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What Happen To Democracy And Elections In America And What Bernie Sanders Is Doing To Change It?

What Happen To Democracy And Elections In America?

"American Democracy " once thought to be the supreme example of democracy in action has now become the power vehicle for big money and media forces. In American democracy and elections today the best candidates don't always win. Candidates with the most money, who can travel state to state and hold " big money" fundraisers are most often the winners. It may be true that " money rules the world," but; that's not what democracy should be about. 

Bernie Sanders
Have "American Elections" grown out of their concepts? Bernie Sanders not just in the here and now but over the years as a political figure has fought against money in politics. It's one reason he has been an Independent politician. Like many Americans, Bernie Sanders has advocated that it's unthinkable that money should be the determiner for achieving political success. There is no denying that "big money," in politics has taken the fundamental equality away from our democracy. 

Has America Outgrown The Two Party System?


There is no doubt in this writer's mind that Bernie Sanders switched from the Independent Party to the Democratic Party because if not the political election system in America would have shut him out of the process. With that said, it's also fair to raise the question about the need for more political parties in America? 

Can two political parties reflect the opinions of over 220 million people? The reasonable answer is probably not. As we reported in the House of Public Discourse early this year, the "American Experiment Is Under Crisis."   Yes, America is still a democracy. However, our democracy has been physically challenged by, "influence peddling." And, both parties are guilty of having their palms greased by it. It is true that nothing in this world can always be perfect. But, the American people deserve better, and nothing will change unless "WE THE PEOPLE"  demand it. This change is what the Bernie Sanders campaign is all about. 

What Has Resulted From The " Big Money" Influence Peddling In Our Democracy?

Short answer, Voter Apathy![See Article] The House of Public Discourse over the last two years has advocated that the lack of voter participation in the process is the main reason these " big money" corporations and their corporate owned media echo chambers get their way in our governance today. Our research has found that a majority of Americans fail to vote. Why? 

Many Americans today have expressed that voting is not that important anymore. That our votes are unimportant and that the lobbyist and the money they contribute to a candidate have circumvented the process. Many American voters have chosen not to take part in a political system that allows candidates for public office to be so easily purchased. 

Bernie Sanders On Citizens United

It has been this writer's observation that hard line Democrats have a hard time believing that Democratic candidates can be manipulated by this " big money" influence peddling. But, one thing is for sure in the present 2016 Democratic Presidential race Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders cannot be bought and he has the record to back that claim up. 

We see all the time Hillary Clinton supporter proclaiming that bashing her serves no purpose but to cause division in the party and helps the Republicans. However, Bernie Sanders supporters believe and agree with Bernie Sanders that a " Political Revolution," is necessary and getting the 67% of Americans who fail to vote back engaged in the voting process is paramount. Politicians have a public record. This public record is a measuring stick for voters to compare one candidate to another. In doing so, its not bashing and should not disrupt party unity. The "American Election" system is adversarial by nature and pointing out the differences between candidates running for office is part of the political ballgame. 

Here Are The Facts It's Up To The Individual Voter If They Matter Or Not?

Iraq War Authorization

There is little doubt that the "Invasion of Iraq" was the biggest blunder in the history of the United States. We now know it was based on lies and motivated by war profiteers who through political campaign donations influenced politicians and the subsequent vote for authorization. Bernie Sanders did not support this approval to go to war but his opponent Hillary Clinton did. She now claims it was a mistake on her part. 

The Wall Street Bailout (TARP)

Once again Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton split their vote on the Wall Street Bailout known as TARP. Clinton voted for the bailout while Bernie Sanders voted against it. TARP cost the American taxpayers $700 billion dollars. 

Breaking Up The Big Banks?

There has been no louder voice on Capitol Hill for breaking up the " Big Banks" than Bernie Sanders. 
"No single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure would send the world economy into crisis," Sanders wrote in a May 2015 op-ed. "If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist."
In July, Bernie Sanders called for the reinstatement of the " Glass-Stegall Act."

" The Glass-Steagall Act, also known as the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162), was passed by Congress in 1933 and prohibits commercial banks from engaging in the investment business. It was enacted as an emergency response to the failure of nearly 5,000 banks during the Great Depression."[See Source]

Hillary Clinton has been very dark about how she would reform Wall Street. However, signals from within the Clinton campaign have suggested that Clinton would not support the reinstatement of "Glass-Steagall." Her husband President Bill Clinton supported the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999.

Watch Hillary Avoid The Question of Glass-Steagall In The Recent Debate.

Patriot Act and 2006 Reauthorization

The U.S. Patriot Act in 2001 was a bill introduced to combat terrorism. This law gave the National Security Agency[NSA] broad surveillance powers of WE THE PEOPLE.  Hillary Clinton voted for the bill. Bernie Sanders voted against it. Neither Clinton or Sanders change their votes in 2005 or 2006.   Bernie Sanders voted against an extension in 2011 as well three years after Clinton left the Senate for the State Department. 

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership[TPP] is nothing more than a corporate handout disguised as a trade deal.  Bernie Sanders has been a leader along with other Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in opposing this secretive trade deal. There are many "Progressive Democrats" on the record who oppose the TPP. However, Hillary Clinton, who supported the TPP while Secretary of State now claims she is against it, this is a blatant flip-flop by Hillary Clinton just in time for the first Democratic debate earlier this month. The facts are that Hillary Clinton was a big salesperson for the TPP trade deal while working for President Obama selling it to heads of state in both Asia and Australia. In fact, Secretary Clinton is on record 45 times pushing the trade deal she now opposes. 

The Death Penalty 

As a Progressive, this writer feels it better nine guilty people go free as opposed to one innocent person be murdered by the state. Moreover, the unfairness of how capital punishment cases are handled is enough for me to oppose it. 
" Capital punishment does not work. There is a wealth of mounting evidence that proves this fact.The death penalty, both in the U.S. and around the world, is discriminatory and is used disproportionately against the poor, minorities and members of racial, ethnic and religious communities. Since humans are fallible, the risk of executing the innocent can never be eliminated.Furthermore, the astronomical costs associated with putting a person on death row – including criminal investigations, lengthy trials and appeals – are leading many states to re-evaluate and re-consider having this flawed and unjust system on the books."[See Source
 Bernie Sanders has been against capital punishment over the course of his political career. Once again, Hillary Clinton has a more mixed record. When Hillary Clinton was the first lady she supported capital punishment. While serving in the Senate, she also supported capital punishment. Fast forwarding to the present Hillary Clinton has declined to comment on the issue.[See Source]

Keystone XL Pipeline

This issue has been a major struggle for the Obama Administration. Just recently, President Obama vetoed a bill that would have authorized its construction. Bernie Sanders has been a firm supporter of President Obama and has been a significant voice in opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline. How about Hillary Clinton? In 2010, Hillary Clinton was on record stating the State Department was inclined to approve the pipeline. Now, Hillary Clinton has no position on the Keystone XL Pipeline and has avoided answering questions on the issue

Here Are  The Assorted Hillary Clinton Flip Flops In A Nutshell

Once again, these flip flops and vagueness by Hillary Clinton may not matter to you. But to millions of people they do. Hillary Clinton already has an ethical problem with voters.[See Poll] However, Bernie Sanders has made known his campaign is about a "Political Revolution." Moreover, his campaign is about getting young people to the polls and renewing the faith in the American process of voting. To accuse the passionate Bernie supporter of dividing the Democratic Party and upsetting the unity of the party is unfair. It is a candidate duty to point out the differences between themselves and their opponent. To avoid pointing out the record of an opponent and to politely "sweep it under the rug," in the name of party unity is an injustice to the undecided voter looking for the facts, not the rhetoric. 

The Sane Progressive By Debbie Lusignan Makes It Clear By Questioning The Motives Of Hillary Clinton.

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The Psychology Of Self-Righteous Anger In America

There is an epidemic of self-righteousness in America today, and it’s spreading like wildfire with no end in sight. Every day, no matter if it’s local news, cable news, talk radio, or social media you’re going to run into this most dangerous of sins that are the Bible’s description, not mine. Being a self-righteous person by definition is someone confident of their righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behaviors of others. Not a day goes by we don’t see in our news feeds someone or some group proclaiming some moral superiority over another.

In reality, people spend tons of time being discontented and indignant towards beliefs and behaviors that go against their persuasions and socialization. It makes them unhappy and threatens their perceptions of the world, “This can’t be real.”
What has become an epidemic is the time and energy people have put into being self-righteous. Why do they do it? It feels right to look down on a person. It makes one feel superior to that nincompoop over there doing things erroneous.

Criticism is another form of “Self-Braggadocio.”

By denoting the errors of someone else, what one is doing is proclaiming themselves better than them. My research has found that people with low self-esteem, people who are unhappy with their lives, people who feel the world has wronged them are the ones most inclined to self-righteous anger. Finding someone else they perceive as having worse flaws than themselves allows them to feel superior to that person. Also, it allows a person to vandalize themselves proclaiming they are targets of these subversive individuals or groups.

Instead of people stopping and investigating what individuals or groups are doing, they are coming to predetermination's based on their bad upbringings and narrow-mindedness. What a fair- minded, prudent person would do is investigate the matter and then react to it. In this writer’s view, we all should stop if we find ourselves castigating others and evaluate our rationale for feeling as we do. Is the issue before you worth the time and energy? Do you want to take on this contention because you feel secure about it, or do you have other motives?

Are we feeling the way we do because we feel it’s right or are we expressing our viewpoints because it makes us feel powerful and part of a larger group? More importantly, are we taking the time to investigate the effects any given issue has on our lives? Does same-sex marriage affect the lives of those who believe in traditional marriage? Has it cost you, friends and family?

The Bottom Line!

We cannot change what other people do. We can only change what we do and how we act and perceive things. People do what people do.?What we can do through honest self-evaluation and determination is to change ourselves which is the one thing we all have control over. Speaking for myself, I have more than enough work to do on myself than to dictate and adjudicate other people issues. We should work on developing our problems in a positive manner and let others do the same.

In closing, “The Psychology of Self-Righteous Anger In America,” has become a provocative and persuasive problem in America. Self-righteousness in America has come at a high cost. Polarization in the United States is at an all-time high, and much of it has been fueled by the self-righteous politicians and so-called Christians of today. If your only way to pull yourself up is to beat others down, you are the part of one of the biggest problems facing America today. I suggest one might be better served with their time and energy in maturating their own complexion than demonizing others.


Written By: Johnny Hill

Friday, October 16, 2015

Understanding The Syrian Conflict, Could It Lead To World War III ?

After enduring decades of authoritarian governments the people of several middle- eastern countries raised their voices in protest.[See Article] This uprising of discontent was called the " Arab Spring."

Syrian Conflict
Image From via flickr
In Egypt and Tunisia, the revolutions were quick and decisive. In Libya, the protest led to an immediate " Civil War." which ended with the death of Moammar Gadhafi.


Syria Is Another Story!

 Bashir Al-Assad 
This is Bashir Al-Assad president of Syria. Assad father Hafez Al-Assad ruled Syria for 30 years before him. Assad father did modernize Syria. However, he did so at a cost of a brutal repression.  Bashir Al-Assad came into power after his father's death in 2000. At first it appeared that Bashir Al-Assad would be a different kind of leader than his father. But, this honeymoon with the Syrian people did not last. With the first signs of dissent, Assad tightened the rights of free speech in Syria isolated its economy and let it be known very precisely that Democratic rule was not in his plans. After 12 years of repression had passed thousands of people following the examples of the Egyptians and Tunisians took to the streets demanding reforms. At first Assad stance was conciliatory. However, the Syrian government under Assad continued to repress the Syrian people that in turn multiplied protest around the country. Things came to boil when the"Syrian Army" opened fire on the protesters. Hundreds of people were killed, and thousands more were arrested. 

Any chance of a peaceful solution died with the death of the protesters  Small groups of armed rebels formed quickly all over Syria. Since then government and rebels have been fighting in a brutal Civil War.

"More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in four-and-a-half years of armed conflict, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a full-scale civil war. More than 11 million others have been forced from their homes by forces loyal to President Bashir Al-Assad and those opposed to his rule battle each other."[See Source]

What Are the Roots Of The Conflict?

Syrian Conflict
Syrian Rebel
After World War I the French and the British established borders of the middle-eastern countries. In doing so, they grouped many ethnic groups in the same territories. One of them[Enthic Groups] the Alawites has been in command of Syria since the 1970's The Alawites make up about 12% of the Syrian population. Under the ideology of keeping the country out of the hands of extremist Assad sect, the Alawites by military force have crushed any who would challenge their authority. 

Why Has The Syrian Conflict Extended For So Long?

Since the outset of the war, it was clear that this conflict would last a long time. Mainly, because these "Rebel Groups" don't have the numbers, weapons, and a unifying ideology. The only real thing these groups of rebels have in common is a deep hate for Assad. Over The weeks, months, and now years the numbers and weapons of the Rebel groups have increased but not enough to topple Assad. Also, the Assad government is now being supported by Iran. Moreover, many of these "Rebel Groups," have abused, killed, and displaced civilians in the name of the revolution.  Which begs the question is the "cure worse than the disease.

Why Isn't The U.S., Europe Or The United Nations Doing Anything?

On of the main reasons is that both Russia and China blocked any UN sanctions that could have been effective against Syria at the beginning of the conflict. Russia and China have an interest in Syria. Also, the leaders in Russia and China believe that the " Arab Spring." has not brought security or stability to the region. The Untied States has not intervened because there is a mistrust of these "Rebel Groups," and their ideologies and by aiding these Rebels would strengthen radical Islamic groups. 

Many experts have predicted that the Assad regime will fall eventually. The $64,000 question is how long will it take? Although the main "Rebel Groups" have joined an alliance against Assad this alliance could crumble once Assad is removed from power. Which could result in a struggle for power that would make the conditions in Syria even worse? 
Also, as we already see now, the conflict could extend to other countries like Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq. The Middle-East region has been unstable since anyone reading this article can remember. Anyone with half a brain cell knows this area is fragile, and World War III could very well start from this part of the world.

Syrian Conflict

No matter the outcome whoever assumes power in Syria will inherit a country in ruins with an economy in shambles and a deeply divided population. All this will provide a severe challenge to fulfill the narrative of the Arab Spring. The Syrian Conflict is a very complex problem for the leaders of this world. It has brought both misery and death on a scale seldom ever seen before. 

Syria's war: Who is fighting and why? 

Written By: Johnny Hill

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jimmy Carter – His Legacy Supersedes His Presidency

Jimmy Carter Is One of Just Four American Presidents To Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Prize
President Jimmy Carter
I was a young man when the Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter faced Ronald Reagan for reelection in 1980. My interest in politics at the time was small. I had other more important things on my mind. Working in the family business, I was heavily influenced by my Republican parents. I will never forget my father ” grabbing me by the hair of the head,”  telling me we were going to vote, and I was to pull the straight Republican tab in the voting booth. So I did.

The next year, I was married at 21 years old working out of the family business-Ronald Reagan was president, and I learned what a mistake I had made. It was at this time politics began to matter very much to me, and I switched my party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Jimmy Carter was a one term president. Looking back on it now, he was subjected to much of the same obstruction from Republican’s that now President Obama has faced. Jimmy Carter was an anti-establishment politician of his time. With this said, the Nobel Peace Prize winner had significant accomplishments. As President, he fashioned an historic peace deal between Egypt and Israel. He returned the Panama Canal back over to its rightful owner Panama. For a brief time, he was successful in shifting America’s focus from foreign affairs to Domestic and World Human Rights issues.

Russia Invades Afghanistan

This focal point came to an abrupt end when Russia invaded Afghanistan. The beginning of the Islamic Revolution takes shape and quickly the attention shifts back to National Security. It’s a natural thing for someone who is a leader of the “free world” to feel their intuitions are right. This fact is certainly true about Jimmy Carter. Once Carter was voted out of office, he on several occasions made it known he felt he knew better than his predecessors. For example. During the presidency of George Hubert Walker Bush, when Bush was trying to build a coalition of nations a very ethereal task to expel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait Jimmy Carter thinks he knows better. Carter starts privately lobbying the United Nations Security Council and members of the Arab League not to go along with President Bush, and not to go along with Bush’s plans.

Jimmy Carter redefined the role of former president in America.

Not only, by involving himself in a broad range of humanitarian causes, but also, inserting himself operationally in diplomatic hot-spots across the Globe. One can only imagine what Jimmy Carter must have felt like some 20 plus years after being the President of the United States to learn you have been awarded the ” Nobel Peace Prize.” Jimmy Carter leaves the office of President labeled a loser and for decades a victim of harsh Republican ridicule only to be awarded one of the highest honors a person can receive. The Nobel Peace Prize.

Jimmy Carter will be remembered across the World for peace and human rights. What he has done after occupying the Oval Office has only upgraded the public’s opinion of him as a man it has solidified his legacy as a ” Peace and Human Rights.” President.

Campaign Spot: Southerner Jimmy Carter (1976)

Then Along Comes Fox News With Total Disrespect.

Not so, from Fox News and other conservatives. Debbie Schlussel a deplorable Conservative tweeted out:

“A cancer has cancer.  Oops, I mean, Jimmy Carter has cancer.  Same diff.”
Did this conservative floozy think this was funny? If she thought it was a joke, she thought dead wrong. I will say it, Debbie Schlussel, you’re revolting person. If my editors allowed the B-word it would be inserted.

Schlussel added:

“Only the Good Die Young: Jimmy Carter, 90, Has Cancer. So Sad, Too Bad“ 
In closing, these no class remarks do nothing to dampen the bevy of contributions Jimmy Carter has made to make this world a better place. There may have never been a better person-person in the White House than Jimmy Carter. His action and deeds are undisputable. His work as a peacemaker, human rights advocate and social welfare worker have risen him to a level that bimbo Debbie Schlussel could only dream of a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Get Well Jimmy Carter.

It's Time To Put An End To Private Prisons By: Bernie Sanders

Sign my petition in support of my Justice is Not for Sale Act and say you’ve had enough of millionaires and billionaires profiting by keeping more and more Americans behind bars.

Private Prisons
Image From Flickr via Donkey Hotey
Today in America, shamefully, we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. The United States is home to 4.4 percent of the world’s population, and 22 percent of its prisoners. A significant reason for this is because companies that profit from prisons have spent millions of dollars lobbying for laws that needlessly keep people behind bars for far too long.

Private Prisons
Go Bernie Go Hoodie $40.00 ( Free Shipping)
It is our job, in my view, to recreate our criminal justice system. And I believe that we cannot do that as long as corporations are allowed to profit from mass incarceration. Today this situation has gotten so out of hand that our prisoners are no longer people — they have just become sources of profit as laborers who work for pennies an hour on behalf of major corporations. Keeping human beings in jail for extended periods of time must no longer be an acceptable business, model. Our focus should be on treating people with dignity and ensuring they have the resources they need to get back on their feet when they get out. I am glad that President Obama this week ordered the release of nearly 6,000 nonviolent offenders from federal prison, but there is much more to do.

Private Prisons
I have recently introduced legislation that will put an end to for-profit prisons. My bill will bar federal, state, and local governments from contracting with private companies who manage prisons, jails, or detention facilities. And it will require Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to improve their monitoring of prisons and eliminate private detention centers within two years. The private for-profit prison racket is a $70 billion industry, and with so much money at stake, it’s not surprising they’ve corrupted our political process. The industry has contributed millions of dollars to candidates in pursuit of laws that increase incarceration of nonviolent offenders — a practice that disproportionately impacts people of color in the United States. We must stop the practice of governments guaranteeing prison occupancy as part of deals with private corporations that incentive states to keep prison cells filled. And we must halt the practice of private companies charging exorbitant rates for prisoners to contact their families by phone — sometimes up to several dollars per minute to talk with loved ones, and charging outrageous service fees to prisoners trying to access their money upon release. That kind of exploitation takes an already complicated family dynamic between husbands, wives, parents and children and strains it even further.

It is wrong to profit from the incarceration of human beings and the suffering of their families and friends. It’s time to end this morally repugnant process, and along with it, the era of mass incarceration.

But my legislation goes even further. It also takes steps to reduce our bloated inmate population by reinstating the federal parole system so that officials can individually assess each prisoner’s risk and the chance for rehabilitation. It ends the immigrant detention quota, which requires officials to hold a minimum of 34,000 people captive at any given time. And it would end the detention of immigrant families, many of whom are currently detained in privately-owned facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania.

House Variety Store

If we act, not only can we prevent thousands of lives from being destroyed, but we can save billions of taxpayer dollars.

This legislation enjoys a broad coalition of support on both sides of the aisle. And if we stand together and continue to bring attention to this issue, we can put a stop to the abomination of private prisons profiting from human suffering.

Thank you for standing with me.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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Right Now, One Out of 100 Americans Is Behind Bars

Right Now, One Out of 100 Americans Is Behind Bars

This practice is a crisis fueled by mandatory minimum sentences, which force judges to hand down lengthy sentences they often disagree with, causing our prison population to explode. 

Behind Bars
Photo Courtesy: 

America now leads the world in mass incarceration, and it costs us billions of dollars each year. 

Sharanda Jones
Behind all these numbers are real people like Sharanda Jones, who is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole as a first-time nonviolent drug offender. She’s now been in prison for over 15 years. Her daughter was only 8 when she was sentenced. Unless she is granted clemency or Congress takes action, she will die behind bars. Sadly, Sharanda’s story is not the exception. 

Thankfully, there is hope for Sharanda and thousands like her. A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators have just introduced the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, which would reform mandatory minimum sentencing, reduce harsh punishments, and increase support for rehabilitation programs. This echoes a comprehensive reform push in the U.S. House of Representatives called The SAFE Justice Act. This is an incredible, historic opportunity. 

Our current system is so broken that many people, including Sharanda, are in prison under laws that have since been changed.

Today, she would likely not receive the same sentence because, in 2010, Congress reduced the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. But the change didn’t affect those who had already been convicted under that law – they merely remained behind bars. That’s not fair. 

The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act and SAFE Justice Act have strong support from Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Together, these are the most comprehensive, historic federal criminal justice reform bills we’ve ever seen. Congress is finally coming together to help people like Sharanda and make our criminal justice system more efficient and just. Now is the time for you to speak up and together, we can pass major criminal justice reform legislation by the end of 2015. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Red States Win By Cheating Let The Voter Suppression Begin!

Red States Win By Cheating Let The Voter Suppression Begin! 

The Republican tactic of cheating and disenfranchising voters in the Red States is away in earnest. Roll Tide! Alabama has taken voter suppression to a whole new level for the 2016 election cycle. 
Photo Courtesy; 
The latest round of voter restrictions coming from Alabama has laid the racism factor up front for the whole world to see.
"Due to budget cuts, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said that 31 satellite DMV offices would no longer have access to drivers licence examiners. This action means residents in these counties will have to travel to other counties in the state to apply for a drivers licence." [See Source]

 75 percent of the 31 counties are mainly populated by "Black Voters."

Just last year the state of Alabama enacted a "Voter Photo ID Law." What this says is you must have a photo ID to vote in this state. And, if you live in a county that no longer provides the state issued photo ID you are on your own. The classic Republican Party " fend for yourselves." routine. 

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There is no sugar coating this move by the state of Alabama. This action by the state is racially motivated. The top 10 counties in Alabama with the highest percentage of black registered voters are Macon, Greene, Sumter, Lowndes, Bullock, Perry, Wilcox, Dallas, Hale, and Montgomery. Thanks to these new so-called budget cuts eight of them will be closed. 

Block The Vote
In fact, our source here in the House of Public Discourse has found that in every single county in Alabama where the Black's make up more than 75% of the population will see their driver's licence office closed. Of course, Alabama state officials say this is not a premeditated move by the state to suppress the minority vote. But, no matter the motivation by the state the results are the same. All of these voter ID laws enacted by various states have been conceived on the notion of a nonexistent widespread voter fraud claim. Many of these state laws concerning voter suppression have been written by the American Legislative Exchange Counsel. [ALEC]

 The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

In report after report, study after study, investigation after investigation, it has been found that voter fraud is not a problem in America. Voter Fraud in America is a myth.   Any person who has ever had to venture to a state DMV office knows they are historically a pain in the rear. Moreover, for elderly, sick, or poor people with no vehicle getting to these offices can be difficult. These actions by lawmakers in Alabama are not a coincidence. 

States With New Voter ID Laws Since 2010 Election

Photo Courtesy: 
The Republican Party will do whatever it takes to hold on to power in the Red States. And, if cheating is the order of the day so be it. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gun Violence An American Epidemic Costing Taxpayers Billions

Gun Violence in America is reaching epidemic proportions.

Anyone who keeps an eye on the daily news in America knows there is a serious gun violence problem in America. To get a grasp on why all you need to do is compare gun ownership in America with those from other countries. Statics shows 650 million people around the world own a gun. 270 million of those gun owners live right here in America. There are 90 guns for every 100 Americans. America has by far the  highest gun ownership rate in the world.

Presently the United States ranks fifth in the world for deaths by handguns. Trailing only Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil

On the other side of the coin, Japan with some of the toughest gun laws in the world also has the lowest death by gun rates with only 11 in 2008. Compared to the rest of the world America stands alone in high gun ownership and high death rates from gun violence.

Gun Violence In America —-The Cost?

What does gun violence in America cost us? First, there is the human toll. According to a report by Mother Jones guns kill over 33,000 people per year. Another 80,000 are injured in gun-related events. Most of these deaths and injuries come from suicide and attempted suicide. Next, homicide and assault in which the actors usually more times than not know each other or from Domestic Violence. Third comes accidental shootings and lastly police shootings.
So what is the yearly cost of all this death? 229 billion dollars! This price is higher than Obesity-related health problems. This price tag is almost as high as what we spend on Medicaid. What does it cost the taxpayer when someone is shot and killed?
  • Police Resonse=$2,200
  • Emergency Transport=$450
  • Hospitial=$10,700
  • Family Mental Health=$11,500
  • Courts=$2,300
  • Prison=$414,000
We pay for 44 of these single gun homicides every single day. These figures are a direct cost per day. What is some indirect cost?  People lose wages when they are shot and injured by guns not to mention overall workplace productivity.Individuals who are injured from handguns suffer an overall quality of life which no price tag can be affixed. According to our source, it cost Americans $700 per person every time a human is shot by a gun. ” Gun Violence Cost.”

Obama's Emotional Plea to End Gun Violence in America

Obama Says Mass Shootings in U.S. Have Become Routine