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Hillary Clinton Thinks She Has It In The Bag, Hold Up Wait A Minute!

Hillary Clinton Thinks She Has It In The Bag, Hold Up Wait A Minute!

A new era in American politics began in 2008 with the election of the first person of color to the White House. Some in America are ready to vote for the first female president ever in 2016. Does Hillary Clinton have the political dash to make it so? Many have pre-ordained Hillary Clinton as the winner we here in the House of Public Discourse say " Hold Up Wait A Minute."

Hillary Clinton has been a master of the 21st-century media she is the darling of mainstream media however that can be a double edge sword. Huge new and powerful voting blocks, and scores of American citizens have had it up to their ying-yangs with mainstream media. While many older voters still struggle with the concept of social media younger voters not only except modern day politicians to understand the digital age but also they expect politicians to embrace its power. 

The news of today does not revolve around mainstream media it comes from We The People on various social media platforms like Facebook. Nowadays, it's not cool for political candidates to detach themselves and simply rely on mainstream media to deliver their message. No matter how many corporate polls say Hillary Clinton is winning social media polls say different. At this point, Hillary Clinton has failed miserably to convey any coherent message that a Hillary Clinton presidency would help young people or the everyday hard working low and middle-class American. This failure to connect with this crucial voting block could derail Hillary Clinton ambition to be the first female president. 

As a follower of politics for most of my adult life, one thing you can expect from politicians in the hip pocket of corporate donors, special interest, and now Super PACS is a rhetoric full of smoke and mirrors. 

There is a game that corporate owned politicians play in today's politics. What is sad they proclaim it must be played to be successful. This game is often overlooked by voters and especially those casual observers of politics. However, the interjection of social media is helping to combat this overlook by electors, and while many Americans remain in the dark, the light is slowly beginning to shine through for more and more Americans. 

Hillary Clinton comes from a wealthy family. She is the wife of former President Bill Clinton. In the current 2016 race, Hillary Clinton is trying to portray herself as a regular American, who is in touch with the poor and middle-class. There is documented proof she tries to adapt her accent for political appeal. 

It's true that many voters will not pick up on this smoke and mirror political tactic by Hillary Clinton, but an ever increasing knowledgeable voting base will. Hillary Clinton image team needs a makeover because active voters are not buying for one second this run to the left I,m a populist candidate Clinton. In fact, it's an insult to one's intelligence.

The name Hillary Clinton in politics may hold more weight than what her actual accomplishments do. 

Hillary Clinton was the most-traveled Secretary of State in the history of the office. It has been widely acknowledged Hillary Clinton was not responsible for any significant strategies during her time holding the position. No matter the witch hunt that became known as the Benghazi Hearings were Hillary Clinton did say she was responsible for some security lapses.[See Article]

No matter how hard the Hillary Clinton handlers try to spin it, Hillary Clinton has a ton of political baggage hanging over her head. There are millions of Americans who do not see any real accomplishments from the former first lady and see this negatively and equate this negativity as inactivity. 

No matter Hillary Clinton achievements or lack thereof her high name recognition does not guarantee her a win in November 2016. In fairness, to Hillary Clinton she has made a lot of enemies in her day that has made her a target for nasty news media sound bites. However, there is an argument to be made that her evolving political image is disingenuous, deceitful, and manipulative to the lower and middle-class voter. Facts show by her record and who here donors are that Hillary Clinton is not a populist candidate she is perceived by many Democratic voters as a corporate tool and that her promises on the campaign trial are just that promises. 

There is a current change going on in the Democratic Party. There is a persistent move from the center right to the center left. There is a corporatist wing and a populist wing. Hillary Clinton has a voting record that does not sit well with the growing progressive wing in the party. Many experts say, and Barack Obama pounded it home in 2008 that Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. 

Corporate Democrats and other rank and file party members are giving Hillary Clinton a pass on this huge blunder that she has admitted. With that said, there are others in the Democratic Party who have not given Hillary Clinton that pass and have made it known to the world they will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

This issue poses a significant problem for Hillary Clinton, who already is battling a poll that suggest 60% of Americans find her untrustworthy and dishonest.[See Source] This factoid coupled by young voters who are not buying into the Hillary Clinton public relations efforts and the growing number of Democrats who don't adhere to her beliefs or excuse her voting record Hillary Clinton may be in for some surprises in her second quest for the highest office in the world.
" I was surprised because these women were pushing for Hillary until they found out about the Monsanto connection, and then they dropped her like a hot potato. " [Source: James Berg-Chairman Democratic Party Fort Worth County, Iowa]
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It's all about big businesses for Hillary Clinton. Who can refute that once you get a look at who is feeding money into her campaign? Unlike her primary opponent Bernie Sanders who refuses to take influence peddling money, Hillary Clinton has accepted it with open arms. 

Hillary Clinton may not be a new name in the political public sphere, but her bogus attempt at being a populist candidate to uninformed voters is not working. Why? Because when the rubber hits the road it's the issues that matter to her campaign donors that shine forth like a beacon of light from a seashore lighthouse. 

A growing number of Americans both young and old are sick and tired of the wealthiest Americans influencing our democracy. Like it or not Hillary Clinton has over the years gained the reputation as a Washington-Wall Street insider who does the bidding for her corporate buddies. So, when she tries to peddle back to a populist stance, those untrustworthy stats reach up and take a bite. 

Americans Proved In 2008 They Were Done With Bushes And Clinton's.

Americans in 2008 and the early polling of Jeb Bush show that We The People are suffering from dynasty fatigue. America is not a Monarchy. Before the 2008 election, there was either a Bush or Clinton in the White House. This period span was 25 years. This dynasty fatigue factor gets no mention in mainstream media, but this factor is a very real issue with millions of Americans. Americans love an underdog, and Hillary Clinton has been the pre-ordained choice of the Democratic Party hierarchy that many experts have cited as losing touch with the changing progressive tide of the party. 

The Feel The Bern Revolution Is Real

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has captured the heart of not only Progressive Democrats, Millennial Voters, Independents, but Republican voters as well. The surge and growing popularity of Bernie Sanders is a genuine grassroots populist movement. Hillary Clinton and her corporate Democrat buddies can kiss the nomination on a silver platter idea goodbye. Bernie Sanders has done an outstanding job of messaging, and his campaign of embracing the power of social media is paying huge dividends for the growth of his name recognition and his consistent progressive record as a 25-year public servant. Sanders natural candor is ringing true with a board and diverse group of Americans. It is not only arrogant to claim Hillary Clinton has the nomination in the bag it's foolish. With Bernie Sanders, there is no question of his authenticity or his trustworthiness factors the Hillary Clinton campaign cannot rely on.

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