Friday, June 2, 2017

Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All Planned

Millions Marching for Medicare 4 

Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All will soon be reaching out to the basic humanity that resides
March Organizer Dr. Michael Rushnak M.D.
within all of us, a humanity that links all of us together as Americans to form a perfect union.In order to achieve our unalienable right to health for ourselves and for our posterity, every American will need to understand that there is a fundamental self-interest of each one of us to state with absolute clarity and resolve that WE THE PEOPLE will speak with one crystal clear voice to demand from our elected representatives the justice of a fair and non-profit healthcare system. Let us all recognize and accept that our right to health shall not be abridged by any political system. Therefore, be it resolved that in order to secure the blessings of maximal health for every child, woman, and man within the United States of America that WE THE PEOPLE shall march and rally in every State and that WE THE PEOPLE shall accept nothing less than quick passage of a law that establishes the right of every American to choose Medicare for All. [Michael Rushnak, M.D.]


My belief is that Senate Republicans and Trump will not accept the House passed TRUMP NO CARE as was stated a few weeks ago to avoid these negative headlines. For anyone who believes Trump will allow Obamacare to remain the law, with all due respect you are simply wrong since that would be political death for any Republican running in 2018 since they ran on repeal and replacement of Obamacare as their #1 priority.

That leaves Medicare for All sponsored by Representative John Conyers in the House with a potentially viable plan if Republicans are FORCED to go that way. I say forced because only their constituents can demand that their representatives pass Medicare for all.

However, I don't see any national groundswell among Republican voters for Medicare for all but I believe now is the optimal time for a massive march in DC and all across our nation for Medicare for all in July to persuade them that Medicare for all is in their own best interests.

YES--this is the MOMENT!! Let us seize this moment. Two-thirds of Americans want Medicare for all. The politicians are supposed to work for WE THE PEOPLE--not vice versa as we have let them hoodwink us in the past. Those days are over. Progressives will challenge anyone in the way of a Medicare 4 all law. Progressives represent the voice of WE THE PEOPLE--NOT the for-profit corporations that put profit over people. Look, we can do this by marching in the millions to save lives, prevent suffering, and lowering costs of real healthcare. If not us, WHO? if not now, WHEN?

Dr. Rushnak has been a champion for Medicare for All here is an interview with Dr. Rushnak from 2011.

Written By: Dr. Michael Rushnak M.D.

Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All Needs Statewide Volunteers. Please enlist to help this become a nationwide march by signing up on our page HERE


  1. The reason why people were unable to keep their doctor is because the doctors are the ones who decide which insurance they will accept, they can participate with as many or as few as they want, so if a patient was unable to see their original doctor, that was the doctors doing, not the ACA, it was the doctor who decided not to participate in it because they felt they weren't being reimbursed enough, you could keep your doctor, that wasn't a lie, but if your doctor decides not to accept the ACA that's not the ACA's fault, the doctor made that decision...while I think the ACA was a step in the right direction it most definitely was not the solution...we need universal,...doctors also turn away medicaid for the same reason, it doesn't reimburse much, so they dont accept people who are covered under always comes down to money in this country, its profits before people...

  2. What is the date for the march?

  3. In the meantime we might have succeeded to have Medicare for All, voted and signed for, in California. Prop SB562 just PASSED the California Senate!!! We need now to have it approved by the California Assembly and signed by Governor Brown. We need a 2/3 majority vote in order to avoid any risk of veto from the Governor. (you never know) Please feel free to call any of these members. :)

  4. I am also the organizer of this event, with Dr. Rushnak. He and I started this together, and I am also the treasurer. It is truly a grassroots effort of the most basic kind. We need donations in massive amounts to make this happen, and just as Bernie did, we are asking for $27 from every person to make this a reality. Congress will be in session that day, the beginning of the last week before its August recess, and the timing couldn't be more perfect for this rally. The Senate is planning to vote on repeal of the ACA and replacement, probably that week, so it is vital that we reach them before that vote.