Saturday, November 22, 2014

Discourse Unplugged with Johnny Hill #1

The House 

May The House Come To Order. 

Hello friends,  I finally have time to share and be with you fine peeps. It may be getting cold outside, but we are turning up the heat in the House of Public Discourse. Johnny Hill makes no bones about his passion for covering politics. We all have a shot being at least a drop in the bucket, and collectively these drops could become a flood to perfect positive change. When you peel back all the rhetoric, we find that nobody knows the answers, nobody has a solution, it's the makings of a bloody revolution to our troubled evolution. As One Nation Under A Groove we find melody and music to convey our message of just get down for the funk of it attitude and mindset. And, just like Sting sang about many of us were at one time Englishmen In New York. 

But, right now, I find a message in this classic jam by the group Chicago simply entitled: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 

 then came : The Police

We Were All Immigrants At Some Point Except Those Brought Here Against Their Will!!!!!

Something from Tom

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