Tuesday, May 9, 2017

America's Asleep, Under the Influence of Propaganda

From House Member Martin Bassani

Martin Bassani
Not everyone in this country is so ignorant but most are asleep, under influence of propaganda which pushes more of the same as a way of the future. We must understand that more of the same delivers the same exact results. We need common sense systemic changes which, in the current allowable system, would appear radical. 

We must grasp some basic facts:

1. Interests of economic elites were always represented by our political system, but they have never controlled government totally. This is the case now - total and utter control. 

2. In our past, there always existed some convergence of interests between the interest of economic elites and the interest of the rest of us. There no longer is any convergence! Our interests have totally diverged. 

The end result is that when these elites act in their own interests, through the government which they totally control, they invariably act against our interests. 

This has been happening for decades. If we desire a different reality, and if we wish to see Humanity survive on an Earth which can sustain life, we must stop enabling the current rule over us. 

Even if we were unable to change the system, we cannot remain humans and go along with our own enslavement. Resistance is the only option. We cannot accept their rule!

What does this have to do with our miseducation? Everything! It is the ruling elites that have fashioned the public education in the US. It wasn't in their interests to have knowledgeable citizens capable of independent thought, and capable of recognizing they are being screwed and recognize who is doing the screwing. No, they needed compliant worker drones and that is what we got. The saddest part is that the end result of that divergence of interests also resulted in the current condition in which they don't even need worker drones. 

Without a systemic correction, the current system will accelerate toward the cliff. The entrenched thieving system is incapable of any self-correction. When facing a crisis they are more likely to apply the same "medicines" which got us here - wars, civil tensions, chaos.

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  1. We have to stop bickering with each other and come together as a people. Even if I don't agree with someone, I believe we all deserve to be represented by our government. Can we find common ground? The left is fractured and the right has Bradley Foundation and the Koch bros planning ten years ahead!