Friday, November 11, 2016

Is It Time to Trash the Electoral College?

Once again in America, we have a presidential election outcome that places the winner of the election in office even though they failed to win the popular vote. It's not the first time but many in America are protesting in the streets for it to be the last.

Why does the United Sates use the Electoral College and not the popular vote to decide the presidency? What is the Electoral College?

Yes, people are very upset that Donald Trump won the election based on the electoral college. Democrats still have the stinging memory of Bush v Gore in 2000. Gore conceded a day after an exhaustive manual recount in the state of Florida was halted by the United States Supreme Court. 

The decision by the court resulted in Bush getting the state's 25 electoral votes which put Bush over the 270-electoral vote threshold to win the White House. Now, let's be clear the current Clinton v Trump election does not have the same issues as Gore v Bush but it does share one thing the winner of the popular vote lost. The Supreme Court did not decide the outcome.

There weren't any hanging chads to ponder over but the outcome put this year's election results in the highly unusual category. This year's election results marks only the fifth time a president received the keys to the White House without winning the popular vote. [See Source]

Donald Trump won this election fair and square based on the Electoral College system a much maligned and complex system for choosing the presidency. Many are protesting in the streets right now because of this system and many ask why isn't a simple vote count of the popular vote used?

There is a misconception that when Americans go to the polls to vote for a presidential candidate they are voting for that person in the present Clinton or Trump. In fact, this is wrong. They [American Voter] are casting their vote for a group of electors who then vote for the president.

Another misnomer about presidential voting is that the president is elected once the public vote totals are tabulated. This may come as a shock to some but ever since they stopped Civics classes in High School people are quite illiterate when it comes to politics in this country. This tabulation is called the popular vote.

Because of these misinterpretations, people fail to understand or realize that we do not technically vote for the president, but rather for which Electoral College representative will get to vote for president. The president isn't officially elected until January. Soon after the election, the current Vice-President Joe Biden will call for open voting during a joint session of Congress. During this session, the electoral votes will be counted and submitted.

Who Are These Electors and How Are They Chosen?

There are two federal laws on the books that appertain to who can be an elector. The first comes straight from the Constitution of The United States. Article II states: 

"Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector."
The second is a provision buried deep in the 14th amendment that was a direct result of the Civil War which states:

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.
Other than these two restrictions anyone can be an elector. The political parties have much to say about who becomes an elector. Also, each state legislature determines its own method of selection. To simplify, each state nominates an elector who has a history of being loyal to their respective parties.

Here is where it [Electoral College] gets confusing and in many people's view undemocratic. The number of electors is equal to the number of electoral votes each state is allotted. In turn, this number is generally equal to the number of senators [two per state] and the number of representatives [based on population]. On election day, whichever political party’s candidate receives the most popular votes that party's chosen electors get to vote for the president in that respective state. One of the most confusing and labyrinthine aspects of the Electoral College is there are no federal laws or Constitutional provisions that require electors to cast their vote based on the state's popular vote results. However, most states have put in place laws that require electors to do so.

Has the Electoral College become an Antiquated System?

Initially, the Electoral College was established because without it candidates would focus their time on the big population centers, therefore, they would have the attention of the voters in these population areas and the vast rural areas of the country would be ignored. Essentially, what this meant was national elections would be nothing more than elections between big cities. So, the founders established the Electoral College and later the primary system as a stopgap. But, what did that lead to? It leads to big states being ignored and basically just flipped the whole process around. What this has led to is, in fact, small rural states having a disproportionate power and attention paid to them.

Based on this writer's research and in my view the Electoral College system must go. We have reached a time in our nation where the popular vote should determine the winner of any election not just the presidency. It's not only the simplest way it's the most democratic. The main reason it's unlikely to change no matter the level of protest it would take a constitutional amendment to change the rules and to do so would require three-fourths of the states to ratify it. This ratification is unlikely because more than a quarter of the states would be against it because they are small states and benefit from the Electoral College system.

One of this writer's all-time favorite political shows to this day is C-SPAN’S Washington Journal here is a very good debate for and against the Electoral College.

As we know today the very scenarios these gentlemen were talking about in 2009 came to past this 2016 election cycle. 

Some closing bullet points that we pose are a current modern day problem with the Electoral College.

  • It creates the possibility for the loser of the popular vote to win the electoral vote. 
  • It distorts the presidential campaign, by incentivizing the parties to write off the more than 40 states (plus the District of Columbia) that they know they either can’t win or can’t lose. 
  • The Electoral College system further distorts the presidential campaign by causing the candidates to grant extra weight to the parochial needs of the swing states.
  • It distorts governance.
  • The Electoral College system further distorts the one-person, one-vote principle of democracy.
  • The Electoral College creates the possibility of a 269-269 tie vote, and in almost every recent election there has been a relatively credible scenario for such an outcome.
  • Although our system, as evolved, makes it very hard for third parties to win elections and almost impossible for a third party to win the presidency.
  • In case of a tie, or if no candidate receives a majority of all electoral votes cast for president, the choice of president is thrown in the House of Representatives but  the election is conducted on a one-state one-vote basis.
  • For a deeper analyst of our bullet points, you can review our source here.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Foray into McCarthyism

Hillary Clinton's Turn to McCarthyism!

One of the most exceptional things in the current campaign for the presidency of the United States has been Hillary Clinton's foray into McCarthyism. For just about any of us who grew up in politics or who came of age in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's understands one of the central attack schemes to discredit your opponent is to somehow tie them to Russia. 

There has always been a demonizing of the Kremlin as the ultimate evil.   To imply that your political adversary is supportive and controlled by Russian leaders, operatives, and Intelligence officers is McCarthyism in its purest form and the Clinton's know it well since it was once used on them by George H. W. Bush during former president Bill Clinton first run for the presidency. 

Understanding McCarthyism

Hillary Clinton's campaign has been using this age-old tactic since day one against Bernie Sanders suggesting he was too far-left a socialist and out of the mainstream. Now, her campaign and the mainstream media her backer's control are engaging in an all-out assault to demonize Russia by accusing them of hacking into the Democratic National Committee [DNC] and trying to influence the current election.

The use of McCarthyism is generally one used by the Republican Party over the years. But, 2016 is different, with Neoliberal Third Way Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. In the past, whenever Democratic leaders tried to enter negotiations, arms deals, or other negotiations with Russia to decrease hostilities Republicans would accuse these leaders of being Communist. The Democratic establishment with Hillary as their go-to person has totally rekindled this Cold-War McCarthyism rhetoric with an over the top Russia bashing with no real evidence to back it up. McCarthyism in a nutshell.  Even so, American Intelligence agencies do the same thing so at the very least the hypocrisy is nauseating. 

Jill Stein
What has become apparent through the release of emails by WikiLeaks that anyone who dare question the Clinton campaign, for example, Jill Stein, the Clinton's accused her of colluding with the Russians because she appeared at an event in Moscow sponsored by the Putin-controlled television outlet RT. There seems to be a concerted effort by the Clinton camp to accuse anyone that opposes them and brings to light their dark dealings like Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as being Russian operatives. Blame Russia! What's ironic about Clinton's attack on anyone who is opposed to their new Cold War with Russia is that President George H. W. Bush used similar smears against Bill Clinton in 1992 accusing Bill Clinton as a Kremlin operative. Bill Clinton countered this by accusing the elder Bush of McCartyhism and Red-Baiting.

The Clinton's Have Ties to Russia More Than Most!

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton has been a major disappointment for this lifelong Democrat to see and this attack on Russia and in fairness, the patriotism of Donald Trump reeks of hypocrisy in its highest form. It is the Clinton's who have a lot of ties to Russia. The Clinton Foundation with the help of Bill and Hillary helped Russian companies take over Uranium industries in various parts of the world. [See Source]

Former president Bill Clinton has received money for various speeches in Russia. It was the Democratic Party in 2012 that blasted Republican nominee Mitt Romney's comment that Russia was our worst geopolitical enemy. 

There's More:

There is no disputing that the Clinton Foundation has had ties and dealings with Russia. So, now that emails have been leaked that cast a shadow on the Clinton's and Hillary it's the age-old truism of history repeating itself in politics and Mitt Romney was right after all. Disgusting!

Knowing the danger this kind of rhetoric has been in America's political discourse in the past to use it now as a poly to move attention away from their own misgivings is not only problematic it is irresponsible and dangerous. 

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has provided a great service to " We the People." To those who accuse him of a crime like the Democrats are so out of step with the new revolution in this country. 

What the DNC and the Clinton camp is trying to do with Julian Assange is the same very thing they did to Edward Snowden. From the beginning of the Snowden affair, he was demonized by the Obama Administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as being an agent of Russia. It never was Snowden's desire to end up in Russia. While passing through Russia his Passport was revoked by the U.S. rendering him stuck there. First, United States creates the situation that leaves Snowden stuck in Russia and then second because he is there accuses him of being a Russian operative. Typical!

It’s no coincidence that the attacks on WikiLeaks come after damaging evidence of the behavior of the DNC and Hillary Clinton towards Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. Leaks that resulted in the resignation of the top five members of the DNC including chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The facts are the unbiased reporting by WikiLeaks has made them an enemy of the Democratic Party. And, as a result, their tactic of the day is to return to the age-old remedy McCarthyism. Blame Russia! 

This is a disturbing strategy and to see Clinton supporters buy into it hook, line, and sinkers tell us of the damaging effects party-identification has had on American politics. America is a divided country because of it and this year's elections have brought it out for all to see. Others are turning a blind-eye.

Why this is disturbing and dangerous in the likely event Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and you 
constantly exacerbate the public by proclaiming Russia a world super power is our enemy that have operatives in the U.S. namely anyone who disagrees with her policies will have long term connotations on how the America treats Russia, how the American media and people expect our government to react to Russia. Right now, we see Russia progressing to a war footing, unlike anything we have seen since the end of the Cold War. [See Source]

What About Donald Trump?

On more than one occasion Trump has praised Putin on being a good leader. Moreover, there have been many in the Republican Party that have praised Putin including the Christian Right. [ See: Unholy Alliance, Putin, and The Christian Right] From what our research here in the House of Public Discourse can discern from Donald Trump is that he comes from the tradition that the United States should coexist with the world's dictators unless those dictators become a threat to American Security. Any criticism from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton would be hard for an informed person to take seriously when some of the closest allies to the Obama Administration and the Clinton Foundation are dictators and tyrants like the current Saudi Arabia regime.

Colluding up to dictators in all regions of the world has long been a standard U.S. policy and for Hillary Clinton to attack Donald Trump for saying nice things about Putin is not only disingenuous it's political stupidity.

Trump's admiration of Putin does seem to be a personal one. No doubt, Trump seems to admire the fascist persona, Putin has displayed throughout the years and in fairness mirror some of the policies of the Republican Party itself. This machoism of Putin that seems to draw this praise from Trump is just another in a long line of character flaws Trump possesses.

In Closing, the bottom line many Americans feel we should not be instigating tensions with Russia based on circumstantial evidence at best and blaming and accusing another country of espionage and tampering with our election especially when the United States has a track record of doing the very same thing and more importantly turning to McCarthyism to deflect attention away from your own destructive behavior.

Written By: Johnny Hill

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Really A Lesser Evil?

Is World War III On The Horizon?

For many people across the world, the nomination of Hillary Clinton by the Democratic Party has invoked but one word, Horror! Even still, some progressive leaders say it's a better duty to vote for this neo-con warmonger than Donald Trump for she is a lesser evil. But is she, and what is the consequences of this strategy? World War III maybe? 

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton a Wall Street backed infamous warmonger is just one presidential election away from becoming the first woman president in the United States. Many around the world feel her rise to the highest office in the world poses a legitimate threat to world peace. Not just to Americans, but to all of humanity. As both first lady and a New York state Senator, Clinton supported every legal and illegal aggression ever conjured up since her time in the public sphere. In March of 1999, Hillary Clinton urged her then-president husband, Bill Clinton, to bomb the Balkans during the Bosnian War even though, there was no threat to U.S. security. [See Source]

She supported the War in Iraq and most fair-minded Americans know what a disaster that vote has been to our country. Unlike, her opponent in this 2016 presidential race Donald Trump Clinton has a track record of being on the side of warmongering and screwing things up with her judgment and decision making. 

Clinton admits the U.S. role in creating Al-Qaeda!

Despite this admission by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Clinton repeated those same mistakes by supporting the uprisings in Libya and the Jihadist in Syria which lead to the emergence of ISIS and the migration problems in Europe. Hillary Clinton is a Henry Kissinger dream child of regime change is the answer to every problem concerning foreign affairs. It was Hillary Clinton who introduced Americans to the so-called Asia-Pacific pivot. This pivot has placed U.S. Armed Forces in a head-on collision with China by placing naval combat ships in the region. [See Source]

She has on more than one occasion and again in the first presidential debates made it known that both Iran and Russia would be targeted if she [Clinton] was to win the White House. She is already making unproven claims that Russia has hacked into the Democratic National Committee servers among other accusations as well. You see Clinton surrogates, her campaign, and her supporters ramble on how dangerous Donald Trump would be with the nuclear codes. But, it's Clinton who has stated that the nuclear option is not "off the table" in dealing with the aforementioned countries. [See Source] Unlike Clinton's many public comments of accommodation for whatever is politically correct at the moment, which she has a history of doing you can be assured that her threats of using the  "Nuclear Option" are not just empty threats. A Clinton presidency would have a partner in this horror in the form of the new Prime Minister in the U.K. Theresa May.

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Prime Minister May has stated publicly her willingness to launch a nuclear weapon.[ See Source] There is no denying Hillary Clinton is a war hawk, neo-con, and untrustworthy, who has skirted prosecution due to her privilege and political standings in the corporatist world. This writer found it rather hypocritical to trash Trump for not releasing his tax returns while she never released her Goldman Sach's transcripts and her deleting of over 30 thousand emails.

So, why are the so -called leaders on the progressive left Bernie Sanders included who would be demagoguing her if she had an (R) beside her name haranguing other leftist that it's now our duty to fall in line and support her?

Noam Chomsky
They like Noam Chomsky are advising us especially in swing states to just " Hold Thy Nose," and vote for Clinton over Trump, Why? Bernie Sanders has done the same as well, Why? There is a clarion message here it's calculated and it's disheartening. We have seen those with influence who could step up to the plate and fight this illegal coronation of a presidential candidate who could be out front and lead us to fight against this outrage are now urging us to fall in line while these leaders themselves fall back into their roles as partisan ideologues. These leaders want us to follow their choices which has much to do with their own "Party Identification" then what is right for our country. 
What they are really saying is there is nothing we can do about the two-party system in America and any other vote would be a wasted one. 

There is no question that this election is different than any other in history. This time more than any other time maybe since the "Cuban Missile Crisis" the fate of our world is at risk. There are not enough words to describe why this is true and our research here in the House of Public Discourse bears it out.

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy stances could very well lead America back into another war and this time with the "Nuclear Option"on the table. Moreover, she has stated a nuclear first strike isn't out of the question. There is no doubt in this writer's mind that an outbreak of World War III would suit Hillary Clinton, and more importantly, her corporate donors including the Military Industrial Complex just fine. War-profiteering is a huge money maker. These realities are real and this issue must be addressed with not just the American people but the world community as a whole. We no longer have a political choice in this country. The Democrats proved that this election cycle. Our democracy has been sold to the highest bidder and our votes are now useless.The system is rigged!

First of all, Hillary Clinton is not "Progressive." Second, there are legitimate questions being asked about her behavior concerning using a private email server and her activity along with husband former president Bill Clinton about their Clinton Foundation. There are allegations of fraud, money laundering, and political cronyism. 

America's Two -Party System Has Left We the People With Quite The Conundrum! 

Our research has found that too many Americans become attached to these political personalities. No different than they do a favorite actor or ball player. So many Americans have become fixated on Party Identification--- the only thing that matters is if they have a D or R by their name. This form of loyalty and allegiances clouds people minds and blinds them to see what these political personalities really are behind the public mask. 

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a political instrument for the Third Way and other Think Tanks, Wall Street, and other political insiders who benefit from our nation's wars. We highly suggest the following read.

There is nothing exciting about Hillary Clinton. She is nothing more than an ambitious evil person who has positioned herself as the right person to carry out the desires of our nation's war-profiteers. With this power and influence, she tries to pose herself as some kind of expert on world affairs and this above all else entitles her to the presidency. 

Not pulling any punches, Hillary Clinton is the poster child of all that is wrong with America's foreign policy that has developed over the past decades.

Whoever gets elected this November will constitute the biggest tragedy ever in terms of a presidential election. Both candidates are an embarrassment. But, to suggest that Hillary Clinton is somehow a lesser evil in this race is just not borne out by the facts and the recorded history and lastly the public record. 

Written By: Johnny Hill 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dear World, We're Sorry!!!

Dear World, We're Sorry!!!

Dear World, We're sorry, We are doing our best but our country seems to be suffering from a severe case of oligarchy. There is no excuse for our slumber while the rich and powerful surreptitiously usurped our Government. All we can do now is apologize and promise to work very hard to take our Government back. Then, and only then, can we work on healing the damage we have let happen in the rest of the World? Please bear with us until we get our shit in one sock.

If it's any consolation we are screwing ourselves too. We are killing our own people by choosing asshole politicians who ignore, uselessly wring their hands, or actively promoting policies that redirect wealth, put record numbers of us in prison, profile and target segments of our population, and divide us using identity politics. We are suffering too. That's nothing compared to the millions of tons of bombs we drop and endless crates of weapons we ship that cause so much destruction and pain. It pales in comparison to the exploitation of the poor and powerless among you. Our pain is much less than we visit on you. We are aware of that but it is still deeply felt among some of us.
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Please understand we see the problem now. That's the first step in solving it. We are awake now and we have begun our internal fight to affect the change we all need, us as well as you. Though it may seem like we are fighting for our own rights only at first, we assure you that's not the case. We are fighting for you too. We can't topple the establishment that oppresses you until we overturn the system that oppresses us.

Donald Trump
Nothing epitomizes our problem more than our current election. The economic and political powers in our Country have put forth horrendous choices. I'm afraid that means things will get worse before they get better. On one hand, we have an outrageously bombastic caricature of a wannabe Mussolini. On the other, we have one of the more corrupt war loving puppets of the oligarchy we've seen in recent history. Neither will be good. Neither understands economics, be prepared for another disaster there. Both are a threat to peace and promote violence against you. That's the bad news.

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The good news is the oligarchy has gone too far. To use a U.S. colloquialism, they overplayed their hand. Those of us who are awake now are waking up others. We will end the reign of the oligarchs and put people in power that will end everyone's suffering, yours as well as ours. We will end the exploitation of all of us. We will stop the endless Regime Change Interventionist wars. We will make our corporations and Government treat you and us more fairly. All we ask is that you give us a chance to fix the problems. We will do it and we will make it up to you all by leading you, The World, into a more prosperous and free era without the destructive Neoliberal ideas. [See: Neoliberalism Help Lead To The Decline In Democracy In America.]

We will not try to force our own vision of how others should be down their throats. We will allow the rest of you to choose your own destiny without the threat of our military bombing you until your societies break down. To those of you who we have hurt we will help you rebuild your communities and help you be what you want to be.

Again, we're sorry World. We are deeply embarrassed by our current state. We'll fix it which in turn will help all of us in the end. Just be patient for a few more years. We know that sucks but it's the best we can do. We assure you that while we clean our own house we will not idly allow our Oligarchs to continue to hurt you. That doesn't mean you are completely safe but we'll be fighting for you. We'll be insisting on peaceful solutions. If the oligarchs don't offer you peace then they will have no peace either.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Democrats Aren't The " Party of the People" and Obama Proved It!

What Has Happen To The Democratic Party?

As a self-described left-wing Progressive who not only supported and voted for Barack Obama, but also, worked on his 2012 election team in Houston Texas I have no hesitation to say I,m very disappointed in President Obama. Many other left-wing writers and activist, have informed me I’m not alone in my disappointment with the Obama Administration. Progressives felt back in 2008 that real “hope and change" would become a reality with the election of America's first person of color to the White House. When you sit back and look at the Democratic Party in 2016 from a leftist progressive viewpoint one must go back to the start of Obama’s presidency and the subsequent Obama years to get a real perspective.

Progressives had high hopes for Obama and were a major voting block of support for him in both 2008 and 2012. Obama took office at a critical and historical time in our nation's history. You don't have to be a political junkie to know what it was like in 2008 and 2009. In this writer's eyes, he [Obama] was our generations, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Like many others, Obama convinced me he was the right man for the job to turn around our failing economy and never ending wars in the Middle East. 

What Happened?

Instead of bringing Wall Street to court to face accountability for their actions he [Obama] did nothing more than maintaining the policies of his predecessor George Bush especially in those first critical years following the 2008 election. In fact, Obama policies helped these same Wall Street “Fat Cats." The number of Americans living in poverty rose by the equivalent of the population of Massachusetts during President Barack Obama’s first term. By the time his second ends, “black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category. From 2009 to 2012, the top 1 percent received 95 percent of income gains, a study by University of California-Berkeley economist Emmanuel Suez indicated. [See Source]

In his time in office, President Obama has accomplished some of his goals mainly the Affordable Care Act. [Obamacare] However, inequality has worsened under Obama and it's true the economy has recovered during Obama time in office. The Dow Jones is at an all-time high. The Stock Market is doing well all across the board. Our economy is in a steady growth pattern. But, for the average everyday American and working poor, it's as if nothing has changed. The facts are irrefutable that many fundamental changes are happening in our American culture much of it due to the growing inequality and Obama himself has acknowledged this reality. [Read: America the Land Of Inequality]

The bottom line is that President Obama has failed to do anything about inequality in this country and whether he tried or not is a moot point. There is no denying that any self-described "Real Progressive" who objectively looks at Obama tenure as president can say there have been some victories. However, at the same time, any fair-minded Obama supporter can't deny the by and large continuation of the broader status quo. It begs the question are we as a country moving left or right of the center? 

Yes, Republican Obstructionism has played a major factor in many of the promised progressive policies not becoming reality.

However, we here in the House of Public Discourse reject it as an all-encompassing excuse for failure. We have been advocating since 2013 this Republican obstruction bordered on sedition. Given we know the snail's pace our American governance moves on most issues that getting things done inside the "beltway" can be a challenge so Obama deserves credit for the few victories he has achieved.

With that said, President Obama could have and should have done more. The Progressives were behind him ready to fight for our promised progressive issues and values. The Black community was behind him on many of the critical issues facing us this very moment. “Black Lives Matter" ring a bell! When Obama entered the White House he had the wind to his back. Democrats held majorities in both houses of Congress.

Harkin: Health Care Law Should Have Included Public Option: 

So we are not downplaying the role Republican Obstructionism has played. Partisan gridlock in Washington D.C. is American as baseball and cherry pie. Moreover, political obstructionism sees no colors and was nothing new so the Obama Administration should have seen it coming and prepared for it. Hell, Newt Gingrich made obstructionism a major cog in the day to day politics of the Republican Party back in the 90's and Obama and his staff should have had a game plan to combat it. They did not. 

The facts are coming into office in 2009 Obama had majorities in both houses of Congress. He could have dealt with it [obstruction] much wiser than his administration did. Obama gave the Republicans the power to veto his legislation when he did not need to. These were Obama mistakes and no one else. We always know what the Republicans are going to do. The same thing over and over. And, why not? It works for them. Why? The Democrats have allowed them too. It was Obama and the Democratic Party blunder. 

But, Was It A Blunder Or Was It By Design?

Take into consideration how Obama handled the banks. TARP had already passed before Obama entered the office. Obama had the power of his office and the U.S. Treasury at his disposal. So, what did they do? Just bailed them out. There were so many other options Obama could have done that he failed to do and I remember when all this went down thinking this was not the man I followed and supported on the campaign trail. He [Obama] could have forced them to divest parts of their operations. Yes, this would have been a struggle but in this writers view a struggle was in the making and he had overwhelming support on all racial fronts to do so Occupy Wall Street ring a bell. Obama could have shut the worst offender banks down completely under the receivership laws. In law, receivership is the situation in which an institution or enterprise is being held by a receiver, a person "placed in the custodial responsibility for the property of others, including tangible and intangible assets and rights", especially in cases where a company cannot meet its financial obligations or enters[Wiki]

These are just some of  the things Obama could have done and he chose not to do them. Why? This is the critical thing to wrap your head around. When you stop and put the Obama Administration under the microscope I personally want to think the best about President Obama. Hell, I voted for him twice and worked to raise money for his campaign. I truly admired him. I still admire him in many ways. Listening to his speeches and how he has handled many unsavory situations a fair-minded person could not help but admire him. And there is no doubt in my mind we are better off with him than we would have been with McCain or Romney. 

However, at the same time, I see many fair-minded critical thinkers trying everything they can to let him off the hook no matter that issues like the TPP trade deal are a complete reversal of his campaign trail rhetoric in 2008. This is just one example. There are others. For, me personally to overlook these factors of his presidency and just give him a pass would constitute irresponsibility on my part. When you decide to write about politics and be critical of mass media hyperbole that we saw in the 2016 elections you have to keep yourself in check and not be hypocritical yourself. Giving Obama a pass on these issues in my mind would amount to hypocrisy in its purest form. Politics matters and we must take it seriously even though we have jerks and ambitious evil politicians like Trump and Clinton. 

Obama was not forced to support the TPP trade deal. Obama was not forced to expand the Drone strikes on innocent woman children in Syria. Obama was not forced to provide arms to Middle Eastern rebels that found their way into the hands of ISIS. Obama was not forced to change his position on fracking and GMO labeling. The only fact that my research has found is he chose to handle the things the way he did. What influenced these choices?

Democrats Aren't The  Party of People and Obama Proved It!

When you peel back the layers from the facial mask of both political parties which has been the case here in the elections of 2016 largely due to the campaign of Bernie Sanders it's not hard to recognize that the political elites on both sides of the aisle are beholden to the same paymasters. Most Americans embrace capitalism in their everyday life but it's the type of capitalism that rules the roost with these Plutocrats that has not only cause the problem in the present but in the past as well.[See: The New World Of Corporate Feudalism History Does Repeat Itself]

In closing, let us not forget that this turbocharged form of capitalism that rules our democracy in the present is nothing more than Neoliberalism. This era of free trade and deregulation we are now living in many blame on Ronald Reagan and rightfully so, but the person who put this agenda into effect was none other than Democrat Bill Clinton. It was Ronald Reagan who began chipping away at Glass-Stegall but it was Bill Clinton that got the job done. Bill Clinton and his side-kick Hillary had more to do with the deregulation of the banks than any Republican ever did. The Clinton's and their boosters have long boasted of this fact. These disastrous free trade deals were implemented by Clinton and history is again repeating itself with Obama and the TPP trade deal. Yes, they were Republican ideas and the Clinton's jump right into bed with the lot of them. Reagan tried to chip away at the Welfare State but it took a Democrat Bill Clinton to pass legislation that changed welfare as we knew it. It was Bill Clinton who escalated the Republicans “War on Drugs" leading to the mass incarceration of millions of fine non-violent Americans. So, when I hear some Left Wing Authoritarian follower try to sell me that the Democratic Party is the “Party of the People," I’m not buying. And as a white person, I cannot speak for blacks in this country. But this fine gentleman in the following video sure can.

Monday, August 8, 2016

America's Fed Up With The Rigged Two-Party System, Period!

It's Time For A Cool Change In America's Political Process.

What choices has the presidential election in 2016 given Americans? A corporate brand [Donald Trump] versus a political dynasty [Hillary Clinton.] Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have emerged as the nominees for their respective parties Trump a Republican and Clinton the Democrat. 

What has resulted is upheaval in both establishment parties.  Trump talks about building a "Great Wall" on our Southern border. Trump even claims he will make Mexico pay for this wall. Trump's unfiltered conservatism has caused shock waves throughout the Republican Party establishment. Donald Trump has shown more showmanship than political savvy and his rhetoric has no practical political diplomacy whatsoever. Trump has insulted fellow Republicans like John McCain (R-AZ). 

Trump called Hispanics rapist and murders. Trump proclaimed America's leaders as just plain stupid. Many pundits at the beginning called Donald Trump's run for the highest office in the land nothing more than a sideshow. Mainstream media claimed he was an illegitimate contender. What these out of touch pundits failed to realize their marginalization of Trump was a factor that helped him. The media came out with a narrative that suggested Trump was not a mainstream candidate. Trump was a joke with funky hair and the people who supported him resented this narrative. People know matter their " Party Identification" don't want news media telling them who they should vote for under any circumstance.

Hillary Clinton
On the Democratic side, Wall Street and Corporate America darling Hillary Clinton while less sensational than Trump has shown by her record to be just as conservative as any moderate Republican and has faced serious and ongoing criticism from the Progressive faction within the party that mostly supported her rival in the race, Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton has once again got herself into a scandal by misusing and overstepping her authority regarding her handling of classified information on her private server and has bolstered already unfavorable trust that many Americans have of her. The issue is still fluid as of the rendition of this essay.

After wiping clean her email server some 30,000 emails total many Americans from all spectrum's are comparing her to Richard Nixon. Right now, more and more Americans are getting sick and tired of politicians, in this case, Hillary Clinton trying to avoid the issues and skating by under suspicious legal and ethical practices. All one has to do is look at the Democratic Party platform for 2016 and see the party has moved to the right on many of the issues.[See: The Democratic Platform is Not Really That Progressive, and Won't Unite the Party.]

The Election of 2016 Has Changed How America's Two Major Parties Are Defined. 

Even though, Bernie Sanders bid for the Democratic Party nominee wasn't successful his messaging and narrative was an American political success story.[See: Bernie Sanders Supporters Are The New American Revolution And It's About More Than Bernie! ] GOP white voters many who left the Democratic Party some 50 years ago have become unruly putting it mildly. There have been many acts of violence at Trump rallies. [See Article] On the Democratic side, real Progressives and young voters alike are rejecting the " Third Way" politics of the party's elites. [See: Corporate Democratic Party Think Tank ‘Third Way’ Exposed] Some may think these feeling are short-lived ones but our research here in the House of Public Discourse suggest otherwise. We see a dramatic change looming on the horizon and to coin a phrase the “Storm Is Coming."

People Who Identify Themselves As Political Independents Is On The Rise In America. 

According to recent polling, the Republican Party is in serious trouble. People who identify themselves as Republicans is at a 25 year low. [See Source]  The Democratic Party while not as bad as the Republican Party has not seen any real increase in membership until the current run by long time independent senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders and have blown that to kingdom come by the actions of vote rigging and sabotage by the Democratic National Committee. [DNC]

In short, more and more people from all walks of life and backgrounds have had their eyes opened to the political corruption in our country and the light bulb has been turned on for good in this writer's view. With access to more information in our digital world, the American voters are slowly but surely becoming savvier to insider politics. The comparisons between the two major parties have never been so closely related than in the present.

There are no real differences in the party of blue and the party of red. They use different labels they pretend to compete with one another while they both are beholden to the same paymasters. They both conspire under the table with one another and it's the two party system that has been the enabler. As a result of all these factors a recent Gallup poll has revealed that over 40 percent of Americans now identify themselves as independent. [See Source]

This rise is a result of many Republicans who became jaded by Bush, Jr  second term in office and now Democrats who have seen President Obama support incognito trade deals, supporting drone strikes, not supporting the labeling of GMO's and now refusing to admit the election process was rigged claiming it was nothing more than a conspiracy theory. What happen to transparency? What happen to "Hope and Change? While the economy improved under Obama who benefited from it? Under the Obama Administration, income inequality rose and the distribution of this new wealth went straight to the top. Nothing changed at all. [See Source]

America's Fed Up With The Rigged Two-Party System, Period!

Partisan politics has always created a lot of drama in America. This partisanship is the main reason that most Americans feel ambivalent towards politics and why getting things done inside the beltway has become so hard. Gridlock is the order of the day in our nation's capital. With the recent events in this year's Democratic race, there is a huge disillusionment with the two-party political system in America. People are screaming and protesting for a real change in our political process from start to finish. The free thinking American sees what's going on here. Growing numbers of these free thinkers are rejecting both the Democratic and Republican parties. Based on the latest Wall Street Journal poll only 21 percent of Americans claim they are Republicans while only 29 percent claim to be Democrats. 

Groves of Americans have lost faith in our political system. Some estimated 67 percent of us have disenfranchised ourselves from the process altogether. Polls have shown that only 25 percent have a strong faith in our courts, 15 percent strong faith in our executive branch, and only a 4 percent strong faith in Congress. [See Source] What makes all these numbers so affright is that the two party system has pinned us in a box. We are told that we can only choose from the two party nominees and to do otherwise will cause them to lose. Vote Shaming! Why the campaign of Bernie Sanders has really won in spite of all that's happened is that now there is a guidepost to formulating a fair and open discussion on the issue. It is time and long overdue to have a real debate about the pluses and minuses of the two-party system. Our democracy not only needs this debate it demands it. And, right now, not tomorrow is the time to do it. 

If all Americans no matter their background can't bring their affirmative values to bear in their choice for a political candidate what good is our democracy anyway moreover can we actually call our governance a democracy in the first place? The House of Public Discourse would suggest what we have now is politics of fear. [ See: The Politics Of Fear And Anger Have Gone Viral In America]

What Is The Solution?

There is a solution to this politics of fear. Voting Reform? These reforms could be implemented on both the state and federal levels very quickly. These legislatures could invoke rank choice voting for example. Which is used in many countries around the world and on the local level in many U.S. cities right now? 

As it stands right now the state of our Democracy is one that tries to eliminate opposition voices. In turn, by doing so, the results has alienated a majority of Americans from taking part in the process. In our history, America has invaded countries that practiced such alienation. We bomb them and call it tyranny. In Democratic states who are concerned about their vote being split, we [House of Public Discourse] would encourage you to talk with your state legislators and tell them they can pass the solution right now that will prevent any so-called spoiling of the vote. Enough with the vote shaming pass measures like the one offered in the above to avoid such political disasters you fear the electorate with.

Why Have They Not Done This Already? 

In a word, FEAR! Both political parties rely on it. Why do they rely on fear? Because you, we, us, are not their major concern. Their influence peddling corporate donors are who they serve and protect not John and Suzie Q public. Their refusal to fix this addiction has been exposed by the Bernie Sanders run for the presidency and this refusal is cause for you not to vote for them and to do so based on their narrative of fear only makes you an enabler of this political corruption.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Voices Carry In The House Of Public Discourse

House Member Susan Williams Informs The House We Should All Be Concerned About The Scandalous Clinton's 

I remember many scandals within the Clinton years in the White House. It was disgusting most of the time and scary a lot of the time. The Arkansas Bonnie and Clyde were ruthless. Who remembers Vince Foster and the controversy over his death? Who remembers all the women Bill cheated with in Arkansas, having State Troopers bring them to him like prostitutes, which they were. Who remembers the deceitful schemes including but not limited to contributions from foreign oil countries, the "Clinton Foundation" which has been characterized as a money laundering scheme, and the way they "stole the silver because they were broke?" They are both sociopaths and if they weren't schmoozing with the 1% and their Panama Pals, they would have been in jail for the millions of young people they helped put there. 
Oh, and did I mention that I can't stand them?

It's a shame you have to fight for your rights in the 2016? 

Lisa Heean
Why is it even a question, in 2016, for everyone to have the same rights? I mean really. Some of you may not remember segregation, but I do. I remember going with my best friend in kindergarten to a store that had a sign out front that we didn't see and the old angry man inside running us out calling her the N word. And I grew up with my granny telling me about the first time she was LEGALLY ALLOWED to vote because she was a woman and did not have that right until later in her life. I remember my mom not getting jobs that were considered "a man's job" over and over and when she did get those jobs, she was paid HALF what the men were paid. I remember fighting for the Americans with Disabilities Act when I realized that people like the dude were often prevented from getting a basic education.
Why is someone who you perceive different wanting the same rights you enjoy without even a second thought a threat?
It isn't.

From Our Facebook Page Comments, Don Barkey Puts Greed In Its Place

Don Barkey
The problem with greed as a motive is you can never get enough? It's just another addiction, you want more all the time, just like gambling and substance abuse. The rich become preoccupied with gaining wealth, and eventually, turn a blind eye to the devastation they cause across the world. Their very being transforms into an addiction of wealth accumulation and nothing else matters to them. Somehow the US oligarchy was formed by greed and has been underground for some 40 years without most Americans even understanding it. It took a smart compassionate guy like Bernie Sanders to open Americans eyes. Bernie's people must band together to fight against this damaging oligarchy in American society and politics and end it. This will take a long time considering the number of years it's predominated US economy and politics! Every man, woman, and child of voting age must focus on their only hope, and that is to vote for Bernie Sanders. Millions must attend DNC Convention and fight it to the end to nominate Bernie! This must be the 99% of American people's highest priority right now, it's your only chance! [Please Visit and Like Our House Facebook Page]

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Democrat Argument Should Go Out With The Trash!

Dylan Hock
The people complaining that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and that he should have run Independent would be just as pissed, if not more so, had he done just that because he would have split the ticket. What they're really saying is he shouldn't have run at all; it's Hillary's turn. Either way, no matter what, they would still be against him. Telling someone to sit down, shut up and stay out of the race is a bullshit democracy. That's what Bernie's fighting against, and that's what his supporters love about him. That's why they/we won't give up until the convention is over. What everyone decides from there remains to be seen, but constantly telling him to drop out of the race is hogwash. You'd think in such a sports-oriented country where you are taught to finish the game no matter how bad you are losing people would not push him to drop out so, but that's exactly the case. You play the game, you fight hard until the buzzer sounds, then you shake hands, say good game, slap five and head for the showers. That's sportsmanship.

Jill Levy Provides Common Sense Rational In The House of Public Discourse

Jill Levy
"Bernie is going to win the July convention. That’s because polls already are and will even more dramatically show that Hillary will lose to Trump, but not just the White House. She will cost the Democrats a majority in the Senate, the Supreme Court and a stronger position in the House. Over the weeks before the Democratic convention, Hillary will slide to a worse and worse position. Her “win” in Kentucky is emblematic. In 2008, she defeated Obama by over 200,000 votes. She squeaked out a victory by 1800 votes last night. The slide will be in full bloom, like the reek of a cesspool, by convention time. The superdelegates will be faced with a decision— go with Hillary, with many many polls showing a disaster about to unfold, or go with Bernie and win the Senate, take the Supreme court and make major headway in the House."

Long Time Friend Of The House Of Public Discourse Author Christin Berger  Reminds Us That " History Does Repeat Itself In Politics." 

Christin Berger
One of the best things that we can do to continue the legacy of ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ is to get behind Brand New Congress and take back the government. Get back to ‪#‎WeThePeople‬, and support campaigns for those who will actually Represent.Us. This is not the first time that monied interests have taken over the political process, we have taken it back before, and we will again. We need to be committed to setting up a process that will keep them from stealing it again. We can change everything with the mid-terms. We can take back our local government bodies as well. WE have power, WE need to use it.[See: History Does Repeat Itself In Politics]

Clinton Democrats Are Nothing More Than Moderate Republicans Wearing A Blue Mask!

James Alan Cole
The only ones acting like Republicans here are the establishment Hillary Clinton Democrats. Truth be told, the Democratic Party is a diverse group of left, moderate and right-leaning political people. Yet, some would have you believe the more liberal or progressive members are not Democrats. I say it is these members that have high jacked the traditional values of the party and replaced them with corrupt, deceptive and often disgraceful practices that are far removed from the dignity of the strong fundamentals that made the party the voice of the common working class.

Here Is An [Exert] From An Upcoming Article In The House. ( America's Political Process Is A Symptom Of A Sick Society.)

House Writer: Johnny Hill
America has always deemed itself the shining example of Democracy. What we have come to see in the current 2016 election cycle is that our system of political elections is rigged. In America, you are given the chance to choose from two political parties. One masked in blue and the other masked in red. But, don't let colors fool you they are beholden to the same paymasters. 

Despite their differences and political rhetoric both parties are controlled and in the hip pocket of Wall Street, Corporations, and the Military Industrial Complex. [See Corporate Feudalism Is Back!] This unholy alliance has proved calamitous both here and abroad. In the current election cycle especially on the Democratic side, we have seen restrictive ballot access, bias corporate media coverage, manipulation of voter registrations, and the outward strangulation of the process by the Democratic Party establishment. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Political Thoughts By Doug Morrel: A Letter To Bernie Sanders "We Got Your Back."

Dear Senator Sanders, 

We got your back. That's it. Simply put, we are behind you 100%. The improprieties of this primary have not gone unnoticed. The efforts and sacrifices you've made have not gone unnoticed.  The corruption you've shed light on has not gone unnoticed.  We got your back. Do what you need to do and we will follow.  Not you, us. 

If you need us in Philly, we got your back. If you need us in DC, we got your back. If you need us to fill the halls of Congress or the jail cells or the streets in our hometowns, we got your back. We'll flood whatever locations you need. 

We only have one single provision.  We will not vote against our own best interests.  We will not have your back if you choose to back Secretary Clinton in the event she wins the nomination.  That is asking too much. Sorry. I hope it never comes to that but if it does understand you will be standing there alone. We will not yield on this issue. 

Senator Sanders, you have lit a fire. I'm sure you realize this by now.  Perhaps that was your intention, perhaps not. It doesn't matter, the fire is lit and will not be put out.  The DLC created the kindling.  The election fraud has fanned the flames. Leadership is the only thing that we were missing. You've provided that and that spark has lit a fire that will never go out. 

Going forward Sir, we got your back as long as you choose to lead us in the right direction.  Frankly, and I'm not trying to influence you, it would be irresponsible to light this fire and abdicate your responsibility. If you choose to lead the people into the arms of the corrupt politicians we are fighting we will not follow. We will be leaderless and without clear direction.  Maybe nothing will happen.  I doubt that. I expect this fire will continue to burn without someone to tend it. The destruction that may be wrought by corporate governance or people without hope is something that no one wants. We got your back but you must continue to have ours. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for waking so many people up. Thank you for another chance to advance the Country for the good of all of  mankind not just the Citizens of the United States. Thank you for your sacrifices, your heartache, and your speeches that have touched the hearts of millions. Most importantly to me personally, Senator Sanders, thank you for giving me the opportunity for the first time in my life to vote *for* a candidate and not against the greater of two evils. 

Sincerely, one of the Millions of your supporters that will fight with you in your efforts to rid us of corruption and make this Country the Great place it should be. We got your back Bernie.

Written By: Doug Morrel [House Admin]