cycle is that our system of political elections is rigged. In America, you are given the chance to choose from two political parties. One masked in blue and the other masked in red. But, don't let colors fool you they are beholden to the same paymasters. 

Despite their differences and political rhetoric both parties are controlled and in the hip pocket of Wall Street, Corporations, and the Military Industrial Complex. [See Corporate Feudalism Is Back!] This unholy alliance has proved calamitous both here and abroad. In the current election cycle especially on the Democratic side, we have seen restrictive ballot access, bias corporate media coverage, manipulation of voter registrations, and the outward strangulation of the process by the Democratic Party establishment. 

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