Friday, May 24, 2019

Impeachment Stuff by Johnny Hill

We the People Need To Have A Conversation

Since day one, the House of Public Discourse has held the position that Impeaching Trump will not happen. Why? It is our view the numerical makeup in the Senate will block any attempts. This makeup is in play today.  Right now, this very second. 

There is an arrogance now residing in the White House. This arrogance we have seen before. A presumption that says “I,m the President,” and “I,m above the law.” Nearing my 60’s, I have seen this arrogance in both cases — Nixon and now Trump. 

Centrist Dems don’t want impeachment, because if Trump were removed from office, they would have to run on policy, instead of “I’m not Trump”.....

In the present Democratic Party race, the policies of Bernie Sanders and the Progressive wing of the party are front, and center and the Centrist Dems lust for Corporate dollars has put the two on a head-on collision course. We have seen this before, and it played a part in why we now have Trump. 

All jokes aside, it seems the DNC and the Corporate Dems would prefer Trump a second term than Bernie Sanders winning. The growing popularity of Democratic Socialism within the party and America has Centrist Democrats squirming. 

The Cry For Impeachment Swells

House of Public Discourse Member Diana Rebel, I did not think impeachment was the right thing to do at first “because of Pence.” But, as Trump and his inner circle have ignored the most basic principles of the three arms of government, it has become about so much more than a Russian witch hunt. He needs to be impeached over whatever grounds will stick. But we do need to see it done in a way that will carry over to the Senate. What good is a House impeachment if the Senate overturns it as they did with Clinton? So, there does need to be some buy-in from any GOP members we can get on board to have enough of a majority.

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