Monday, November 30, 2015

The Politics Of Fear And Anger Have Gone Viral In America

The Politics Of Fear And Anger

The politics of fear and anger have gone viral in America. You can't turn on your television or read your newspaper today without seeing or reading something about fear. We live in a culture of fear and anger. There are SWAT teams kicking down people's doors for simple possession of Marijuana and individuals picking up assault weapons and shooting up the public square in the name of GOD and country. 

Our politicians and news media outlets are packaging fear who tell us to fear terrorist, neighbors, immigrants, refugees, and liberal social institutions established to help poor and elderly people.  There is a consistent cry by politicians proclaiming that war is the only solution. Since 9/11 we have had a government agency[NSA] monitoring our phone calls and collecting other data about our daily lives. The Dept of Defense has been selling billions of dollars of military equipment to local police forces which have turned our police forces into a military force[See Source]

Our police forces have been getting away with murder shooting and killing unarmed civilians while their departments have been receiving tanks, armor vehicles, flat jackets, helmets, and other military equipment as well. 

As we saw in the 'Occupy Movement" peaceful protesters were shot with rubber bullets and sprayed with mace. Enter the war on terror. The war on terror is the logical entry point for constructing governmental policy based on fear. How will they strike us next? The politics of fear has resulted in " We the People" losing our rights of privacy and has culminated in a mentality of fear cultivated by the political elite and the " Military Industrial Complex."

Criminal Justice Plays A Role In The Politics Of Fear And Anger

There is no denying the role judges play in our society. Having fair-minded unbiased judges is critical to a free Democratic society. Judges are tasked with protecting our most cherished right to freedom and basic values. To the point, Judges are the guardians of liberty in America. Judges are the custodians of all the things that matter in terms of evaluating civil liberties. The decisions Judges make matter most of all to people with less power or none at all. The poor. The disfavored and people who have been marginalized. Our Judges must take this role seriously. 

However, this writer fears that judicial independence in our nation is at risk. There are efforts to undermine the integrity and functions of our Judges. There is much to lose if this independence is compromised. The decisions and precedents that Judges make effect our lives in a myriad of ways. 

For example, it was judicial decisions that desegregated our schools and allowed equal voting rights to minorities. It took a political movement to persuade politicians to act on these egregious violations of our civil liberties. If the everyday person had not acted by forming groups which soon became a movement, these legislative changes would not have happened. 

In today's political climate of fear and anger, the progress of the "Civil Rights Movement" in the 1960's has come under attack by right-wing conservative politicians in the Republican Party. They wish to take us back in time when the white man was the only race entitled to these cherished civil liberties.[See Article]

The United States today is a very different place than it was 40 years ago. In the early 1970's when you think about criminal justice in America, there were 350, 000 people in our jails and prisons. Today there are over two million people locked up in our correctional system. There are another six million people on probation and parole. Mass incarceration has affected the lives of millions of Americans. What most people don't appreciate is the collateral effects this has on people’s lives.

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We Must End The Politics Of Fear And Anger

There is a board political reality in America today that suggest we are a nation of fear and anger. Over the last several decades, there have been politicians and their “Christian Right" allies preaching to us to be afraid and be angry. When people are afraid and angry they reconcile themselves to violating the basic human rights of the people whom they are afraid.

If a group or race of people is perceived to be an out-group it's okay to ignore them and their rights to basic human dignity. There are many historical examples of horrific abuse genocide, holocaust, and slavery. 

All of these institutions were created and sustained by a political vision fueled by fear and kept in place by anger. When you listen to politicians on the right today there is no real search for the truth there is only the dynamic of fear and anger. What has resulted is mass shootings on a monthly basis and innocent causalities all based on fear expressed by anger when an individual acts out. 

In 1996 the Clinton administration passed a “Welfare Reform Act" that allowed states to bar citizens from public benefits food stamps, housing, and medical services if they have a prior drug conviction. In this writer's lifetime, the politics of fear and anger has created a cast system in the United States. And, anyone with a criminal record is considered an “Untouchable."

There are scores of American citizens living beneath the public benefits system many who are homeless. There are single moms with children who cannot get public assistance because they have prior drug and other criminal offenses. It's the poor who have suffered the most from the politics of fear and anger. We have a criminal justice system that has become wealth dependent. No matter how innocent you are no matter how strong your alibi the mere fact you did nothing wrong doesn't shield you from arrest, prosecution, conviction, and long-term incarceration. 

Our present criminal justice system treats you better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent. 

Wealth, not culpability shapes the outcomes of many judicial decisions today. The poor are being destroyed by this reality. The mentality ill have been locked up in our correctional system. There is very little help for the mentality ill in poor and minority communities. We just throw them in jail or prison. We do not help children who are dealing with these developmental issues we jerk them out of schools because they can't deal with cultural norms we call them criminal we put them in juvenile detention centers they are stigmatized and put on a pipeline leading to criminal behavior. 

There is a sense of hopelessness in our minority communities today. Most African America males feel their lives will be lost due to drug violence or racist cops. Many African males believe they will be incarcerated by the age of 21.  It's high time we engage these children and communities and fight against these feelings of hopelessness. It is the duty of any conscious citizen to help empower our brothers and sisters. 

One of the biggest challenges we face as a society is that most of us have doubts as to what we as individuals can do to affect positive change in our communities. What this writer has learned from my childhood and adult years is you can't buy what you can't sale. If you as a single person have no hope you cannot give hope to others. 

We must end the war on drugs. Stop the modern day equivalent to Jim Crow which has led to mass incarceration of minorities and the poor. America is the only country in the world where a 13-year-old can be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. There is no question that large segments of our society in America have been held hostage to the politics of fear and anger. Now is the time to stop this scourge on our citizens and end the politics of fear and anger once and for all. 

Study: Conservatives have larger 'fear center' in brain

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton Thinks She Has It In The Bag, Hold Up Wait A Minute!

Hillary Clinton Thinks She Has It In The Bag, Hold Up Wait A Minute!

A new era in American politics began in 2008 with the election of the first person of color to the White House. Some in America are ready to vote for the first female president ever in 2016. Does Hillary Clinton have the political dash to make it so? Many have pre-ordained Hillary Clinton as the winner we here in the House of Public Discourse say " Hold Up Wait A Minute."

Hillary Clinton has been a master of the 21st-century media she is the darling of mainstream media however that can be a double edge sword. Huge new and powerful voting blocks, and scores of American citizens have had it up to their ying-yangs with mainstream media. While many older voters still struggle with the concept of social media younger voters not only except modern day politicians to understand the digital age but also they expect politicians to embrace its power. 

The news of today does not revolve around mainstream media it comes from We The People on various social media platforms like Facebook. Nowadays, it's not cool for political candidates to detach themselves and simply rely on mainstream media to deliver their message. No matter how many corporate polls say Hillary Clinton is winning social media polls say different. At this point, Hillary Clinton has failed miserably to convey any coherent message that a Hillary Clinton presidency would help young people or the everyday hard working low and middle-class American. This failure to connect with this crucial voting block could derail Hillary Clinton ambition to be the first female president. 

As a follower of politics for most of my adult life, one thing you can expect from politicians in the hip pocket of corporate donors, special interest, and now Super PACS is a rhetoric full of smoke and mirrors. 

There is a game that corporate owned politicians play in today's politics. What is sad they proclaim it must be played to be successful. This game is often overlooked by voters and especially those casual observers of politics. However, the interjection of social media is helping to combat this overlook by electors, and while many Americans remain in the dark, the light is slowly beginning to shine through for more and more Americans. 

Hillary Clinton comes from a wealthy family. She is the wife of former President Bill Clinton. In the current 2016 race, Hillary Clinton is trying to portray herself as a regular American, who is in touch with the poor and middle-class. There is documented proof she tries to adapt her accent for political appeal. 

It's true that many voters will not pick up on this smoke and mirror political tactic by Hillary Clinton, but an ever increasing knowledgeable voting base will. Hillary Clinton image team needs a makeover because active voters are not buying for one second this run to the left I,m a populist candidate Clinton. In fact, it's an insult to one's intelligence.

The name Hillary Clinton in politics may hold more weight than what her actual accomplishments do. 

Hillary Clinton was the most-traveled Secretary of State in the history of the office. It has been widely acknowledged Hillary Clinton was not responsible for any significant strategies during her time holding the position. No matter the witch hunt that became known as the Benghazi Hearings were Hillary Clinton did say she was responsible for some security lapses.[See Article]

No matter how hard the Hillary Clinton handlers try to spin it, Hillary Clinton has a ton of political baggage hanging over her head. There are millions of Americans who do not see any real accomplishments from the former first lady and see this negatively and equate this negativity as inactivity. 

No matter Hillary Clinton achievements or lack thereof her high name recognition does not guarantee her a win in November 2016. In fairness, to Hillary Clinton she has made a lot of enemies in her day that has made her a target for nasty news media sound bites. However, there is an argument to be made that her evolving political image is disingenuous, deceitful, and manipulative to the lower and middle-class voter. Facts show by her record and who here donors are that Hillary Clinton is not a populist candidate she is perceived by many Democratic voters as a corporate tool and that her promises on the campaign trial are just that promises. 

There is a current change going on in the Democratic Party. There is a persistent move from the center right to the center left. There is a corporatist wing and a populist wing. Hillary Clinton has a voting record that does not sit well with the growing progressive wing in the party. Many experts say, and Barack Obama pounded it home in 2008 that Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. 

Corporate Democrats and other rank and file party members are giving Hillary Clinton a pass on this huge blunder that she has admitted. With that said, there are others in the Democratic Party who have not given Hillary Clinton that pass and have made it known to the world they will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

This issue poses a significant problem for Hillary Clinton, who already is battling a poll that suggest 60% of Americans find her untrustworthy and dishonest.[See Source] This factoid coupled by young voters who are not buying into the Hillary Clinton public relations efforts and the growing number of Democrats who don't adhere to her beliefs or excuse her voting record Hillary Clinton may be in for some surprises in her second quest for the highest office in the world.
" I was surprised because these women were pushing for Hillary until they found out about the Monsanto connection, and then they dropped her like a hot potato. " [Source: James Berg-Chairman Democratic Party Fort Worth County, Iowa]
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It's all about big businesses for Hillary Clinton. Who can refute that once you get a look at who is feeding money into her campaign? Unlike her primary opponent Bernie Sanders who refuses to take influence peddling money, Hillary Clinton has accepted it with open arms. 

Hillary Clinton may not be a new name in the political public sphere, but her bogus attempt at being a populist candidate to uninformed voters is not working. Why? Because when the rubber hits the road it's the issues that matter to her campaign donors that shine forth like a beacon of light from a seashore lighthouse. 

A growing number of Americans both young and old are sick and tired of the wealthiest Americans influencing our democracy. Like it or not Hillary Clinton has over the years gained the reputation as a Washington-Wall Street insider who does the bidding for her corporate buddies. So, when she tries to peddle back to a populist stance, those untrustworthy stats reach up and take a bite. 

Americans Proved In 2008 They Were Done With Bushes And Clinton's.

Americans in 2008 and the early polling of Jeb Bush show that We The People are suffering from dynasty fatigue. America is not a Monarchy. Before the 2008 election, there was either a Bush or Clinton in the White House. This period span was 25 years. This dynasty fatigue factor gets no mention in mainstream media, but this factor is a very real issue with millions of Americans. Americans love an underdog, and Hillary Clinton has been the pre-ordained choice of the Democratic Party hierarchy that many experts have cited as losing touch with the changing progressive tide of the party. 

The Feel The Bern Revolution Is Real

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has captured the heart of not only Progressive Democrats, Millennial Voters, Independents, but Republican voters as well. The surge and growing popularity of Bernie Sanders is a genuine grassroots populist movement. Hillary Clinton and her corporate Democrat buddies can kiss the nomination on a silver platter idea goodbye. Bernie Sanders has done an outstanding job of messaging, and his campaign of embracing the power of social media is paying huge dividends for the growth of his name recognition and his consistent progressive record as a 25-year public servant. Sanders natural candor is ringing true with a board and diverse group of Americans. It is not only arrogant to claim Hillary Clinton has the nomination in the bag it's foolish. With Bernie Sanders, there is no question of his authenticity or his trustworthiness factors the Hillary Clinton campaign cannot rely on.

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Democrats Selling Out Refugees?

BREAKING: 47 House Democrats just joined Republicans to pass a shameful anti-refugee bill, with a veto-proof majority.

Our last chance to stop this xenophobic anti-refugee backlash is in the Senate

The Paris attacks have sparked a massive wave of anti-Muslim bigotry. We need to speak out against this racist, xenophobic backlash. Now. At least 29 Republican governors—and even one Democrat—say they want to close their states to Syrian refugees. Indiana's governor has already turned a family away. Presidential candidates are talking about shutting down mosques and discriminating against refugees on the basis of religion. A state senator in Tennessee is proposing rounding up all Syrian refugees in the state.

And now Republicans in Congress are threatening to cut off funding for refugee assistance while 4 million Syrian refugees are begging for help.

This is immoral. And stupid. Because shutting out refugees doesn't make America safer—just the opposite: it fuels hatred at home, and resentment and extremism around the world. 

The first thing we need to do is hold governors accountable for attacking refugees. We've launched rapid-response campaigns in all 30 states, calling their governors out for this xenophobic pandering. More than 115,000 MoveOn members have already joined the call to stop attacking refugee families.
Second, we need to block Republicans in Congress from defunding refugee resettlement. This is the most cynical, immoral act you could imagine in response to a refugee crisis of this scale, and we're flooding Capitol Hill with phone calls and petition signatures to stop it.
Finally, we need to show the world that the hate mongers and racists don't speak for us. So we're teaming up with allies on college campuses and mobilizing MoveOn members on social media to show the world that we are a welcoming nation—and to push back against anti-refugee and anti-Muslim vitriol.
But this xenophobic anti-refugee backlash has intensified fast, which is why we need to raise at least $150,000 to enable all this work. 
This is an incredibly dangerous moment for America. If we don't push back against this outpouring of hate, it could spiral out of control into a wave of hate crimes like what we saw after 9/11—or get us stuck in another foolish war.
Republicans are telling people to be afraid of refugees. But over the past 40 years, America has taken in 2.5 million refugees. Not one terrorist attack has been committed in America by a refugee. Even the reports that the Paris attackers included a Syrian refugee are likely false.
The truth is, attacking refugees makes America LESS safe by feeding extremist propaganda as a massively chaotic situation spills from Syria into Europe.
But the American people are scared. And they're being misled by shameless politicians pandering to hate. That's why we need to fight back now, before this gets out of control.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders Defends Democratic Socialism, Calling It Route to Economic Fairness

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Origin Of ISIS And How The United States Played A Role In Its Creation

The United States And Its Allies Created ISIS

ISIS is without question the most violent terrorist group in modern history. ISIS is not a long time established terror organization they[ISIS] are a newcomer on the terrorism scene. ISIS is newly formed, armed, and funded. Where did ISIS come from how are they sustained and after the recent terror attack in France where are they headed next? 

The origin of ISIS began in 2003 when the United States and the Bush Administration invaded Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussian. The "Shock and Aw" war. Not only was America successful in removing Saddam from power we also were successful in destroying much of Iraq infrastructure. America dismantled and tried to rebuild the Iraqi army. 

Furthermore, we installed a puppet government that proved to be unresponsive to the Iraq citizens. We imprisoned Iraqi citizens who we[America] deemed as radicals. Most importantly we left Iraq a destabilized and weak country. So, how does ISIS come into play from these facts? ISIS formed itself in 2006. It was at the time a small group of radicals. ISIS tried to create problems for the U.S. military right away but had no money or real ability to recruit. 

 Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad
In 2009, ISIS changed its focus from Iraq and turned their attention to Syria. By 2011, the Syrian Civil War was expanding rapidly. This escalation gave ISIS its opportunity. In 2013, a northern general for the "Free Syrian Army" proclaimed if international forces did not send weapons the rebel forces fighting Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad they[Free Syrian Army] would lose the war in a month.[See Source

Shortly after this proclamation the United States, Saudis, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel started providing weapons, training, and money to these rebel groups. Even though these arms were not American made they were funded and organized by the CIA. Here is where the whole plan no matter how well intended fell apart. The facts clearly show that these arms ended up in the hands of Jihadist groups like ISIS. 

In fact, there was a mass exodus of fighters from this so-called " Free Syrian Army" to the terrorist group we now know as ISIS.[See Source] It was at this time that the terrorist group ISIS began to make headlines. However, President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that ISIS was nothing to be worried about. By 2014, it became apparent that the United States had underestimated the power and influence of ISIS. In a period of just one year, ISIS catapulted from a no-name group in Syria to one who crossed back into the Iraq. The main reason for ISIS rapid emergence was the simplicity of getting their hands on American military gear and the stunning amount of wealth they have been able to accumulate. 

Most of this wealth has been obtained by seizing oil fields in both Syria and Iraq. 

In response, the Unites States military have conducted air strikes to destroy these oil fields. In this writers view this policy does not make sense. Because we will defeat ISIS and who do you think will pick up the tab for rebuilding these destroyed oil fields the American tax payer, and you can put that in your peace pipe and smoke it. 

No matter how much we bomb or put sanctions on buying this oil in the hands of ISIS, they have been able to sell and expand their operations because countries like Syria and others need the oil and could care less about the wishes of the United States and its allies.[See Source] Just like other products there is a huge demand for oil on the " Black Market." The purchasing of petroleum on the " Black Market" is nothing new it has been going on for decades. This reality makes it almost impossible to control. The bottom line here is there's no way to effectively sanction countries who buy oil from ISIS. 

Iraqi Oil Field On Fire

The result and facts are that ISIS is the most well funded terrorist group the United States has ever had to confront. Oil is one of the most difficult commodities to track. Some of our sources here in the House of Public Discourse estimate ISIS is making as much as one million dollars a day smuggling oil on the " Black Market." ISIS now controls a vast amount of territory in both Iraq and Syria. There is a robust demand for oil in the Middle East region. There are some six million people who live in the area controlled by ISIS. These citizens require oil for their cars, generators, homes, and businesses. Much of the oil sold by ISIS is purchased by these individuals living in the ISIS occupied territory. 

ISIS sales on the oil are cash deals that make it extremely hard to track. Some sources say that the oil is being smuggled into neighboring countries like Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Jordan.  All of this begs the question what can America and its Allies do to stop this smuggling and purchasing of ISIS-controlled oil? 

There is one reality that rings true concerning the rise of ISIS. The destabilization of Middle-East governments like Iraq, Libya, and Syria have made it easy for terrorist groups like ISIS to get a foothold and to grow both in arms and people who sympathize with their extremist dogma.  The unrest in these countries has provided the perfect storm for recruiting individuals with extremist viewpoints and joining terrorist groups like ISIS gives that person a sense of solidarity with other like-minded individuals who share their views. 

What we have learned from 20/20 hindsight is that the Army we left in control in Iraq was powerless to stop ISIS when they reentered that country. When America left, they allocated thousands of military vehicles and other equipment to the Iraqi army. Sadly, most of this equipment has been taken over by ISIS.[See Source

For many Americans and other citizens around the world, this reality came as an enormous shock. How could an army trained by the United States just fold up to a terrorist group like ISIS? America spent 25 billion dollars of taxpayer money on training and arming the Iraqi Army. The answer is not a simple one, in fact, it's a complicated one. Considering that the entire Iraqi Army under Saddam Hussein was disbanded in 2003 and with this army gone there was no longer any real organization. There were no experienced leaders or soldiers to fall back on. The integrated security of Iraq had to be started from scratch. 

Nouri al-Maliki
Also, no sooner than the American overseers left Iraq there came allegations of corruption in the Nouri al-Maliki administration the puppet leader set up by the Bush administration. The Maliki government wasted no time alienating the Sunnis. This led to low morale in the Iraqi security forces that created a rotten edifice from the start. Once these Iraqi security forces started to turn tail and run, ISIS began recording one strategic victory after the other. ISIS forces took control of a major dam in that country and threaten to flood major Iraqi cities. Next, ISIS robbed an important Iraqi bank and stole 425 million dollars. And, lastly they confiscated large amount of U.S. armaments left behind by the weak Iraqi security forces. 

ISIS Must Be Stopped They Must Be Opposed But Are They A Direct Threat To The United States?

What should the role of the United States be in taking on ISIS? There are no questions that containing ISIS now will be a difficult one. In this writers view it would be wrong for America to withdraw its hand and proclaim it's no longer our problem. Especially since our foreign policy has helped to create ISIS. There is no denying the fact that America is the blame more than any other country in creating the current mess in Iraq and the Middle East in general. 

America's nation-building foreign policy led by the Republicans has left huge power vacuums in Iraq, Eygpt, and Libya. What has transpired in the present and brought to light by last week's terrorist attack in Paris is now an almost necessity for Ameican military involvement. By leaving these countries destabilized, there is no solid foundation for these countries to defend themselves. 

America is paying dearly for the war crimes of Bush and Cheney. America was in Iraq for ten years and its the view of the House of Public Discourse no matter how long we occupy these countries as soon as we pull out these extremist militant groups are going to move right back in just like we see right now in Iraq. Nobody in their right mind would say Saddam was not a monster. Maybe the Reagan administrations should have realized that before enabling Saddam to gain power in Iraq. [See Source

 American patriotism may not want to admit it but no matter the evil that was Saddam Hussein Iraq was a functioning society. That claim is no longer valid in present day Iraq. 

To look at the current situation in the Middle East one must ask themselves the question how did the evil dictators become evil dictators? The answer is these evil dictators were able to fend off other potential evil dictators in a region of the world that has been in turmoil since the recording of secular world history. The idea that you can implement a foreign policy of regime change and somehow put a responsible government in its place is not only irrational its dangerous for world peace in general. The history of the region tells us this type thinking just won't work there. To think that it could have ever worked is the biggest failure and blunder in the history of foreign policy in the United States. Current presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been spot on in calling it like it is. 

The American involvement in the Middle East has been a massive failure from start to finish and a lack of understanding of how the Middle East is structured. The reality is today wars are fought much different than in the past. Imperialism no longer works. 

When you have factions in the United States and politicians like John McCain(R-AZ) and current presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who advocate war, bombs, arming rebel groups, and regime change as the answer to every problem there will never be a war that should not be fought. 

The failures in Iraq, Eygpt, and Libya should have been an education for the Warhawks in America. But, obviously not because any quick glance of the current newsreels and rhetoric coming from Washington is to attack ISIS and bomb the living hell out of them. Has this worked in the past? No! Will it work in the present? No! Will it work in the future? Absolutely not! 

With the recent terror attack in Paris fresh in our minds, we are seeing the same old debates emerging from Washington. Should we just bomb, bomb away or should we send ground troops in? The truism here whether one wants to face it or not America has had a severely flawed foreign policy in the Middle East since the end of World War II, and the current situation in the Middle East is a train wreck.[See Source

It's time for America to take care of our issues at home and stop trying to export our democracy to other countries. Yes, we must work with other countries especially those Muslim countries in the region to find a sustainable solution that will result in a lasting peace. But, just as Bernie Sanders has suggested its high time they[Middle-Eastern Countries] take the lead in the matter. Trying to spread American democracy to the Middle East has been a complete failure. 

America needs to tell Israel we will no longer support any preemptive strikes against Muslim nations like Palestine. The foreign policy of preemption has done nothing but cause countless death and destruction to not only military personal but to innocent civilians including women, children, and elderly. This behavior is not what America is supposed to be and nor do most Americans want it to be.

Written By: Johnny Hill

Friday, November 13, 2015

Bernie Sanders Gets Important Endorsement From Postal Union

Bernie Sanders Gets Important Endorsement From Postal Union

The endorsements of unions are necessary and significant. Union endorsements are important because union workers do many tasks in an election cycle like working phone banks, social media, and put boots on the ground. They knock on doors and help bring awareness to a particular candidate. 

Having the endorsement of unions creates a solid infrastructure of support for a given candidate. In a time when we have seen operatives like Karl Rove and other conservatives work so hard to destroy workers rights who know by doing so, you ruin this infrastructure that generally support liberal candidates. 

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In fact, labor unions are a bastion of support for the Democratic Party and the progressive movement in this country. The AFL-CIO has stated they are not coming out with their endorsement until later on in the political process. 

Recently, the American Postal Workers Union has thrown its support to Bernie Sanders. The " American Postal Workers Union" like all unions members are made up from all walks of life. These unions members share a gambit of political views. This union[APWU] is very concerned about the future of the postal service. Their members care about having a good working living wage. Under this criterion according to APWU leadership Bernie Sanders stood head and shoulder above any other candidate from any political party. 

 The APWU made this determination based on Sanders record and his vision moving forward. Bernie Sanders has been a long time fighter for the postal service and wants to expand its service in a new world economy. The foundation of this endorsement is based on Bernie's history of fighting for the Postal Service and other broader issues as well. 

One important factoid here is the United States Postal Service is not funded by the American tax dollar. The problems the Postal Service have had are not the result of poor management. The problems have been caused by Congress by this pre-funding of retirement mandates and health care benefits ten years in advance. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to get rid of these mandates. 

The Postal Service Has To Win The War On Messaging Why It Is Having Financial Woes!

Bernie Sanders has been a leader in getting the truth out to the public about the problems facing the United States Postal Service.[USPS] The issues facing the USPS are manufactured problems by Congress. The USPS is not broke regarding its operations. The internet and email are not killing the post office. Yes, it has changed mail but has created a myriad of new revenue streams for the USPS. 

No one has fought harder and told the truth about the problems facing the USPS and its workers than Bernie Sanders. Sanders has a long record and a present one of taking the lead on important issues facing the working Americans like postal workers and others. In this writers view this is why there is so much excitement about his campaign. 

Bernie Sanders is an authentic person. Sanders has a no-nonsense approach to politics. He is the face of the new political revolution in America. Americans are tired of the 1% controlling and putting our democracy up for sale. 

We need to protect the common good and to protect the USPS, and the APWU is part of the goal. Many Americans and businesses rely on the postal service each and every day. Bernie Sanders have stopped Congress from appointing people who would work to privatize the postal service. The primary fight the USPS has on its hands is fighting the mechanism in Washington who want to see the service privatized. Privatizing the postal service would lead to a lesser product without the long-standing guarantees now provided by the USPS. 

Privatizing the USPS would cost workers their jobs and facilities will close all across America. Bernie Sanders has led the fight to stop this from happening. Bernie Sanders has long been a fighter for a viable productive and profitable postal service and his getting this critical endorsement is fitting. Bernie Sanders has earned this endorsement. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Democrats Need To Get The Vote Out To Win

Why Do Democrats Routinely Lose Local And State Elections?

Democrats have lost big in the last two mid-term elections. Democrats just lost an important governor’s race in Kentucky. Democrats must start winning off-year elections. Democrats are severely outnumbered in the House due to losses in mid-term elections. We see the Democrats losing in state elections and local progressive ballot initiatives.
This issue has its complexities, but there are solutions. There is the issue of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is a problem brought on by low voter turnout in statewide elections by the Democrats. In the Republican Party, liberty has given way to gerrymandering.
In 2014 mid-terms in the House alone we saw Republicans gain 57 percent of the House. How could this have happen when the GOP only got 52 percent of the vote? In 2010, mid-terms Democrats took the election off, and the Republicans gained governorship's in several key states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania. These Republican governors went right to work gerrymandering the hell out of their states. What resulted in 2014 was an uneven number of Republicans elected compared to the overall vote totals in those states.
In the Quaker State, Democrats won 44 percent of the votes but only sent five representatives to the House. The Republican total was 18. In the Tarheel State, Democrats also won 44 percent of the vote and sent three representatives to the House while the GOP sent 10.
What gerrymandering has allowed is making it easy for congressional politicians to get reelected. The reelection rate is a staggering 96 percent. What is startling the overall approval rating of Congress is just 11 percent. According to “The Cook Political Report” there will be only 20 competitive races in 2016 out of 435 races.  No matter the outcome of 2016 presidential election and even if the Democrats can regain control of the Senate the Republicans will still hold a vast majority in the United States Congress.
Democrats are going to have start winning local and state elections to turn this injustice around. We have to stop losing important governors races like the most recent lost in Kentucky.
Yes, gerrymandering has been a self-inflicted wound by the Democrats. Why? The Democrats have failed to turn out and vote. In the most recent Democrat lost in Kentucky, the voter turnout for Democrats was low. This election was a life or death issue for people who depend on Medicaid in Kentucky. With the election of a Republican lives that could have been saved may now be lost. It’s as cut and dry as that.

The Democratic National Committee And State Chapters As Well Need To Stop Sucking At Messaging.

The successful Republican governor in Kentucky Matt Bevin ran as his primary theme to repeal Medicaid Expansion in that state. Bevins has backtracked some on the issue but vows to freeze the program.  If Bevins is successful thousands of citizens in that state will lose their coverage. What is sad most will be low income and elderly.
What sucks big time is that Kentucky one of the poorest states was a poster child of success for the Affordable Care Act. With Democratic Governor Steve Beshear accepting Medicaid Expansion in 2014, the state saw 530,000 citizens added to Medicaid. The rate of the uninsured dropped six percentage points in just one year.
So why did the Democrats lose in Kentucky? It’s real simple the Democrats suck at messaging. The Democrats should have ran on the message that voting for the Republican would kill people. Cause the reality is true no matter how harsh it may sound.

Democrats Need To Grow A Backbone

The Democrats need to stop pussy footing around and present the issues to the people just as they are life or death. Democrats need to do a better job of calling out the GOP on all the BS they are advocating. Democratic National Committee[DNC] headed up by Debbie Wasserman Schultz has done an awful job conveying the importance of these life or death issues. People need to be emotionally invested in the issues. The Republicans want to take away your healthcare. The Republicans inaction on climate change will destroy the places we love. Locking people up in jails for non-violent crimes is destroying individuals and families. Allowing big money influence peddling is killing our democracy.
One solution for the Democrats would be to start looking for electable governor candidates for the 2020 election. Stop waiting until the last minute. We need to energizer our efforts in the rural areas. We need to educate the politically uneducated poor white southern voters to stop voting against their best interest.
We The People who know that politics does matter need to have our fact checker hats on and make sure the public knows each and every lie put out by the Republicans.
But the number one solution to the problem is ” The Democrats Need To Get The Vote Out To Win!” We must stop assuming that we will win. We must stop believing the Republican Party is dying Yes, the Republican base is dying but the facts show the GOP voters swarm the polls like wolves on a fresh kill. The Republican voters exercise their right to vote both in off year and presidential elections. These mostly uninformed voters will simply pull the (R) button no matter if it is in their best interest or not.
The Democrats must do a better job of getting their message out. They must get liberals, progressives, and independent voters fired up. The Republicans play dirty. For Democrats to win, they must circumvent these dirty tactics by the GOP and simply get out to vote. There is way to much to lose in 2016 by not doing so.

Republicans Are Horrible But They Still Win?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Voices From The House

Linda Lou Bennington Nolan
"Sadly, after watching another GOP Debate, I am convinced that Republicans have no intention of providing any sensible debate because they're unwilling to address the issues facing this country. It was simply just another night of wasting time and money. Not one question was answered with a viable solution supported by fact. Most of the questions were side stepped with comments that had absolutely nothing to do with the questions asked of them or they used up their allotted time to bash Hillary Clinton or President Obama which got them off the hook from showing America they've got nothing to offer! Not a damn thing! All I could do was to shake my head in disbelief and laugh at the insane responses. I sure hope Americans are not as stupid as these people think you are and that you don't continue to vote AGAINST all of your own best interests!!! WAKE UP!!!
Every single one of these Republicans CLOWNS are still trying to paint a "doom-and-gloom" picture of the state of our nation... What a sad attempt at trying to "justify" why they should weasel their way back into the White House and undo all the actual progress we've made in the past seven years... Without so much as an IOTA of help from them!!! They provided nothing but UNPRECEDENTED OBSTRUCTION!!!"

JJ McCabe
As an American, and someone who is fully aware that our political system is watched around the world, I was embarrassed after watching the first Republican debate. Trump turned the debate into a circus, and he's the GOP frontrunner. What scared me is that Trump is not so much a product of the GOP as he is a reflection of the current Republican Party. He's misogynistic, racist, and cares more about his own wealth than the well-being of his fellow Americans. That's why we need ‪#‎bernie2016‬ U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders 

Sam Clark DiBrell
I stand in honor of all veterans of the United States, this Memorial Day 2015. All soldiers, staff, nurses, and civilian support during wartime have my deepest gratitude and respect. No one has sacrificed more for our country, than have you. My Dad fought in the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division of Iowa and Pennsylvania, as a Texan, under the Third Army commanded by General George S. Patton. Sam Clark DiBrell

Carter Mooney DiBrell --Purple Heart & OLC

Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen (Destruction Mix)

Shellie Bowlin On President Obama

Shellie Bowlin
I'm proud to say that I worked hard to get him elected in the '08 election (that was quite an experience and election night was exhilarating)! I'm proud to say I voted for him both in '08 and '12!
Once the ignorant fear-based lies and distortions have faded and future generations learn of President Obama in their American History and Social Studies classes, they'll learn two aspects of this period in time:
1. This President accomplished amazing things and led our country through a turbulent time with great poise, intelligence and calm reasoning. He didn't always make the right decisions but he admitted his mistakes and his legacy is one to be proud of.

2. The racism and divisiveness that was simmering just under the surface, that too many thought was gone, bubbled up and spewed its toxicity like a dormant volcano spewing molten lava and destroying all things in its path the moment President Obama was elected. It's been disgusting to witness. But just as volcanoes destroy as they create, so does the racist toxicity- as it boiled to the surface, it showed its ugly face and now we can see it, recognize it, and build a better world out of its ashes.

Now, let's not allow the idiocy of the GOP clown car to destroy all the progress made. I don't care if it's Hillary or Bernie. Vote Blue in 2016 - or we might not have future generations learning American History at all.

Sanders Vows To Do Everything to Stop TPP/Hillary Clinton States She Will Do Nothing

The TPP Trade Deal Is A Nightmare Come True

The TPP Trade Deal Is Worst Than We Thought!

There was a time in America when what was good for American corporations was good for America. There was a time when American companies made everything here in the Untied States. Most of the money stayed in the United States. When American corporations grew, the economy grew, jobs increased, and the ‘American Dream’ was a possible reality for We The People.
Finally, the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal commonly referred to as the TPP were released to the public. The TPP trade deal was made public by New Zealand. After, much secrecy and behind closed door negotiations the specifics of the TPP are out.
The TPP has been a very controversial political topic for several years now. There have been many voices proclaiming this trade deal to be nothing more than a corporate handout disguised as a trade agreement.
What we know now is the TPP is worst than we thought and quite frankly hideous.
The TPP is 2000 pages long and has 30 chapters. Only about a third of those pages deal with trade. The TPP is not ‘Free Trade.’ The major questions about this trade agreement are to whose benefit is the TPP geared. One must also realize that over 500 corporate lobbyists wrote the TPP. There was little input from the governments involved in this massive international trade deal.
Why do we have an economy? Why do governments go to the trouble of establishing a currency and establishing rules and regulations to govern those industries? We do these things for the benefit of society. To protect ‘We The People’ from illegal activity that harms our environment and the common welfare for all.
So, why is it important for America to be involved in international trade? Traditionally throughout America’s history global trade has made up about two percent of our nation’s GDP. However in modern times the need to be involved in international trade has become a crucial aspect of America’s overall economy.
Trade deals should be fashioned for the benefit of society. Effective international trade has provided Americans with all kinds of products we might not otherwise have access to. Like certain types of fruits, wines, and automobiles. Trade allows ‘We The People’ to have access to things to make our lives better and are for the common good. Trade deals should increase the quality of life for citizens.
International trade deals should not be fashioned so that Corporations can ship jobs overseas. In fact, in Colonial America it was against the law for American companies of that time to send jobs overseas. These laws governing international trade were written by Alexander Hamilton and became the law of the land under the George Washington administration. These laws were active until the Reagan administration.
Since Reagan, we have seen all our presidents from both political parties including Barack Obama support free trade. However, the TPP is not free trade. It is managed trade. The TPP is not regulated for the common good. It’s not regulated for the benefit of consumers. The TPP is not fashioned for the sake of the United States of America. This trade deal is not in the interest of the American workers.

The TPP has been designed for the corporations who wrote the trade agreement and who stand to profit from it.

What is apparent that these politicians who are in the hip pocket of the corporate lobby who wrote the TPP have not learned a lesson from past such deals or don’t care. Of the 28 free trade sell out Democrats in the House who voted for fast tracking the TPP 12 of them stated they voted for fast track because there was provision to protect the environment. These protections are not in the TPP. There are no currency rules in this nightmare trade deal. The ‘ Investor Settlement’ provisions are one of the most egregious parts of the TPP.
What this provision rule says if a corporation makes an investment in a country expecting to make a profit and that country enacts a law that hinders those profits the companies will be allowed to sue those countries. The travesty is the lawsuit would not be heard in those nation’s courts. The decision of the trial would be heard by a three judge tribunal made up of corporate lawyers.
What this means is countries can no longer make decisions about trade based on national security. America can no longer enact a tariff on products made in other countries because if we do the China corporation can sue the United States and if they win in the tribunal the damages will be paid by the American taxpayer.
What’s shocking the corporate owned media does not report this and when reporters like Ed Shultz formerly of MSNBC do they get replaced. The TPP is a nightmare come true.