Johnny Hill: Founder & Writer
The House of Public Discourse was created and founded by freelance writer Johnny Hill. Johnny, a lifelong student of politics, has the profound belief that " History Does Repeat Itself In Politics." So, in April of 2014, Johnny brought to life the House of Public Discourse. In his quest to have a unique name for the blog through research landed with the term " Public Sphere." After much trial and error found the more commonly understood term " Public Discourse. However, the term was a common one, and Johnny had a desire for a creative and unique name for the blog that would house his writing passions. Then it came to him. In his childhood, Johnny along with his family went on vacation to Colonial Williamsburg. It was a profound trip for Johnny in that the place was like stepping back in time and moreover, represented a simpler yet complicated time in our nation's history. 

There Johnny learned of " The Virginia House of Burgesses," which was the First representative government group in the American colonies. Famous delegates include Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. The House met for the first time at Jamestown. It was July 30, 1619.[See Source]

Inside The Original House of Burgesses
Hence, the name " House of Public Discourse," which after an exhaustive internet search found no business, organization, dotcoms, and most importantly trademarks associated with the slogan. Johnny decided on a "Colonial Theme" for the House of Public Discourse and the rest to coin a phrase " Is History." 

We Welcome You To Our House of Public Discourse Blog.

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