Friday, March 29, 2019

The Electoral College Needs To Go and Here's Why

People are calling for an end to the Electoral College.

Has the Electoral College become an Antiquated System? According to Sen.Elizabeth Warren(D-MA) and 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate, it has. In a recent CNN, Town-Hall Warren brought up the idea of abolishing the Electoral College. Warren stated that this plan has merit and that "We the People" should pursue it. 

The electoral college's practicality in America died a long time ago. In the last four out five presidential elections, Democratic candidates have won the popular vote. However, they only won the presidency twice out of those four elections. Does this seem like a healthy thriving democracy to you? The House of Public Discourse doesn't think so. 

What This Is About Is Making Sure Every Vote In This Country Matters

Republicans and the Religious Right doesn't want every vote to matter. They've desired to suppress the vote for decades.

Paul Weyrich, "father" of the right-wing movement and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority, and various other groups tells his flock that he doesn't want people to vote.[See Source]

In the present, the electoral college does not ensure that every vote matters not by a longshot. Your vote depending on where you live matters. If you live in a high population swing state your vote matters, however, if you live in a low population state forget it. If you live in Idaho you might as well stay home and not vote. The House of Public Discourse hates to say such a thing we encourage people to vote, but that's what the electoral college has done. Disenfranchised voters. 

Why would politicians fight for your three electoral votes when he/she could be fighting for 27 electoral votes in a swing state like Florida? Or, you switch to a one person one vote system and overnight your vote in Idaho carries as much weight as a voter in Florida. 

One Person One Vote

The popular vote would level the playing field for American voters. Instead of voters of a small state having to compete with voters from a large state for electoral votes a one person one vote system would ensure that your vote would carry the same weight no matter where you live. Abolishing the electoral college would make everybody's vote matter. 

It would motivate candidates to campaign in states where they now do not. Typically, you don't see Democratic presidential candidates campaigning down in Alabama or Southern states in general. However, those states have as much as 40%, Democratic voters. Under a one vote one person system that 40 % becomes enormous in determining the outcome of an election. 

On the other side, the same thing applies to Republicans. For example, Republican presidential candidates will campaign in upstate New York, but they're not going to campaign down in the New York City. Under a popular vote system, you can bet your bottom dollar they will. 

What's ironic is the biggest complaint you here coming from the Republicans who oppose one person one vote is that candidates will not campaign in the small states. Nothing could be further from the truth. The swing states, the big states, the highly populated states will not be as important as they are in the present. It is everybody's vote that matters. Both Democrats and Republican candidates will be going places that traditionally they have not. 

The one person one vote system would force aspiring politicians to fight for your vote not just for the electoral votes in your state. Things get real when you have to reach individual voters as opposed to a majority of voters in a particular area. Switching to a popular vote would be a benefit for this country. 

It would bring more accountability, honesty, and integrity. Most important, it would ensure that every single American citizen's vote matters. In this writers view, I can't see how anyone with a fair and balanced mind could oppose the one person one vote system. 

Written By: Johnny Hill

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