Monday, May 23, 2016

Voices Carry In The House Of Public Discourse

House Member Susan Williams Informs The House We Should All Be Concerned About The Scandalous Clinton's 

I remember many scandals within the Clinton years in the White House. It was disgusting most of the time and scary a lot of the time. The Arkansas Bonnie and Clyde were ruthless. Who remembers Vince Foster and the controversy over his death? Who remembers all the women Bill cheated with in Arkansas, having State Troopers bring them to him like prostitutes, which they were. Who remembers the deceitful schemes including but not limited to contributions from foreign oil countries, the "Clinton Foundation" which has been characterized as a money laundering scheme, and the way they "stole the silver because they were broke?" They are both sociopaths and if they weren't schmoozing with the 1% and their Panama Pals, they would have been in jail for the millions of young people they helped put there. 
Oh, and did I mention that I can't stand them?

It's a shame you have to fight for your rights in the 2016? 

Lisa Heean
Why is it even a question, in 2016, for everyone to have the same rights? I mean really. Some of you may not remember segregation, but I do. I remember going with my best friend in kindergarten to a store that had a sign out front that we didn't see and the old angry man inside running us out calling her the N word. And I grew up with my granny telling me about the first time she was LEGALLY ALLOWED to vote because she was a woman and did not have that right until later in her life. I remember my mom not getting jobs that were considered "a man's job" over and over and when she did get those jobs, she was paid HALF what the men were paid. I remember fighting for the Americans with Disabilities Act when I realized that people like the dude were often prevented from getting a basic education.
Why is someone who you perceive different wanting the same rights you enjoy without even a second thought a threat?
It isn't.

From Our Facebook Page Comments, Don Barkey Puts Greed In Its Place

Don Barkey
The problem with greed as a motive is you can never get enough? It's just another addiction, you want more all the time, just like gambling and substance abuse. The rich become preoccupied with gaining wealth, and eventually, turn a blind eye to the devastation they cause across the world. Their very being transforms into an addiction of wealth accumulation and nothing else matters to them. Somehow the US oligarchy was formed by greed and has been underground for some 40 years without most Americans even understanding it. It took a smart compassionate guy like Bernie Sanders to open Americans eyes. Bernie's people must band together to fight against this damaging oligarchy in American society and politics and end it. This will take a long time considering the number of years it's predominated US economy and politics! Every man, woman, and child of voting age must focus on their only hope, and that is to vote for Bernie Sanders. Millions must attend DNC Convention and fight it to the end to nominate Bernie! This must be the 99% of American people's highest priority right now, it's your only chance! [Please Visit and Like Our House Facebook Page]

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Democrat Argument Should Go Out With The Trash!

Dylan Hock
The people complaining that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and that he should have run Independent would be just as pissed, if not more so, had he done just that because he would have split the ticket. What they're really saying is he shouldn't have run at all; it's Hillary's turn. Either way, no matter what, they would still be against him. Telling someone to sit down, shut up and stay out of the race is a bullshit democracy. That's what Bernie's fighting against, and that's what his supporters love about him. That's why they/we won't give up until the convention is over. What everyone decides from there remains to be seen, but constantly telling him to drop out of the race is hogwash. You'd think in such a sports-oriented country where you are taught to finish the game no matter how bad you are losing people would not push him to drop out so, but that's exactly the case. You play the game, you fight hard until the buzzer sounds, then you shake hands, say good game, slap five and head for the showers. That's sportsmanship.

Jill Levy Provides Common Sense Rational In The House of Public Discourse

Jill Levy
"Bernie is going to win the July convention. That’s because polls already are and will even more dramatically show that Hillary will lose to Trump, but not just the White House. She will cost the Democrats a majority in the Senate, the Supreme Court and a stronger position in the House. Over the weeks before the Democratic convention, Hillary will slide to a worse and worse position. Her “win” in Kentucky is emblematic. In 2008, she defeated Obama by over 200,000 votes. She squeaked out a victory by 1800 votes last night. The slide will be in full bloom, like the reek of a cesspool, by convention time. The superdelegates will be faced with a decision— go with Hillary, with many many polls showing a disaster about to unfold, or go with Bernie and win the Senate, take the Supreme court and make major headway in the House."

Long Time Friend Of The House Of Public Discourse Author Christin Berger  Reminds Us That " History Does Repeat Itself In Politics." 

Christin Berger
One of the best things that we can do to continue the legacy of ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ is to get behind Brand New Congress and take back the government. Get back to ‪#‎WeThePeople‬, and support campaigns for those who will actually Represent.Us. This is not the first time that monied interests have taken over the political process, we have taken it back before, and we will again. We need to be committed to setting up a process that will keep them from stealing it again. We can change everything with the mid-terms. We can take back our local government bodies as well. WE have power, WE need to use it.[See: History Does Repeat Itself In Politics]

Clinton Democrats Are Nothing More Than Moderate Republicans Wearing A Blue Mask!

James Alan Cole
The only ones acting like Republicans here are the establishment Hillary Clinton Democrats. Truth be told, the Democratic Party is a diverse group of left, moderate and right-leaning political people. Yet, some would have you believe the more liberal or progressive members are not Democrats. I say it is these members that have high jacked the traditional values of the party and replaced them with corrupt, deceptive and often disgraceful practices that are far removed from the dignity of the strong fundamentals that made the party the voice of the common working class.

Here Is An [Exert] From An Upcoming Article In The House. ( America's Political Process Is A Symptom Of A Sick Society.)

House Writer: Johnny Hill
America has always deemed itself the shining example of Democracy. What we have come to see in the current 2016 election cycle is that our system of political elections is rigged. In America, you are given the chance to choose from two political parties. One masked in blue and the other masked in red. But, don't let colors fool you they are beholden to the same paymasters. 

Despite their differences and political rhetoric both parties are controlled and in the hip pocket of Wall Street, Corporations, and the Military Industrial Complex. [See Corporate Feudalism Is Back!] This unholy alliance has proved calamitous both here and abroad. In the current election cycle especially on the Democratic side, we have seen restrictive ballot access, bias corporate media coverage, manipulation of voter registrations, and the outward strangulation of the process by the Democratic Party establishment. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Political Thoughts By Doug Morrel: A Letter To Bernie Sanders "We Got Your Back."

Dear Senator Sanders, 

We got your back. That's it. Simply put, we are behind you 100%. The improprieties of this primary have not gone unnoticed. The efforts and sacrifices you've made have not gone unnoticed.  The corruption you've shed light on has not gone unnoticed.  We got your back. Do what you need to do and we will follow.  Not you, us. 

If you need us in Philly, we got your back. If you need us in DC, we got your back. If you need us to fill the halls of Congress or the jail cells or the streets in our hometowns, we got your back. We'll flood whatever locations you need. 

We only have one single provision.  We will not vote against our own best interests.  We will not have your back if you choose to back Secretary Clinton in the event she wins the nomination.  That is asking too much. Sorry. I hope it never comes to that but if it does understand you will be standing there alone. We will not yield on this issue. 

Senator Sanders, you have lit a fire. I'm sure you realize this by now.  Perhaps that was your intention, perhaps not. It doesn't matter, the fire is lit and will not be put out.  The DLC created the kindling.  The election fraud has fanned the flames. Leadership is the only thing that we were missing. You've provided that and that spark has lit a fire that will never go out. 

Going forward Sir, we got your back as long as you choose to lead us in the right direction.  Frankly, and I'm not trying to influence you, it would be irresponsible to light this fire and abdicate your responsibility. If you choose to lead the people into the arms of the corrupt politicians we are fighting we will not follow. We will be leaderless and without clear direction.  Maybe nothing will happen.  I doubt that. I expect this fire will continue to burn without someone to tend it. The destruction that may be wrought by corporate governance or people without hope is something that no one wants. We got your back but you must continue to have ours. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for waking so many people up. Thank you for another chance to advance the Country for the good of all of  mankind not just the Citizens of the United States. Thank you for your sacrifices, your heartache, and your speeches that have touched the hearts of millions. Most importantly to me personally, Senator Sanders, thank you for giving me the opportunity for the first time in my life to vote *for* a candidate and not against the greater of two evils. 

Sincerely, one of the Millions of your supporters that will fight with you in your efforts to rid us of corruption and make this Country the Great place it should be. We got your back Bernie.

Written By: Doug Morrel [House Admin]

Why did the Nevada Chairperson not use Roberts Rules of Order?

Why did the Nevada Chairperson not use Roberts Rules of Order? I'm from Washington State (a caucus state) and at every level of the process thus far Roberts Rules of Order is what was used. It appeared that the Chairperson wanted to make her own rules and enforced them and that was one of the reasons for the upset in the crowd. Has this always been the case in Nevada?  Again why not use Roberts Rules of Order. It is an established standard.

What Are The Roberts Rules Of Order?

Washington State had an overwhelming turnout....80% for Sanders in our legislative districts caucus alone. Were there heighten emotions? Yes but everyone to a person kept their emotions in check and pulled together for a civil and productive convention.

I reviewed a great deal of the Nevada news, blogs, video and it seemed as though the audience felt cheated in some way over a number of issues.
The other question I have is how is it that the 60 some odd delegates that were rejected Saturday but had participated in their local caucuses and District Caucuses and whatever caucus came next before the final State Caucus lose their-their voter credentials at the final rung of the caucus ladder. How does that happen?

As final proof, I would like to see those rejected delegates’ proof of party affiliation, caucus attendance, proof of delegate selection and processing. In Washington State, one signs in at each step so there is proof of attendance, then if one is elected to be a delegate that is recorded as well. So there is a way to prove or disprove whether or not someone is a delegate. Unless someone is a hired trouble maker and not a dedicated voter most humans would not bother to attend or engage in a caucus process.

I believe it behooves Nevada to get to the bottom of this. There as been a plethora of voter disenfranchisement/electoral fraud taking place in this Country, especially this election cycle. To make sure the process was clean in Nevada these questions need answers.

Written By:  House Member Suzanne M Rosser, Treasurer PRCS
Point Roberts, WA

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Voices Are Loud And Clear in The House Today!

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. [John F. Kennedy]

Voices Are Ringing Down Today In The House Of Public Discourse.

Dylan Hock

Honestly, no jabs, no snark, no judgment: If you have been fighting and barking for change all through the Obama administration and support Clinton, I just don't understand you. And with a once in a lifetime candidate like Bernie Sanders fighting like hell to bring the Democratic Party back to its alleged home base, and the people, that goes double. I just don't get it. In the beginning, when Clinton seemed the assured, safe bet, okay, I get that somewhat, but with the fire and mass support out of the blue that Sanders generates, and with a wider voting base ready to fight for him against Trump than Clinton, I just cannot understand, and I think I'm a reasonably intelligent person. It just doesn't make sense. Vote for who you wish, of course, by all means, but I don't think I'll ever understand it.

I maintain respect and unconditional love for my friends and family who for whatever reason still choose Clinton, and I dig that you haven't kicked my Sanders supporting ass to the curb to be sure. We can be loving, respectful adults about this, but friends, loved ones, some of you really baffle me.

Long Time House Member Christopher Hull Weights In On A Recent Article Published In The Huffington Post. [See Article]

Christopher Hull

So Harry Reid who screwed over Jimmy Carter's grandson so he could hand the second Nevada Senate seat to a Republican in now fundraising for Patrick Murphy a Republican who became a Dem thirty seconds ago! Fuck Harry Reid. Yes, Alan Grayson is a bit of a pompous ass, overly full of himself, etc. BUT does anyone believe that he's a pro-war neo-con? Let's be blunt: THERE are no substantial differences in economic, war, or environmental policies between the Republicans and the Democratic establishment. BERN the fuckers down or BURN them down! Revolution is coming either way. It can be peaceful and the rich can keep what they have OR it can be violent. At this point, I don't care which occurs. Once again, FUCK Harry Reid!

One Person, One Vote!

Lori Johnston-Arthur
Here's the rub. Super PAC's....lobbyists (bribery)...super delegates...the electoral college are all in place to make sure that the oligarchy gets's who they want into the power positions...who they bought and paid for. By making things complicated they can massage their way to power. It's a set up to override your vote. The elitists still let us vote to keep up appearances, but ultimately, with their money, and power, and influence they get bang for their buck...and a faithful puppet ta boot. Time to simplify. Time to take our country back. One Person-One Vote...that's all that should ever be counted.

House Voice Mika Ellen Orzech on the Bernie or Bust Movement.

Mika Ellen Orzech
But if we really want to treat the problem - not just the symptoms - I would recommend that we stop wringing our hands on cue and take the Bernie or Bust movement for what it really is. Not the ideological purity of dreamers, or the bad sportsmanship of losers, but a struggle to do something responsible with our faith in politics now that we've found it again. That's why the "vote blue no matter who" slogan, typically accompanied by a photo of Trump's face exactly as it will appear in our post-election nightmares, is so terribly misguided. 

Writer H.A. Goodman Is In The House Commenting On The Nevada Fiasco 

House Member Mark Smith Issues A Fair Warning To The Democratic Party Estbalishment

Mark Smith
The Democratic Party establishment is getting ready to destroy the national party for at least a generation. Millenials now make up the same percentage of the population as what Baby Boomers do:31%. They may win the battle (by giving the nomination to Clinton), but they may very well lose the war (when they alienate these young voters with their shenanigans). Can ANYONE say "myopia"?

What we have before us today right now mirrors exactly what was the order of the day in medieval Europe under Feudalism.

House Founder-Johnny Hill
The only way a true middle class can emerge in today's world of unregulated capitalism is by massive social upheaval, or by government intervention. Historically our government [We the People] has been the only mechanism for keeping Feudalism in check. It's what we used here in the United States since the founding of our Republic until the Reagan Revolution to fight the Plutocrats and build a middle class from the ground up. 
Our government has used all of these mechanisms to restrain the natural tendency of unregulated capitalism that creates inequality: Tariffs, workers’ rights legislation, Glass-Stegall Act, and higher taxes on the rich. All of which, on balance, helped create the middle class. However; ever since Reagan and the Nazi-like brainwashing job he pulled on the American people - proclaiming government as the problem, not the solution - we have gutted regulation, busted up the unions and reverted capitalism back to its natural dog eat dog state. What has been the result? Record Inequality!

We Must Replace Our Corrupt System of Legalized Bribery

Friday, May 13, 2016

Washington Journal -2017 Defense Spending Bill

Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) talked about the House’s consideration of a $575 billion dollar defense spending bill, his trip to the Middle East, and his call to deploy more U.S. special operations personnel to Iraq to train Iraqi forces.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The New World Of Corporate Feudalism History Does Repeat Itself

The New World Of Corporate Feudalism History Does Repeat Itself!

Feudalism is back! Feudalism was the dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants (villeins or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord's land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce, notionally in exchange for military protection. [See Source]

Feudalism has returned from its  grave with a vengeance. All one has to do is look at all the " Right to Work" states. Currently, 25 states and Guam have given workers a choice when it comes to union membership. Labor unions still operate in those states, but workers cannot be compelled to become members as a requirement of their job. Wisconsin became the 25th right-to-work state, with a bill that was signed into law on March 9, 2015.[See Source]

The Resurgence of Feudalism In America Is a Disaster In The Making.

People who work in "Right to Work" states make less money. They receive inadequate health benefits and they're more likely to die on the job. The supporters of this modern day form of Feudalism proclaim it will boost their state economies and rebuild the middle class. However, in reality, and there is a track record to fall back on since 1935 the exact opposite happens with these feudalistic labor laws. Right to work laws bring capitalism closer to its major goal of being unregulated. In turn, unregulated capitalism leads to massive levels of inequality. [See Article] The levels of inequality we are seeing now in America and a major focal point of the Sanders campaign mirrors the times of Feudalism in the European middle-ages

At the top, there is this very select few who in the middle ages represented the nobles and monarchs
of the day. In today's world, they are the one-percent Koch Brothers and they are in fact the present day monarchs of our times. Just below these Oligarchs are the so called professional class. Doctors, lawyers, CEO's, and some business owners. The main function of this group is to keep things running for the super-rich. They function as the nobles in a capitalist society. Then at the very bottom of the spectrum is this huge population of the working poor modern day peasants. Most have no real monetary wealth most are in debt most of their lives and barely can make ends meet living from paycheck to paycheck. In natural unregulated capitalism, there is no such thing as a middle-class.

What has become the default options to this modern day corporate feudalism is wealth inequality. This inequality has manifested itself as a direct result of deregulation propagated by the political establishments of both the Democratic and Republican parties. They both have played a part in the dismantling of the New Deal and a thriving middle class that resulted from it. [New Deal]

What we have before us today right now mirrors exactly what was the order of the day in medieval Europe under Feudalism.!

The only way a true middle class can emerge in today's world of unregulated capitalism is by massive social upheaval, or by government intervention. Historically our government [We the People] has been the only mechanism for keeping Feudalism in check. It's what we used here in the United States since the founding of our Republic until the Reagan Revolution to fight the Plutocrats and build a middle class from the ground up. 

Our government has used all of these mechanisms to restrain the natural tendency of unregulated capitalism that creates inequality: Tariffs, workers’ rights legislation, Glass-Stegall Act, and higher taxes on the rich. All of which, on balance, helped create the middle class. However; ever since Reagan and the Nazi-like brainwashing job he pulled on the American people - proclaiming government as the problem, not the solution - we have gutted regulation, busted up the unions and reverted capitalism back to its natural dog eat dog state. What has been the result? Record Inequality!

Now the richest three percent of the world population now controls half of all the wealth. "Middle-Class" incomes have become stagnant and if that is not bad enough the "child-poverty rate" in America is one of the worst in the entire developed world. Things have gotten worse since the "Bush Recession," and the Obama administration promise for "Hope and Change" never came. What gains that have appeared during the Obama years have been absorbed by guess who, the top one percent. So much for hope and change.

The Kings and Noblemen of the monarchs of medieval Europe may be long gone but in the here and now in the United States the Plutocrats and their corporate feudalism reign unmatched and corporate feudalism is the name of the game. We have Ronald Reagan and "Third-Way Democrats" to thank for it. What is the most severe side effect to all of this? The loss of our true democracy that has become nothing more than an Oligarchy? This new world corporate Feudalism is the image of the 14th century, not the 21st century which once again proves " History Does Repeat Itself In Politics."

President Jimmy Carter: The United States is an Oligarchy...

Monday, May 9, 2016

House Member Bella Wade: Bernie Must Have A PLAN B!


A thought has rolled around in my head for weeks about what happens after the convention if Bernie isn't the nominee. Here is my letter to Bernie Sanders.

Dear Sen. Sanders,
Bella Cennato Wade
I am honored to support your candidacy. You have run an open and honest campaign that truly showed us that it can be done in this country. Unfortunately, the American plutocracy (political parties, corporate MSM, corrupt corporate money propping up corrupt candidates, election boards engaged in fraud) are determined to deny the will of the people. Will they succeed? That's our question. Bernie, I love you but truth is, I hope you understand you called for a political revolution in this country. Do you think that ends with the democratic convention?
Do you think we should sanction the corrupt behavior of the entitled in this election? Is "defeating an idiot republican" more important than defying the corrupt process that has been determined to install one of the most toxic and corrupt individuals in the American political scene, Hillary Clinton or a master reality TV showman called Trump, into power. Was your call for revolt real?

I'm going to take you to task. If you aren't willing to register in every state to run for president, then perhaps you don't fully understand what's at stake either. That's plan B. Plan B isn't to deny a republican the white house and install the other plutocrat. Seems to me Trump is far less dangerous than Hillary who will further entrench the plutocracy as the skilled neo-liberal destroyer she is.

Plan B is to CONFRONT the rigged system, including the stealing of our vote, our voice and our desire for an honest economy and an end to entitled privilege.

I believe you win in the general, whether as a democrat or as an independent. I know, you said you wouldn't. But the DNC said they wouldn't cheat, steal and put a heavy hand on the primary process. Well, we know they did even to the point of stealing people's votes and quashing new voters attracted to the party by your candidacy. Is that ok with you?

What do you tell those people denied their vote in the primary? Oh, well just ignore that, the republican is more dangerous. How do you not allow those new voters, those hundreds of thousands denied their vote via democratic election fraud, to get that chance again?
Bernie, you called for a revolution. Revolution does not defend corruption. And if you don't run as an independent, be assured that you make yourself the agent of a rigged system that forces Americans to again choose between two evils.

Please plan for a realistic Plan B. And a realistic Plan B demands you register your presidential run in every state in the union if the convention fails to address the corruption of this election cycle. Allow this revolution to continue to November. Give us the guarantee and we will back your play. But going along to get along, that is in the trash heap of more bad ideas. The enemies of "we the people" don't have a political side, it's every one of them who exercise their power to destroy the 99% via a rigged economy and legalized corruption.[See Article]

This fight must continue unabated. 

If you don't run to November, ask your supporters to SANCTIFY the corruption of this primary election, then revolt is not real because when it counts, those who called for it ends up abandoning those who answered the call.

Please, make this a fight against the plutocracy.  If you don't, I suspect all the mediums used to support your candidacy will be crippled in short order.  If you don't, the millions of us who supported your campaign with feet on the street, on the phones and with our money will essentially be abandoned once again to a corrupt system.
We have had your back for over a year.  It's time for you to make hard choices for the people.  I know it might make you vulnerable in the Senate if you return there.  But we are not going away if you stand up and fight for the presidency, all the way to November and beyond.

Write To Senator Bernie Sanders Yourself And Let Him Hear Your Voice

Sen. Bernie Sanders
1 Church Street, 3rd floor
Burlington VT 05401

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Some Things A Hillary Clinton Supporter Might Say!

This essay was previously published on Facebook By Zach Bulls Via Jeff Kurtz.

I'm with Hillary. I'm with her.

I don't care if she voted for the War in Iraq. I don't care if she encouraged other members of Congress to vote for the war by stating it was a good business opportunity. Afterward, she said it was a mistake and she's sorry for that. It doesn't matter that we spent $5.5 trillion dollars and killed hundreds of thousands of people in the process. It doesn't matter that the war did nothing to curb terrorism, but instead only created more terrorists and increased the incidence of worldwide terrorism. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if she accepts money from super PACs. It doesn't matter that she made exorbitant amounts of money from paid speeches to major corporations. It doesn't matter if these funds cause her to favor the welfare of corporations over people. It doesn't matter if it causes her to choose war over peaceful alternatives in order to bolster the profits of our military industrial complex. It doesn't matter if it causes her to relax regulations on big oil which further contaminates our water and our air. It doesn't matter if she compromises our commitment to renewable energy and diminishes our effort to address climate change. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if she advocates worldwide fracking. It doesn't matter that scientists consider this harmful to our environment and a major contributor to climate change. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if she allows the medical and pharmaceutical industries to overcharge for their products and services. It doesn't matter that it places a financial strain on people who suffer life-threatening ailments. It doesn't matter that it often causes their families to go bankrupt. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if she and her husband passed the Omnibus Bill and Three Strikes You're Out. It doesn't matter that these policies helped to privatize prisons which led to the incarceration of numerous young adults for petty crimes. It doesn't matter that these folks are charged with felonies and find it difficult to obtain good jobs after serving unwarranted prison terms. It doesn't matter that their families are made to suffer as well. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if she and her husband pushed for and adopted Welfare Reform that allowed states to redistribute funds that would have otherwise gone toward food stamps and low-income housing. It doesn't matter that it caused hundreds of thousands of children to go without food and proper shelter. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if she and her husband repealed Glass-Steagall. It doesn't matter that it caused the economic crash of 2008. It doesn't matter that the crash was caused by corrupt business practices. It doesn't matter that the executives responsible for it were not charged with crimes. It doesn't matter that the bailout cost taxpayers billions of dollars. It doesn't matter that property values plummeted and good people ended up foreclosing on their homes. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if Hillary and her husband promoted NAFTA, CAFTA, and TPP. It doesn't matter that these trade agreements served only to give corporations more power over common people. It doesn't matter that they have kept wages low and sent millions of jobs outside the U.S. It doesn't matter that they have caused working families to see their purchase power significantly decrease over the past 25 years. It doesn't matter that they have caused young adults to find it increasingly more difficult to purchase homes and manage their lives without extreme debt. It doesn't matter because I'm with her.

I don't care if there is a candidate out there who opposed all these things. It doesn't matter that this candidate has fought to keep money out of politics. It doesn't matter that this candidate has fought to limit the power of corporations over people. It doesn't matter that this candidate consistently stands up and fights for the oppressed. It doesn't matter that he is consistently on the right side of causes, even when those causes are unpopular. It doesn't matter. No, it doesn't matter because I'm with her.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Major Issues Being Discussed In The House Of Public Discourse Today!

Hillary Clinton the presumptive democratize nominee by party establishment and the media might be headed for complete self-destruction. 

From House Member David Fillippo 

Bernie Sanders, despite all odds, might have a chance to win the 2016 democratic nomination. The Hillary email scandal and FBI probing is only getting worse. Now a federal judge has ordered that Hillary Clinton testifies under oath. Not to mention that recent hacker from Romania has publicly claimed to have hacked her email server. With all the ensuing controversy, it's difficult to see how the superdelegates will stay with Hillary.
The FBI is not just investigating the usage of emails on a non-secure server, they are now probing to see if the State Department was used in conjunction with the DNC and the Clinton Foundation to funnel money illegally.
Donal Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee. With cries like "Crooked Hillary" becoming a slogan for him, it's hard to see that democrats will stick with her especially if Bernie Sanders continues to win the states. It seems that the media is finally forced to report on the email scandal given some of the recent questionings.
The corrupt media has also failed to distinguish the difference between Hillary Clinton's and Bernie Sander's position on trading with Panama. The Panama Papers is a vital leak of information that gives a glimpse into the financial tax-free accounts that many corrupt corporations accomplished with tax havens in offshore accounts of countries like Panama and the Bahamas. Bernie Sanders predicted this in 2011. The Panama papers, despite it being one of the most influential leaks of information in modern times for the poor and the lower-class, was mostly disregarded by American media.
Regarding civil rights, Bernie Sanders also endorsed Jesse Jackson ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and marched with Martin Luther King Jr. The mainstream media censorship refuses to reveal these facts. Bernie Sanders has been a champion for the Civil Rights since he was young, endorsed by civil rights activist Professor Cornel West. Young Bernie Sanders led some of the first civil rights sit-ins in the North. Bernie was also arrested for protesting against racial discrimination and segregation as a Civil Rights activist. Not to mention that he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) during a civil rights march.
Bernie Sanders is the people's choice, he is the candidate with true dauntless integrity.

This Report Was Published On You Tube Channel: The Bernie Sanders News.

Why Bernie Sanders might win!

House Mentor Diana M Buettner poses serious questions on the House Floor that we all need to seriously think about. 

Diana M Buettner
I've been thinking...yes you should be afraid. All kidding aside:
What stops the UN from imposing sanctions against the United State? Seriously, if Trump has the launch codes, even if Clinton has them, what is keeping us safe from the same sanctions we impose on others? We have successfully allowed our manufacturing jobs, our food production, and many other means of self-support to be exported.
What stops those who understand the evils we have perpetrated on others, as well as our own, from using the same tactics we have used on them. Perhaps it is a true sense of understanding that war solves nothing. That sanctions tend to cause wars. That at the very least the US has caused the suffering of innocent humans.
When will we learn the lessons that we have imposed, painfully, upon others? Will it take like measures or actual war? Think long and carefully friends about whom you choose to support for the leader of this supposed "free world!"

House Member Vicki Adams Ponders  The Future If Donald Trump Was To Get Elected?

Vicki Adams
"So every poll out there is saying Hillary will beat Trump by about 3 points or that she will flat out LOSE. So, there is a very real possibility that Trump will be our next president and we will be the laughing stock of the world. BUT.....I was thinking about this today. Everything Trump says he will do is so ridiculous that it will never happen. Congress won't allow it. I mean....he won't build a billion dollar wall separating us from Mexico. He won't deport 11 million immigrants in the middle of the night. He won't kill terrorist's families. He won't force Muslims to be registered or wear badges. So, we will have 4 years of nothing getting done. But, if Bernie ran against him in 4 years....he would absolutely murder it. Maybe this is what needs to happen. Light at the end of the tunnel? Hmmmmm"

House Of Public Discourse Founder Expresses Why " Inequality Matters." 

Johnny Hill-House of Public Discourse
Not only does inequality matter but we should also reflect why the ills of plutocracy have cast a long shadow on our democracy. Rich people in America think they are the wealth creators. They feel that all us mere minion are parasites living off them. They have the gall to argue that there is too much government regulation and that's what killing the American economy.
We are living in an age where we have wealth inequality raging down on us like a "bull in a china shop." For example, take New York City where wealth inequality rivals any third world country. According to our research of the 25 most populated cities in America New York is one of the most unequal. The median income for the bottom 20% was less than $9,000 while the top 1% of New Yorkers have an income of 2.2 million. Across America, this divide between the super rich and everybody else has become as wide as the Grand Canyon. Major economic studies have indicated that this chasm has and will stifle jobs and economic growth for years.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Holly Lee Tells The House Why She Refuses To Give Up Hope For Bernie Sanders

Here's why I refuse to give up on hope for Bernie Sanders.

Holly Lee
Because I didn't start supporting him from the very beginning to people's laughter at my naivety to see him get this far to just give up and beg him to give up because of a confusing electoral system that few of us understand.
I remember telling people he wouldn't have entered the race if he didn't think he had a chance because he's not playing a game of politics when this all started. He's not playing a mutha fuckin game guys. I don't think his bag is empty yet. I didn't jump on the bandwagon when it became cool to support Bernie. I can tell you his policies, his weaknesses, and his strengths. If I can't remember something, I have enough sense to go Google it before I stutter.
And anything can happen. Clinton could die from an aneurysm tomorrow. So could Sanders. So could Trump. So could you and so could I.
And you don't have to like it and you don't have to agree with me. You also don't have to suck my 10-inch imaginary elephant dick when I tell you to if you give me shit about splitting a party that is already broken.
So as Dido so beautifully sang... But I will go down with this ship And I won't put my hands up and surrender There will be no white flag above my door...
Captains go down with their ships. I'll be the one humming the Titanic soundtrack if the ship has to sink."
Liz Lee considers herself an uppity Southern woman and the only sane person left in the swamps of South Georgia. She has all her teeth and knows how to spell fairly well. She graduated high school and has some college learnin’. She is a wife to a man that ain’t her cousin, mother of one human child, mother to one furry American Bully, and also your typical everyday Wonder Woman. When she hangs up her cape, you can find her curled up in her office sewing while gossiping, writing, playing World of Warcraft, or practicing banjo in hopes of being the greatest at pickin’ and a grinnin’. You can follow her on Facebook to see what she is up to.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Let Your Voice Be Heard In The House Of Public Discourse

House Members Weight In On The 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Race.

MaryAnn Scandura
"Hillary supporters need to wake up and wake up fast.
You get mad at people like me who point out Hillary's flaws, corruption, and scandals. It's almost like you think that if I and other Bernie supporters would just shut up and put Hillary on the ticket that life is suddenly going to get all red and rosy. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you think I say things that will hurt Hillary in the General Election, you haven't heard nothing yet. Bernie Sanders himself has not brought up the emails or Clinton Foundation along with many of other issues that the Republicans are going to broadcast, 7/24, week after week, month after month until the last vote is cast in November. They are going to rip into her like a hungry Tiny Tim ripping into the Christmas Turkey and Figgy Pudding.
The problem with Hillary is that the material the Republicans will have to work with is an endless void of scandals and corruption and they don't even need to make shit up. Do your homework people...."

Hillary Clinton Can't Wait To Compromise With Republicans

Michael Rudnin Is In The House

"#‎BernieOrBust‬ are comprised of about one in three liberal independents who wholeheartedly want Bernie Sanders to win, and will under no circumstances vote for any more corporatist democrats ... there's enough of us that the difference actually affects polling outcomes in the general election to the point that if the DNC nominates Hillary Clinton, she's likely to lose ~ an undesirable outcome we place blame upon the DNC, don't try to convince us otherwise, such will be a fruitless effort. To democratic loyalists, understand that Hillary has not earned our vote ~ we see her as the poster-child for everything wrong with big money corrupting politics, and to some, she's even worse than Trump. Hopefully, that will clear up any talking points left unanswered."

You Do Not Owe Hillary Your Vote

Monday, May 2, 2016

House Member Joy Riley Sorensen Reports Her Experience With The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

What Is The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee?

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the Democratic Party organization that works to elect Democrats to U.S. state legislatures. The committee was formed after the 1992 elections by a group of Democratic state legislators and then-DNC chair David Wilhelm.[See Source]

House Member Joy Riley Sorensen Exercised Her Voice Today To The (DLCC)

"I got a call from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee asking for a donation of $150. I said, "No. I no longer support the Democratic Party establishment because of their systematic attempts to disenfranchise voters and derail the Sanders campaign. I support individual progressive candidates who share my concerns." She asked if I was leaving the Democratic Party. I said, "They left me" and I hung up."

The Democratic Party has Left the People!

Thomas Jefferson Is In The House Of Public Discourse This Week

This Weeks Guest Speaker In The House of Public Discourse Is None Other Than Thomas Jefferson Himself!

Thomas Jefferson

While in Colonel Williamsburg this week the honorable statesman Thomas Jefferson delivered a series of speeches on the House of Public Discourse Public Sphere courtyard.


Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father who was principal author of the Declaration of Independence. He was elected the second Vice President of the United States, serving under John Adams and in 1800 was elected third President. Wikipedia
BornApril 13, 1743, Shadwell, VA
DiedJuly 4, 1826, Charlottesville, VA