Monday, January 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders Populist Message Has Become A Political Tidal Wave

Bernie's Populist Message Is Striking Home With The American People

Bernie Sanders message is exploding and his recent surge in the political polling suggests that his narrative has become a political tidal wave. Sanders has an ever increasing lead in New Hampshire and has come from way back in the Iowa polls to take a four-point lead. Also, in the national polls, the Sanders campaign has caught a once thought insurmountable lead by the Clinton campaign to be within the margin of error. 

Bernie Sanders rallies have drawn record crowds even in the Red States. Bernie Sanders message is electrifying crowds and part of the reason his message is not picking a war of words with his opposition or throwing Latino's, African Americans, Muslim's, and immigrants under the bus. He is not throwing people who disagree with him out of his rallies. Bernie Sanders message is resonating because his narrative is speaking to people, not from an authoritarian or entitlement perspective he [Sanders] is speaking about issues that people genuinely care about and affect their lives.

Bernie Sanders message is one of populism. So, what is populism?

People are not only agreeing with Bernie's message how the rich have skated by and not paid their fair share of taxes they can personally relate to its truth. Young people are thrilled to hear Bernie's plan for making public college education free and reducing interest rates on student loan debt. When people become aware of Bernie Sanders long record of defending Social Security they appreciate his efforts and embrace his goal of expanding it. People who have been chastised or locked up for non-violate drug offenses support whole-heartedly Bernie's plan to decriminalize marijuana. 

Bernie Sanders message has gone from a lone cry in the wilderness to a major political tidal wave that is sweeping the nation. In this writer's view, this should not be surprising. People are becoming more and more aware that our country and government has been sold to the highest bidder and as such the political process has been rigged. When you focus on the language that the Sanders campaign is using versus the Republicans and Hillary Clinton he uses the pronoun We, not I. We not only includes himself or herself but considers all of us " We The People.

Bernie Sanders message is not one of authoritarianism which suggest put your faith in me because I can to this and I can do that instead it's a populist one that says we can do great things if we come together to fight these plutocrats who are destroying our democracy. Bernie's message is not one of " I am the only one qualified to lead" but one of " We can bring about positive change together as " We The People." 

Bernie Sanders speaks to the people, not at them. He is not telling people what to think. His message says I understand what you think and we are all together in a common accord. This factor is what is causing the surge in the polls for Bernie Sanders and puts daylight between him and Hillary Clinton and the entire Republican presidential field. 

What's even more important to point out is these issues that Bernie Sanders is advocating in his campaigns platform are not issues on the campaign trail but issues he has worked on his entire career as a public servant. Bernie Sanders has a solid voting record to back up his rhetoric. There is no questioning his integrity of genuineness. Bernie Sanders has an 81% approval rating in Vermont Sanders home state. 

There is no mass evolving or having to admit mistakes and people don't have to worry that Bernie will not work hard to fulfill his promises. This character is one the American populist have been craving. Bernie Sanders has accountability which in turn gives him credibility. Bernie Sanders has a record that can be validated. Bernie Sanders has built and continues to build a sense of trust with the American populist. 

Unlike Hillary Clinton who has openly admitted mistakes to her credit and evolved on one issue after the other. Moreover, Bernie Sanders has a political record, unlike Republican front-runner Donald Trump. 

The political establishment of the Democratic party and their preordained choice and their authoritarian follower base can't wrap their heads around the political tidal wave that is Bernie Sanders but the American people have and it's reflecting in the polls as of the rendition of this essay.

Sen. Sanders' Consistency

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