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Calling On The Yellow Rose Of Texas-Save Us Again!

An overflowing of immigrant families, mostly children, at the U.S. border with Mexico has led to calls for aid from the Obama administration and has sparked the conversation regarding immigration reform. Border patrol spokespersons have indicated that within the past two-weeks the number of people detained has fallen from 1,400 per day to 1,000 per day. The decrease has been attributed to several dynamics from both sides of the border.
Raul Ortiz
 Raul Ortiz, deputy chief of the Rio Grande Border Patrol Sector, told NBC News.
The decrease can most likely be attributed to dynamics at play on both sides of the border, Ortiz said. While border patrol officers usually see a 10 percent decrease in immigration in July, he said, this month also followed a June "deadline" that people crossing from Central America thought they had to make in order to stay in the U.S. legally. That supposed benefit was false.The rumors were spread by cartels, looking to make money by ushering people into America through Mexico. 
There have been messages put out by the Dept of Human Services warning people of the dangers in trekking across the U.S. and Mexico border. Also, the Obama administration has beefed up the agents on the border as well. 

With all this happening you then factor in the right-wing politicians making political hay of these present realities by placating to their largely racist anti-government base blaming the current administration for the problem when, in fact, is only following the protocols put in place by their own past president George Bush. We have heard of domestic terrorist groups masquerading as so-called organized militia threatening to locate to the border and start shooting woman and children.
In this writers view, what we have in play here is a cultural war and a total ignorance of the history of both the United States and the State of Texas. As a resident of Houston, Texas, I know firsthand just how diverse this city has become and the entire state for that matter. Very few people realize that Houston has surpassed both New York and Los Angeles as the most diverse city in the nation. This distinction is also relative of the state as a whole. Our country has long been labeled a ' melting pot." and has always been a country that has prided itself for its welcoming of people looking for a better life. So, why the indifference now? If you look back on it, the same elements whining and crying about these children at our border now where outspoken in allowing temporary work furlongs for immigrants to combat unionize workers and to facilitate so-called " right to work," legislation. What this is boiling down too is a cultural social war and the issue to this point has become a play toy for the right-wing radicals and their wind up doll politicians like U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who incorrectly said that Barack Obama has promised amnesty to illegal immigrants.[See Article

Calling On The Yellow Rose Of Texas, Save Us Again!

    Many people may or may not know that the person who was credited for detaining Mexican General Antonio L√≥pez de Santa Anna, was a lady by the name of Emily D West also known as Emily D Morgan. This detainment according to both folk-lore and secular history enable the Texas rebels time to form and defend and defeat the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto. This battle has been widely accredited for turning the tide in the Texas Revolution. Ironically, this decisive battle was fought right here in Harris County,Texas and home of  the nation's most diverse city Houston. What does this story have to do with woman, children, and families crossing into our state borders, one might ask?

Firstly, it goes to the word diversity. Not being originally from Texas, this writer was aware of the famous folk tune ' The Yellow Rose of Texas.' however, I did not know the story behind it and I surly assumed she was a white person. How wrong was I, very!

According to several reliable sources Ms. Emily West was a mixed race person. A teenage orphaned free Negro woman in the northeastern United States, journeyed by boat to the wilderness of Texas in 1835.  Colonel James Morgan, on whose plantation she worked as an indentured servant, established the little settlement of New Washington (later Morgan's Point). When Santa Anna and his troops arrived in the area, he claimed West to take the place of his stay at home wife in Mexico City and the traveling wife he had acquired on his way to Texas. The traveling wife had to be sent back when swollen river waters prevented him from taking her across in the fancy carriage in which she was riding. Santa Anna was either partying with West or having sex with her when Sam Houston's troops arrived for The Battle of San Jacinto, thus forcing him to escape in only a linen shirt and "silk drawers;" in which he was captured the next day. West's possible forced separation from her black lover and her placement in Santa Anna's camp, according to legend, inspired her lover to compose the song we know as "The Yellow Rose of Texas." [See Article]

In Closing, how ironic that the icon for saving Texas from defeat in it's fight for independence was a woman of mix race. This should serve as a symbol to all Texans and Americans alike how endorsing the detainment, and unwelcoming of these woman, children and families goes against our heritage as a state and a nation.We as concerned citizens should not let the voices of the racist and politically motivated politicians dictate the policy of We The People. With that said, we call on the yellow rose of Texas, save us again! 

Written By: Johnny Hill
Research: Roni May

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