Wednesday, February 15, 2017

America's Flight From Reason

America's Flight From Reason

What has America's flight from reason cost us as a nation? Does any political candidate out there right or left have the intestinal fortitude to talk about ignorance as a political issue? These issues range from scientific research on Global Warming to the issues of war and peace. 

In this ever-growing age of unreason, people seem to be focused on small personal facts as opposed to big issues. But even more than that lack of knowledge and unreason affects the way candidates speak about everything.  

A good example is the healthcare situation in this country. It's a very important issue. All the candidate’s say it is. But, if people are not knowledgeable about how healthcare is handled in other countries how can they make a reasoned decision about how to solve our nation’s healthcare issues. If you don't have a base of knowledge to be able to compare facts about this issue how can one make an informed choice?

How can people have a reasonable discussion about how things ought to be if they have no real knowledge of the facts?

Our political culture reflects our general culture. In many ways, our political culture is shaped by our general culture. Our research here in the House of Public Discourse has led us to the conclusion what America really needs is an " Educator in Chief" than a " Commander in Chief." There is no quick dose of change in today's culture. Our politicians of today including Obama have failed miserably in educating the people before such changes are proposed. Cognitive Dissonance is alive and well in America. " Critical Thinking" is at a loss.

Many American's Can't Stand or Tolerate Contradictory Opinions. Why?

This in part is why our countries population is becoming dumber by the day. When one creates a vacuum for themselves and shuts off any evidence, facts, or contradictions from their minds the less informed they become about the issues. Studies have shown that people's attention spans, in general, have grown shorter and shorter over the years. Time Magazine reported in 2015 that people have shorter attention spans than a Goldfish.

A great example how American citizens are controlled by their own cognitive dissonance is the outcry from the Christian Right and their orderly followers to have " Creationism" taught in Public School ignoring the detailed science and empirical evidence of evolution.

In fact, only 30% of Americans in a recent poll believe every word of the Bible is true. [See Source] Which begs the question is America really a Christian nation? 

What we are getting at here is there has been a huge failure of education in America and it's getting worse by the day. Betty DeVos ring a bell. Therefore, we support free College education for all in America no matter the cost. Because " America's Flight from Reason" is being fueled and exploited by those who not only prey on the uneducated but depend on them as well. 

Written By: Johnny Hill

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