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Why Understanding The John Birch Society Is Important

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What is the John Birch Society? Founded, in Indianapolis, IN in 1958, it was chartered under the general laws of Massachusetts. The society presented itself as a non-profit educational organization. The John Birch Society made no bones about who they were, and they're sense of entitlement to the American way of life. They were the molders and shapers of the public morality. Some early declarations made by the JBS were false. The JBS was inclusionary to all races. Not true. They insisted their membership reflected the cross section of America on all social and economic levels. Not true. The JBS marched around proclaiming themselves  an individualist. However, the JBS never minced words when it came to the common thread of. " defeating communism."

"I knew how much my father hated John Kennedy, and Kennedy was not the first or last Communist my father hated. With the help of his arch-right-wing friends, in and out of the JBS.  Dad could recite a list of " dirty Reds." [Wrapped In The Flag Author, Claire Conner]

 In a nutshell, the John Birch Society over the years till this present day have been the leader of the anti-federal government movement. They are the faction that all modern-day factions aspire to. They were clear and upfront about their desire to control public morality. [See Article]

Less Government---More Responsibility---A Better World 

The JBS set the organization up as a vocal grass-roots stopgap against the spread of Communism. When Sen. Joe McCarthy went on his famous political  witchhunt, in the 1950's. McCarthy became an instant superstar with the now growing JBS. When McCarthy announced, he was naming names about 200 total who were all commies he [McCarthy] became JBS hero. The JBS wanted it known they were taking the lead on the fight against Communism. The JBS proclaim themselves the protectors of western-civilization.

The JBS was the most useful, best funded largest radical right-wing group in the history of America. The JBS was not the first radical right- wing organization  and has not been the last. However; the JBS did something no other such group had ever done before which involved a coordinated effort  to get all of its members doing the same thing at the same time. The JBS got a populist political activism organization  started  and organized by mail-order for lack of term. The JBS has a top-down authoritarian  approach. Robert Welsh, the founder of the John Birch Society, always proclaimed that the JBS is monolithic. He often boosted there will be " no democracy here."

   So, let put Welsh's comment into  perspective. A political faction claiming  to be both the defender and avenger of our democratic way of life will have none of it within their organization. This element begs the question; what type of government would these people run?  In digging to find the answer to the question, our research ran dead into the question now slogan. " we are a republic, not a democracy." Is this mindset not the rallying cry for many Americans today. What is very interesting is this political philosophy  question is the very one many people have said turns on the light switch that these people may have it wrong.

Why Understanding The John Birch Society Is Important?

Right now, the question of voter turnout and the rights of people to vote have been- challenged across the country. We have seen right-wing radical groups which have infiltrated every level of local-state, and federal government, control legislation and legislative bodies as well. The JBS from its inception has proclaimed everyone does not have the right to vote. 

For example, the JBS advocated the repeal of the 17th amendment.

The JBS believed there was a secret communist around every corner and in every facet of government. At the time, the 1950's there was a very real fear of communism and the spreading thereof. This fear was used by the JBS to make everyone afraid of the Red's. McCarthy started naming names. Do we see a return to McCarthyism in the Republican Party today? The JBS felt that 70% of the Federal Government had to go. So, what does that mean what would have to be cut and in what order?

  • Social Security, right off the bat.
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Welfare Programs 
  • Public Education
 This hatred of the Federal Government would put cuts on many less publicized  departments of government as well. Like, Dept of Highways, the JBS were against the repeal of the " Jim Crow," laws in the South. The JBS held a position that the government had no place in the enactment of civil rights laws. With the JBS, any thought of government regulation goes ' down the drain.' The overall rallying cry of the Bircher is the Federal Government is evil. The JBS solution was the dismantling or privatization of the Federal government. We are seeing these solutions being implemented in many states across the country. We have seen a move to privatize prisons and education. Most of this radical legislation has passed  in bright red legislatures. Public funds being diverted from public schools to charter schools has turned into a disaster.

There are myriad of reasons why we should understand the mindset of the radical- right-wing and the crazy proposals they put forth. I think an insiders view of this subject matter is invaluable. From Wrapped In The Flag, Author: Claire Conner.


In closing, its important [in this writers view] to be aware of the motives of these rogue elements of our political sphere. There is a connection between people who are " Birch minded," and the Dominionist. They both quest to dominate or lord their mortality over us to the point of censorship and unconstitutional laws being past. That why it's important to understand the John Birch Society.

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