Friday, May 26, 2017

WTF!!! Editorials Aren't Fake News

Fake News Is the New "Bullshit." 

It's really an amazing social experiment! To watch, listen and read the current public discourse in America.  In an era. where conspiracy theories have become mainstream, where the value of a human life is at an all-time low when partisan politics is worse than ever.  

People believing what works for them regardless of the facts. 

Written editorials aren't fake news. Editorials allow one to state the facts from an individuals point of view. When facts arise to collaborate what was theory then the theory becomes factual. 

Reporting these developments as they occur does not make one a conspiracy theorist. But, what history and good common sense have shown is some of these theories have been proven valid it's the House of Public Discourse view its news. 

Moreover, no matter what your gut-feelings might be on an issue research it from both sides----play the devil's advocate. 

Yes, fake news is real. We have been crushed by it. From both the right and left. But, a little old Independent Progressive Journalist writing editorials on the issues of his/her time is not fake news. 

Furthermore, if a little old Independent Progressive Political Organization with a blog can make one stop and think for just one second then we have accomplished our goal when we embarked on this journalistic journey.  Have a great weekend. [Johnny Hill-House of Public Discourse]

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Seth Rich Murder

I am just beginning to investigate this story and report on it because I feel that Seth Rich had his life taken for sinister purposes. I aim to learn more about the circumstantial evidence of his death, however, that will require some in-depth research.

Please share if you think his death needs further investigation and that there are too many key points of evidence to ignore or dismiss this story.

Recent developments in the Seth Rich case have revealed that Seth Rich was murdered on Sunday, July 10 of 2016. Several sources indicate that high-level officials within the Democratic party were involved. Dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”, as these stories often are, some mainstream media outlets are ignoring what could potentially be key evidence in the outcome of the 2016 election.

According to Fox43, “Rich worked as a voter expansion data director for the DNC since 2014, CNN confirmed with the DNC. He was a 2011 graduate of Creighton University and his resume was filled with various jobs in Democratic politics and political consulting.”

Rich had a bright future ahead of him and as noted by Daily Mail UK, Rich’s father said his 27- year old son “was excited to move to Brooklyn and work for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Multiple reports indicate Rich believed he could “change the DNC “from the inside out. “

This is an echo of familiarity to those writers and broadcasters who have been harassed, threatened, and ridiculed by HRC supporters for not believing that one can change the moral dynamics of an organization, necessarily, within the existing organization. 

WikiLeaks, an award-winning government transparency organization, whose motto is “We open governments” have been tweeting about this subject for a while now. Evidence of this can be found on the Wikileaks Twitter page” Several independent social media reporters and journalists are speaking out about the case and it has captured the attention of many. Rich’s death leaves the American people with so many questions and little answers. The mainstream media and officials involved in this case want the American public to go back to sleep and fight over partisan ideologies and embrace the “newly reformed” Democratic party consisting of the same structure just with different faces.

So, while the corporate controlled Democrats and Republicans go around holding anti-Trump rallies and inciting a new “Red Scare”, independent journalists will be searching for answers. So many people are affected by this including Bernie voters, Bernie promoters, DNC lawsuit members and their legal representatives, Jared H. Beck and Elizabeth Beck, the people’s legal team, people who contributed to the Sanders campaign and many others.

The Washington Post, a large well-financed organization, which hosts Clinton’s former campaign manager as a contributor, states that a DNC spokesman for Rich’s family say “People need to stop politicizing our son’s death.” Many who contributed money, time, and effort online and in person feel that it is their right to know the truth.  

Many also feel that a further investigation is warranted and maybe the public will find some answers to why this young man died right before he was to begin a career with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Perhaps the DNC hopes this story will just disappear like so many others, however, people who have been traumatized by this election will keep fighting for answers. Until the public gets answers, writers will continue searching for clues regarding his alleged communications with Kimdotcom and WikiLeaks, regardless of the public shame, ridicule, and media suppression.

From House of Public Discourse Member

Sarah D. Stephens, MA, New Media Journalism and Communications
Marketing and Communications Specialist from Washington State. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

War Propaganda an American Tradition!

War Propaganda an American Tradition!

Sandy Schanberg
We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth. [ Sandy Schanberg-Former New York Times Reporter]

War Made Simple 

America's presidents and pundits keep spinning us towards death. Since World War II we have seen an escalation of US military actions across the world. Massive missile strikes and troops station all over the globe. There have been all out wars and countless occupations. 

The public face of the reasons for these military actions has varied. But, the one thing they all have in common is geopolitical interest. These interests are complex and they exist everywhere. These wars for geopolitical interest have risen their ugly faces at different times and different places.
These wars haven't emulated this complexity. Over the last 50 years, the decisions to liberate and use military force has been left up to a group of elite Washington policy makers and the lobbyist and special interest that line their pockets. 

Politicians and Bureaucrats whose rationale for war only comes into the public view after leaks or the declassification of documents. Years after the bombs and been dropped and the dead often innocent citizens have been buried and the troops have come home. 

What our research has found here in the House of Public Discourse is that in our press we get the piss down my back and tell me it's raining version for the reasons for such military actions. We never get the real skinny on the reasons and cost for these imperialistic corporate driven actions. 

What we do get is a water downed easy explanation for the justification of the actions all in the name of peace. Which reminds me of a one-liner from one of the greatest political comedians of our time George Carlin. ''Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.''

What we have not gotten from mainstream corporate owned media, again and again, is crucial information on the real reason for our countries consistent bullying of the affairs of other nations. In fact, what we get is a storyline not intended to inform us but one that's goal is to generate enthusiasm and support for war. 

Walter Cronkite
War Propaganda is a tradition in America. However, it remained in the shadows of American psyche until the fiasco we know as the Vietnam War. As a youth, I remember seeing Walter Cronkite on the evening news and the war causality reports coming on the screen and what I remember most was my family the adults looking at them like they were a score in a football game. I remember thinking even as a nine-year-old why are we fighting this war in Vietnam? I saw the protest going on around the country and when I would ask my parents about this their reply was to stop the spread of Communism. I remember like yesterday asking, why don't those people have a right to choose their form of government like we do? I remember President Johnson's speech saying we were fighting for the principles of self-determination. Saying that the people of South Vietnam had the right to choose their own course. So, our boys were dying over there so that South Vietnam could hold fair elections.

Of Course, I did not see this distortion of the truth as a minor but I do remember having serious reservations about it and how I tended to favor those awful dreaded long-hair hippy freaks as my grandfather would call them.

But what is striking to this writer is how since the Vietnam War how presidents have used this template for lack of a term to sell our nation's military interventions across the world. When you look back on the Vietnam War this model for gaining support has not changed. The names have but the system has not. While there have been differences in these assorted conflicts, our research has found parallels.  

War and conflicts don't just appear out of nowhere. There are foundations and cases to be constructed. And, as we now know often with deception. The Iraq War ring a bell!

The use of propaganda to stir up the masses for support of war isn't new. Leaders all over the world and throughout history have used it[propaganda] to sway their populist often wary of war. The tried and true methods of nationalism, patriotism, and the channeling of anger and fear. In the United States since World War II have used these mechanisms as a prelude to war and occupation many times. 

We are presently seeing this same type of message used by both political parties today. There is this rush to judgment that Russia was the reason for Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016. With little to no evidence and furthermore these proclamations being made by the same people who have lied and distorted facts for over five decades now. George Bush the second had his " Axis of Evil." It's always America the good against the empire of evil. Whether it was then the Soviet Union now Russia, or Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Isis we are the do no evil good guy. It provides the way to legitimize US plans of war and regime change foreign policy.

There always seems to be this comparison of our adversary’s leader to Hitler and other notorious bad actors from history. Never do we get a clear image from our bought and paid for the press so that " We the People" can put these images into proper perspective. The frames we get are always that these leaders are barbarians and now President Trump is not. Right!

It's clear to this writer it is safer and more powerful to just leave the present facts out that paint a different picture than to lie about them. More times than once has our government helped these evil empires and their Hitler-like leaders out with weapons, money, and other essentials when it served our corporate war interest. Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden ring a bell!

This selective form of history backed by fear-based appeals has become an obvious pre-war pattern in America. The claim that America uses its military force with great reluctance is one of the biggest sales scams ever. We always claim some virtuous reasons. Secure freedoms and democracy. This hyperbole on democracy is part of the system to convince people and those distasteful things which must be done. 

Bombing and droning and killing other nations innocent women, children, and citizens are necessary to secure our freedoms and democracy. It's the adage if you repeat something long enough people will believe it. These are all forms of propaganda and they are loathsome and scandalous.

Let's clear something up here. I and I would say most American's want to help other people in other countries who are impoverished. You might not think so by listening to right wing media. But, using these impoverished people as a scapegoat for war when the real reasons are those we mentioned earlier withheld from us is criminal in this writer's view. Syria for example.

Written By: Johnny Hill


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

America's Asleep, Under the Influence of Propaganda

From House Member Martin Bassani

Martin Bassani
Not everyone in this country is so ignorant but most are asleep, under influence of propaganda which pushes more of the same as a way of the future. We must understand that more of the same delivers the same exact results. We need common sense systemic changes which, in the current allowable system, would appear radical. 

We must grasp some basic facts:

1. Interests of economic elites were always represented by our political system, but they have never controlled government totally. This is the case now - total and utter control. 

2. In our past, there always existed some convergence of interests between the interest of economic elites and the interest of the rest of us. There no longer is any convergence! Our interests have totally diverged. 

The end result is that when these elites act in their own interests, through the government which they totally control, they invariably act against our interests. 

This has been happening for decades. If we desire a different reality, and if we wish to see Humanity survive on an Earth which can sustain life, we must stop enabling the current rule over us. 

Even if we were unable to change the system, we cannot remain humans and go along with our own enslavement. Resistance is the only option. We cannot accept their rule!

What does this have to do with our miseducation? Everything! It is the ruling elites that have fashioned the public education in the US. It wasn't in their interests to have knowledgeable citizens capable of independent thought, and capable of recognizing they are being screwed and recognize who is doing the screwing. No, they needed compliant worker drones and that is what we got. The saddest part is that the end result of that divergence of interests also resulted in the current condition in which they don't even need worker drones. 

Without a systemic correction, the current system will accelerate toward the cliff. The entrenched thieving system is incapable of any self-correction. When facing a crisis they are more likely to apply the same "medicines" which got us here - wars, civil tensions, chaos.