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Why American's Fail To Vote And Why It's Bad For America

According to several recent surveys, only about 40% of Americans vote. Why do only 40% of us vote? As an ardent follower of politics, it's not hard to understand why. Many Americans feel the system is rigged. People tend to think it doesn't matter. Millions of Americans believe the media makes the choices for us. If not, the media, Wall Street. People have shown not to participant in the political system cause they feel there is no stake in it for them.  Somewhere out there on the horizon there will be a politician who gives Americans a reason to vote again. Barack Obama proved that in 2008. He gave us a reason to get out to vote issues like healthcare[ACA], by voting people can get affordable day care for their children and low-cost college education. People will respond to an honest politician advocating for better pay and work conditions. People want a clean environment for their kids to grow up in. American's have shown to respond to an earnest attempt by a politician to lower our energy cost.  The vast majority of Americans are concerned with " Climate Change, " and want something done about it. Most American don't want war and a candidate advocating peace is often well received by the American people. When a political candidate puts these issues in practical terms, they can motivate people to " Get Out To Vote." 

But, at this point our political process mirrors a T.V. talent show like " American Idol." 

How often do we hear people of today say they just don't care?  How many times in your life has someone told you that real positive change is not possible. We hear pundits claim that the American people are too selfish, stupid, and lazy to try and make a difference in their communities.  Barack Obama's presidential campaign  in 2008 did something this country has not seen forever, got young people excited about the political process. For a moment, it seemed that we had shed the skin of apathy that has defined young voters in America since the 1970's. Young people in America got fired up about the 2008 election. On Super Tuesday, back in 2008 some three million young voters stormed the polling precincts to cast their vote. They[Young Voters] turned out in record numbers in 20 states. 

Our independent study here in the House of Public Discourse found that many young people are tired of being characterized as apathetic and uninterested in politics. In 2008, we saw young people casting ballots like never before volunteering for campaigns, organizing in their schools, and proved to be a major voting block mainly responsible for getting Barack Obama elected.[See Source]  The problem is keeping these young people's interest up and based on the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections we fear here in the House of Public Discourse that interest has been once again lost. Reigniting this enormous voting block will be a key for any candidate running in the 2016 election cycle. In fact, our research is showing that voter apathy has returned to this important voting block at a staggering rate.

U.S. Voter Turnout Among Lowest in Developed Countries

No matter who's bankrolling America's political campaigns the United States is viewed by the rest of the world as the hallmark of democracy. But, the fact is that most American's refuse to take advantage of their political rights. The United States has the second lowest voter turnout rate of all the so-called developed nations. In our latest election back in 2014 only 37% of registered voters took part in the process. It is not uncommon to ask a walker by on the street who the Vice-President is and get an " I,m drawing a blank," response. You can ask an everyday citizen what a Super Pac is and you will get a " Super What." response. 

Our research has found that people will respond when they think they have choices between candidates. Not, candidates like Hillary Clinton in the present that many tow the line Democrats just want to hand the nomination to on a silver platter. The American voters want choices they want to here policy positions and what one person is running for office has to offer versus another person running for office. This  choice heightens voters feelings that their vote does make a difference. Political choices that are shoved down the throats of the citizens creates Voter Apathy. It says we know what's best for you so just go "hold you nose," and vote for who we tell you too. This reality causes voters to ask why should I spend my time, effort, and energy voting when my choice is of no consequence. 

Why American's Fail To Vote And Why It's Bad For America 

Now that the 2016 presidential election is upon us this in our view is a major question that must be answered if we are going to see a shift from the 1% fat-cats dictating to us their mere minions of society. Overcoming this cancer in our political system should be priority number one. In the last election, 63% of Americans did not vote. 80% of young people did not vote. 75% of low-income workers did not vote.  Our conclusion from our research suggests the reason for these ugly numbers has been the alienation of the American people from the political process. Moreover, their demoralization. The everyday American has been hurting in this country ever since the onslaught of Republican trickle-down economics that trickled down nothing to the American people but debt, low wages, unregulated workplaces, and has all but destroyed our middle-class and the environment as well. We see this lead to poverty and the criminalization of poverty. These economic policies have created the loss of millions of good-paying jobs. Americans look to Washington and say what are you doing? Who are you representing? People are asking themselves how is the American government relative to my life. The average American can't afford to send their children to college. More and More single moms are forced onto Welfare cause they can't afford childcare to look after their kids while they work. The average American has to work more than one job to make a living. What is the American government doing about it? 

 What we see in Washington are the Koch Brothers and other billionaires putting millions and millions of influence peddling dollars into our political system and what does Congress do---ask them what they want---don't want us to raise the minimum wage okay,  you want us to deny that climate change is real good, you want us to allow another unfettered " free-trade deal," that have been disastrous for the American worker, no problem. We love shipping our jobs overseas.

This political atmosphere has without questions caused the American Voter Apathy we see today. Most American's display a sentiment of why do I want to take even a small part in this fiasco. These conditions as mentioned above and others are the reason for low voter turnout in America. What we here in the House of Public Discourse have come to understand is there is no easy antidote to this voter apathy problem. But, this issue is a core focus of our advocacy. We see with all clarity that it's going to take a grassroots effort of education and organizing to combat this real scourge on our governance. We need to encourage active candidates who share this populist view that will represent We The People instead of We The Corporation. This effort must start at the local levels, at the state levels, and finally the national levels. We need to bring people together to a progressive agenda that reminds voters what Abraham Lincoln taught us that the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people.  This sound so pleasant and this writer is ready to lead the charge, but we must know this is not easy stuff. In fact, this is tough stuff. Getting low-income voters, working poor citizens, involved in the process is a huge undertaking. 

No matter the struggle we must take back our country from the Vulture Capitalist, who have put a " For Sale" sign on our American democracy. 

We are the World; We Are The People, Let's Take Back Our Country!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Trans-Pacific Partnership The Obamatrade Trojan Horse

There is a wave of public discourse surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership[TPP] that cries for President Obama not to sell the American worker out to a handful of corporations. In reality more than just a handful. If approved would create a whole new set of rules regulating the economies of 13 countries or 40% of the world. These countries span four different continents bordering the Pacific Ocean. These rules cover everything from pharmaceuticals to Digital Copyright law. This deal has the potential to change the way you and I and the World interacts with the Global economy.  With a trade deal as large as the TPP and based on President Obama"s campaign pledge for transparency, you would think his administration would be keeping us up to date as much as possible. However, the exact opposite has been the reality. The United States has negotiated the TPP almost entirely in secret. About 600 private corporations[Corporate Lobby] has assisted in keeping this deal behind closed doors. Most what we know about the TPP come from leaked documents. These reports paint a gruesome picture of the American worker. [See Leaked Documents Here]

The Wikileaks document proves what many expert economists expected that the TPP wasn't a free trade deal, but a  Corporate Handout Disguised As A Trade Deal.

 This deal would allow foreign private corporations to sue countries over regulations those companies don't like.  It would allow them to expand the monopoly powers of  pharmaceutical patients. It[TPP] would also allow corporations the go ahead to start blocking websites for violating copy write law. In addition,  showed the Obama Administration on behalf of the United States has been pushing some of the TPP harshest intellectual property laws. To the point, the TPP would sacrifice national sovereignty, public health, and internet freedom. 

All this, in the name of helping corporate CEO's wallets stay fat and their shareholders happy. For this reason, the TPP is more dangerous than ordinary trade deals like NFTA. The TPP rewards companies that send jobs overseas and gut environmental regulations to keep big businesses in check. The TPP gives the corporation almost total control how you and I and the world interact with them. It totally restricts  how countries can fight back against these said corporations. 

Julian Assange
If instituted, the TPP[Intellectual Property] regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons. If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you're ill or one day might be sick, the TPP has you in it's cross-hairs. [See Source

Let's put that statement into context. What Assange is saying here is that the TPP put the rights of profit-driven businesses over We The People and the rules and regulations WE The People have put in place to protect ourselves. What our research has found is that the Obama Administration doesn't want Congress to take a closer look at the deal and expects We The People just to take his word that this is a proper deal for our country. The president is trying to use his unique leverage to promote a legislative gimmick called " Fast-Tracking" which would keep Congress from making any amendments to the deal. Instead, this treaty would go right to the floor where it would have to only past a simple majority vote. 

Not So Fast Mr. President!

A growing number of bi-partisan lawmakers including people as far away from each other on the political spectrum as one can imagine have expressed opposition to this deal. They have pleaded with President Obama to hold out fast-tracking this legislation. As of the rendition of this article, they have failed in that plea. 

There Is A Deeper Story Here.

The Wikileaks reports were critical  cause in pulled back the cloak and veil of secrecy surrounding this trade deal. What has resulted to the present is a strong populist backlash and grassroots activist forming strong bi-partisan coalitions to fight this deal from ever becoming a reality. Once people got a peek at what TPP is all about anger ensued and the fact the negotiations have been done behind closed doors only heighten the will to bring this trade deal from the dark to the light. This agreement has been so secretive that even people working on it had to sign a classified non-disclosure contract. What is problematic in this writer's mind why would a president that ran with the idea of being the people's president want to keep this so quiet. This deal will put people out of jobs and does nothing to help the people who got him elected. 

Why Obamatrade?

President Obama
What the TPP all comes down to is the fact and we saw the same thing with President Clinton who was surrounded by the " Robert Ruben Types," and the " Wall Street Types," it's payback time for the corporate lobby money and to tow the Democratic hierarchy line. The mainstream media has ignored the fact and the Democrats as well that Obama came up much the same way. There is no stronger supporter of President Obama than the House of Public Discourse, but this political posturing by Obama is not the " change," he ran on in 2008 but, the continuation of the status -quo politics governed by influence peddling from the Corporate Lobby who has both political parties in their hip-pockets. 

If anyone thinks President Obama did not make promises to these factions while running for office is in Disneyland, and the TPP is payback for those promise made on the campaign trail plain and simple.  Politicians get all this money, and they don't give it out not wanting  special favors in return. So, the TPP constitutes payback time. What is discouraging Obama knew this was counter to the American worker and for that reason alone has tried his dead level  best to keep it entirely secret?  There is no other way to soft shell the facts President Obama has intentionally tried to keep the public and press from knowing the details of this trade deal. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the TPP trade agreement is that the United States is the one pushing the hardest for it. We can see the hand of Microsoft, Disney, and Sony just to name a few hands all in this trade deal. What has happened  Exxon, DuPont, Dow Chemicals, all the big companies have had a field day gaming the system and taking away sovereignty by way of NAFTA. The TPP is NAFTA on steroids. The TPP trumps NAFTA in that NAFTA can't contest sovereign law the TPP does. We have already seen oil companies sue people in Canada who disallows them to drill for oil on their land. [See Another Example] We are already seeing bought and paid for judges throwing We The People regulations to the side in favor of big oil companies. This activity is happening across the board in many industries. The TPP is a license for a complete takeover of what We The People hold dear the right for us to govern ourselves. What the TPP says  we don't have to honor OSHA, we are not going to accept regulations, we don't have to pay a minimum wage we are not going to allow Unions. 

When you take regulations away, and you allow corporations to get involved in interfering with sovereign regulations and laws it never works to the benefit of We The People. For all Democrats who proclaim that we tow the party line and just blindly accept this deal cause Obama says so this is the " Gotcha Moment."  President Obama knows this deal is a direct contradiction to the promise of "Change" It's the old " Washington 

Two-Step." Just like every politician no matter the party Obama is owned by Wall Street and the Corporate Lobby on this trade deal.  It is not easy  for this writer to report this I find no pleasure in doing so but the House of Public Discourse is a House dealing with facts, not hyperbole or hypothetical's.  The bigger  picture here is  a " tell of the tale," how influence peddling in our governance is an all out assault on the everyday American's liberty. 

In Closing, one of the real positives for We The People has been the Wikileaks report. It has slowed down the Fast-Track legislation on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and exposed the TPP for what it is an Obama Administration's " Trojan Horse."

TPP threatens good American jobs / Economy, Trade, Labor

Friday, April 17, 2015

Authoritarianism + Racism + Fascism =The Tea Party

If you are behind the curve on just what Authoritarianism is please see Leave Your Authoritarianism At The Church House Please! As we begin the 2016 Presidential Election in earnest knowing who your constituents are is vital and even more important where they came from, in short, their history. In asking myself this question with the task of answering it properly my study was quickly directed to a term Mussolini American Republicans. Our research here in the HOPD quickly found that the Tea Party mindset is nothing new and has origins dating back to Mussolini. There was an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship in America. The upshot of the movement was to create an organization with a goal of reaching some 500,000 men. Their purpose was clear and simple. Intimidate the government. A Congressional committee was formed on the matter. Subsequently evidence found a plot to overthrow FDR.  This behavior is very much akin to the growing Secession Movement in America today coming primarily from the Tea Party crowd.[See Article

How fascists plotted to overthrow the US Government

Then low and behold the name Prescott Bush  materializes. That's right the original Bush traitor. The Daddy and Granddaddy to the modern day, Bush family who all but ruin this country and drove into the ditch. Prescott Bush was a Nazi traitor to this country and like his grandson Bush, Jr should have been tried for treason. [See Source

In 1932, Mussolini stated:

" We are absolutely opposed to Liberalism." 

Just like the Tea Party of today the Mussolini American 

Republicans felt that Egalitarianism was an absurd political lie.

What is Egalitarianism? 

Just like the Tea Party of today the Mussolini American Republicans felt that Egalitarianism was an absurd political lie. The moocher comments we hear today from the Tea Party and the go " fend for yourself," mantra of the Libertarians are shockingly similar to the outcry's of the Mussolini American Republicans. They claimed FDR's New Deal would lead to collective irresponsibility. Not unlike today's Tea Party, they claimed the fertile and beneficent inequality of men cannot be leveled by suffrage. 

These Are Not Lincoln Republicans!

Our research in the House of Public Discourse has concluded that the modern-day Tea Party is nothing more than a fascist movement motivated by racism and enabled by Authoritarianism. With the 2008 election rendering America, the first person of color to the White House created the spark to ignite this reemergence of blatant Fascism in America. The movement has been spearheaded by the American Christian Right. See the right-wing authoritarian follower is easily brainwashed. The late Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberston, and John Hagee have been some of the biggest perpetrators with a list growing daily. TV Pastors see money in Fascism, Racism, and Authoritarianism. They are obvious power and control seekers.  

Buy Our Source Here

Another similarity, just like the Mussolini American Republicans hated FDR the same can be said of the Tea Party towards Barack Obama. 

The Tea Party tries to sell their organization as a cross-section of America. They allege they are a nonpartisan mix of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. This is absurd. Our research in the HOPD clearly reveals that the Tea Party is primarily made up of Right-Wing Authoritarian Followers who make up the ranks of the Republican Social Conservative faction within the party. The Religious Right. According to a study conducted on the issue found that most of the Tea Party followers suffer from " The Hitler Syndrome." [See Source]


The study points out over a dozen traits found in Tea Party members were consistent with Authoritarianism. These evaluation were based on the answers given by those participating in the study. All of these answers were a clear indication that a vast majority of Tea Party members suffer from "The Hitler Syndrome." 


Russ Limbaugh stated on a national radio station he wanted the right-wing death squads to come to America. What appalls this writer is our tax dollars funded these death squads? The American Republican Right has sponsored one of the most bazaars morally reprehensible acts ever in the history of man that is only rivaled by today's Isis. All this killing was done in the name of "GOD." Under Ronald Reagan, he merged the CIA operation with the " Vatican." In Reagan's zeal to bring down Communism, he empowered several former Nazis in Eastern Europe. Our study found that many of these operatives were Holocaust deniers. Moderate and Liberal Priest who opposed the Nazis doctrine were removed from power. Under G.W. Bush, the Bill of Rights was annulled. This annulment granted the now merged CIA and Vatican the right to spy on any American for any reason. What very few Americans realize is that our U. S. Supreme Court was given over to the Vatican.

In England, Bush's counterpart Tony Blair restored the Church of England to the Vatican and the E.U, was brought under the control of the Vatican. 

All of this was by design a plan and now the last piece of the puzzle. This   activity was said to prove GOD's forgiveness. And, while Rome's GOD had plenty of forgiveness for Nazis and pedophiles it strangely couldn't find any for the Nazis resistors in the Church. 

Rev Jay Smith
A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion and supporting him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."[See Source] It became apparent that no matter what President Obama does the extreme racist  Religious Right Nazis were going to criticize, obstruct, and commit sedition in this writers view. Here in the recent, we can add the 47 senators letter to Iran which constitutes treason under the Logan Act. The bottom-line is we have hoards of people walking around who call themselves Tea Party Patriots who are nothing more nothing less than brainwashed Nazis repackaged as American Patriots. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Hillary Question? Unite Democracts

Hillary Clinton
With the recent announcements by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul both Republican's that they were running for the highest office in the land, many felt Hillary Clinton would not be far behind. They were correct. There have been some to express joy. Some have expressed  dread and resignation and for many a sense of relief. The early reports we get from the House of Public Discourse is not one of indifference to Hillary. Most Democrats will have no problem voting for Hillary Clinton even if she's not their first choice. 

There Are Immediate Questions?

Why Is Hillary Clinton Declaring Now?

To begin with by law, she has to file within 15 days of starting campaign activity and renting a huge office space in Brooklyn, NY was the signature that started the clock. The second reason purely political. With the email scandal, the never ending Benghazi, and the sheer fact the Republican's hate the Clinton's they needed to have a campaign apparatus in place to handle the inevitable storm of adversarial questioning sure to come.

What will her campaign be about?

That is a big unanswered question at this stage of the race. But, we here in the House of Public Discourse have made known we expect  something done about income inequality. Do we want to know your positions on Foreign Policy? Yes! With the success of the Obama Administration in the economy and job creation we know there will be no  "Change Theme" maybe a " stay the course one." I think it fair that Hillary will handle the "Woman Question," differently this time around. Last Time, she avoided the question until her concession speech when she eluded to a " glass ceiling for women." Bottomline how Hillary Clinton handles and embraces the populism of the Democratic Party is the major stone upturned here. 

What has she learned since 2008? And does she really want to be president?

Honestly, in 2008 this writer believes Hillary did not take Barack Obama serious early on in the race, and she ended up paying for it. I don't see Hillary repeating that mistake twice. However, Hillary showed the fight in her and made it a race in 2008. There was also the rumors of  backbiting, clashing egos, and ugly behavior. It seems like Hillary Clinton has been running for president forever. Is her heart into this race. Or is it business as usual for Hillary?

How will Republicans attack her? 

I am WOMAN hear me roar. The GOP will cry about Hillary using the " woman card." I bet you see this "War on Woman" narrative subdue. The GOP can ill afford to piss the largest voting block in America off even more. I can hear a Koch ad running telling America how a Hillary presidency will just be some dynastic succession from husband to wife. They will sell us on how bad it is for our democracy. The problem the GOP has is that Rand Paul and expected Jeb Bush are in the race. Make no bones about it Hillary Clinton is one of the most knowledgeable people if not the most knowledgeable on Foreign Affairs. The Republicans will try to take this punitive strength and use it against her in only the GOP [fake scandal a day] can do. But, " where the rubber hits the road," with Hillary will be their never-ending questioning  of Hillary's honesty. 

Rand Paul is already preparing to attack her on honesty.[See Article]

There is no question Hillary has political savvy.  The Clinton's have been a political " thorn in the side," to the GOP for decades now. Let's just say there is no love lost. 
However, and this is serious business for Hillary Clinton this issue of honesty. This growing mistrust reaches across party lines and is one of our early indicators that people have questions and answers are in order. [See Article]

Are there any skeletons left in the closet?

Surely, there's nothing more left to learn about Clinton, right? After two terms in the White House as first lady, two Senate campaigns, a confirmation for secretary of state, and the aftermath, can anyone turn up more dirt? Is there a Chappaqua Project to echo the Arkansas Project? Democrats hope she's been fully vetted and those worries are put to bed, but the answer likely rests first with the ongoing investigation into the September 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi, and on the management and donors of the Clinton Foundation.[See Source]

What role will Bill play?

There is no bigger public figure in the world today than  Bill Clinton. Some have said that goes for his ego as well. But, to have hubby around is in my view a plus. Yes, there may be some minuses but the former outweigh the latter. For example, a New York Times report suggested that former President Clinton would remain hidden in the background. President Clinton took issue with that report and the New York Times has taken the story down.[See Article]

Will she get a credible challenger? 

According to our source, The AtlanticMartin O'Malley is considering a run. Elizbeth Warren says, " NO I, M NOT RUNNING," Here in the House of Public Discourse we see a huge cry for Elizabeth Warren to run. We hear " Run Bernie Run."  Warren calls for a contested primary then proclaims she's not running. Our study shows Bernie Sanders  has  growing support and is looking to run. Here is a major question/debate being tossed about now. Is a contested primary a good thing or bad thing for Hillary and the Democratic Party?

Can she repair her relationship with the press?

Hillary has always kept the press at " arms-length." However, our source indicates a series of recent hires that have a history of getting along with the press. She[Hillary] and staffers have already provided a hobnob dinner last Thursday night.[See SourceBut, in fine Hillary Clinton fashion, has let slip they intend on pooled reporters for smaller events, this is a type example of what irks the Press and shows how Hillary keeps them at bay. 

Let The Money FLY 

Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement (OFFICIAL)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Unholy Alliance, Putin and The Christian Right

Vladimir Putin 
In this writer's mind, there is no greater example of old-school Cold War  KGB than current Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Most Americans have a negative view of Russia and Vladimir Putin. However, our research here in the House of Public Discourse has found among  the Christian Right, Zealots, Extremist, and the Tea Party his popularity is on the rise. There has been some mild reporting on this growing alliance but not much. I think it fair to inspect the motives here. What are these people up to? Where's their end game?  There needs to be an explanation. 

Unholy Alliance, Putin and The Christian Right

Over the last several years, there has been a strange shift in Putin's popularity with the American Right. They seem to love him now. Ole Joe McCarthy and the John Birch Society folks are turning over in their graves right about this second. Remember Mitt Romney called Russia our greatest geopolitical rival and was all so quick to point out Putin's illustrious KGB career. What's one " hell of a note," not from the American Left but the American Right.

Noted Right Wing Mouthpiece Pat Buchanan has gone as far to say Putin's got GOD on his side.

Buchanan has been loud with his praise of Putin's  anti-gay laws that most in Russia call propaganda laws. However, there is a larger tie in here. There's no question the American Right is going to praise the authoritarian, anti-equality, and Pro Christian policies of Putin. Dominionism!

Pat Buchanan is not a minority voice in the Republic Party. These people want to change the government to a Theocracy so bad it boggles the mind. This is important. These type alliances do matter because gone unchecked can influence policy for a few that oppresses the many. As we reported from Ramblin Rose, the President has beefed up his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships with the understanding  this focus is both a national and global one.  There needs to be an active eye kept on this activity. [See Article]

Putin was correct to call the United States a “godless” country:

We published an article  Is American Really A Christian Nation. The empirical data clearly shows that America is indeed moving away from Christian Values. Don't let this so called Russian Orthodox Christian fool you. He is no different than the American Evangelicals. Cherry-Picks his faith with the best of them. 

Putin seems to have mastered the rhetoric of religiosity over the past several years, both for the purposes of internal Russian politics and on the international level. Internally, he has strengthened the relationship between the Russian State and the Russian Orthodox Church and brought the Church into his sphere in much the same way that the Czars, and even the Soviets, did during their time in power. He has cast the conflict with rebels in Chechnya and Dagestan as a battle against Islam itself, for example, and portrayed his support of the Assad regime in Syria as part of an effort to protect the Syrian Christian community.[See Source

Putin and the Dominionist goal is to place as many of their people in as many key government positions as possible. 

We are keeping an eye on this Unholy Alliance, Putin and the Christian Right. 

Christian Right Obsessed With Vladimir Putin

Friday, April 10, 2015

Leave Your Authoritarianism At The Church House Please!

What is Authoritarianism? 

Authoritarianism is something authoritarian followers and authoritarian leaders cook up between themselves. It happens when the followers submit too much to the leaders, trust them too much, and give them too much leeway to do whatever they want--which often is something undemocratic, tyrannical and brutal. In my day, authoritarian fascist and authoritarian communist dictatorships posed the biggest threats to democracies, and eventually lost to them in wars both hot and cold. But authoritarianism itself has not disappeared, and I,m going to present the case in this book that the greatest threat to American democracy today arises from a militant authoritarianism that has become a cancer upon the nation.[See Source]  

Do you remember back in grade school when the teacher would leave the room and before she did she would ask who wants to take names? I remember hands going up left and right. These type people want to be a tyrant for just once in their lives. In a democracy, the only way we allow for tyrants is if we allow them. Moreover, if we follow them. Right Wing Authoritarian Follower---Is a condition in the human mind. This condition has been around as long as  man himself. The authoritarian follower conforms to the  perceived norms of the authority who has him under their control. 

To Bow Without Question Of One's Culture?

If you have been a person staying abreast of these issues or just learning of them now, please these people are real as real can get. 

Liberals have stereotypes about conservatives, and Conservatives have stereotypes about liberals. Moderates have stereotypes about both.Anyone who has watched or been a liberal arguing with a conservative (or vice-versa)knows that opinion and rhetoric can be had a penny a pound[See Source]

Authoritarian followers usually support the  established authorities in their  society, such as government officials and traditional religious leaders." "Such people have historically been the “proper” authorities in life, the time-honored, entitled,
Customary leaders, and that means a lot to most authoritarians.

Robert  Altemeyer
So a right-wing authoritarian follower doesn’t necessarily have. Conservative political views. Instead, he’s someone who readily submits to the established authorities in society, attacks others in their name and is highly conventional. It’s an aspect of his personality, not a description of his politics. Right-wing authoritarianism is a personality trait, like being characteristically bashful or happy or grumpy or dopey
I think it fair to say the War Protester Hippies were right in their  protest, and their positions were held valid as well. The collective human voice made a difference.  The Nixon Crowd[Authoritarians] were calling these people radical protesters a bunch of " loud mouths" showing off their ignorance. The Ted Cruz Crowd [Tea Party] would have woman promise to obey their husband at the altar. Our country needs Ted Cruz, this mighty leader who will do what has to be done to destroy every sinful and liberal viewpoint which is ruining America. I can hear it already. 

Ted Cruz , Gays and lesbians are just as healthy and moral as anybody else!

There is a never-ending search for the " Holy Grail." When do you follow man's law or GOD'S Law? How do you contain the noisy rabble-rousers who are trying to create doubt in people's minds? I will tell you this Atheist and others who have rebelled against organized religion are no doubt every bit as good virtuous as those who attend church regularly. 

In closing the first of many reports regarding this issue when put to study the only way this country can get through some of this drama brought on by the haphazard Republicans is not to do the Authoritarian Follower Way, which revisits the traditional bombs away mentality. And, more importantly, tries to silence the troublemakers telling WE THE PEOPLE what a BAD idea this return would be for America.Leave Your Authoritarianism At The Church House Please!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

America The Land Of Inequality

There is no denying that America has become a nation of inequality. The $64,000 question is "how do you constrain capitalism from doing stupid things that are not in the public interest?[Robert Reich] In practice we have a set of rules and regulations to check these rogue factions in our community. However, our democracy has been corrupted, and these rules and regulations are being discarded or not enforced. If the corruption by the excesses of the American Capitalist is the cause of this malfeasance then the first thing we must do is get big money out of our politics.

Robert Reich On Inequality For All

On the issue of inequality in America, there is much confusion. Most people of the right-wing persuasion blame the poor. On the other hand, people on the left want to blame the rich. There is a lot of blame going around. According to well-respected economist Robert Reich, "people are not looking at the actual structure of the economy as its evolving." "They're not looking how we need to change the organization of the economy." America is the most unequal of all advanced societies in the world. Our research found many misconceptions floating around out in the public sphere. Many believe the economy is some natural force that can't be changed. In short, we all are slaves to the immutable economy. However, when you " peel back the onion," the economy is a set of rules and regulations.

Our economy is not a state of nature. 

Robert Reich
There are rules regarding property and liability, anti-trust laws, bankruptcy, subsidies, and taxes for various things. These are the rules and guidelines for the game we call the economy. These rules determine the outcome of the game. In a democracy, if you don't like the rules of the game you can create a conscientious and change the rules. If we had a democracy, that was working as envisioned by our founding fathers[See Source]  The rules for the game of economy can be difficult to explain in writing. To get a clear understanding, one must refer to the experts. Our source Robert Reich book " Beyond Outrage," does an excellent job of explaining these rules in writing. American economist has some hard questions to answer. Why does the United States have an unequal distribution of income and wealth by far than any other civilized country? And it's surging! Reich's metric for answering this question is to evaluate the earnings of the people at the top[1%] compared to the earnings of a typical worker[47%] which represents the middle.

Wealth Inequality in America

In Today's America, 400 of the nation's richest people have more wealth than half the population of the United States.

According to our source, which looked at IRS data stretching back to 1913 the beginning of the progressive income tax wealth inequality reached an all-time high in 2012. What was apparent from our research here in the House of Public Discourse America's economic growth has consistently been going to a small group of people at the top.[See Source

The Wealth Inequality In America Is Startling To Say The Least!

This inequality is tearing at the fabric of America. In the first three years, of the recovery from the recession brought on by the financial collapse of 2008, the top one percent of Americans took home 95% of the income gains. Amazing! In the past, as the economy grew so did everyone else. Ronald Reagan and his God-awful trickle down economics saw an end to this equitable formula and what we got in return was a nation in debt and growing now surging wealth inequality. Regular Americans knew this as shared prosperity. Along came the Republicans in the 1980's with these so-called family Christian values 'War on Drugs,' 'War on Women,' and "War on the Poor" calling this shared prosperity socialism. Hell, Eisenhower a Republican was president during most of this time of shared prosperity and We The People did not consider him a socialist, We did not think him abnormal. 
In the years of shared prosperity our nation's economy doubled. Moreover, everybody's income increased as well. Even, Americans in the bottom 5% percent did better. Then here comes Ronald Reagan and the extreme radicalization of the Christian Right,and  the "slobbering at the mouth," Capitalist Elect.  The 1980's changed the historical relationship of shared prosperity between economic growth and the growth in productivity and wages. Over the last three decades, most of the wealth and most of the new wealth has gone straight to the top.  Income gains went to the top and people in the middle, the median worker, the median wage stagnated.

How Do We Fix It?

To the point, a strong and vibrant labor movement needs to be orchestrated and based on our research here at the House of Public Discourse could be the " wonder drug" for lack of a term. 

Drawing on a myriad of evidence  as in our nation's past a re invigoration of equitable labor practices would go a long way in achieving an equal society.  The research bears it out clearly. Almost all health and social problems that disproportionately affect poor and middle class are greater in societies with higher levels of inequality. The widening income gap as mentioned earlier seems to be a direct result of the " War on Unions" and the lack of a strong and consistent labor movement in America. Another factor is the dwindling democratic constraints on the top 1% income earners. One of the conclusions we came to here in the House of Public Discourse is to implement practical limitations by extending democracy to our economic institutions.  Our study found equal societies gain greater equality by redistribution. We need a fundamental approach to reducing inequality in America. Our exhaustive research on the issue of " America The Land of Inequality," found that the weakening of the labor movement over the last quarter of the 20th Century has severely impacted the ability of working people to influence their standard of living and overall quality of life. 

One of the House of Public Discourse primary points of advocacy is to recreate a healthy, active labor movement in America. We achieve this with both political and social influence that will enable the old labor movement to regather itself and fight for a fairer more sustainable future for our country.

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