Sunday, December 14, 2014

Civil Injustice Creates Civil Disobedience! ( One Tin-Soldier Time)

We see right now how civil injustice creates civil disobedience. Also associated with social injustice, our nation is spiraling headfirst into civil disobedience. Injustice is opposite to Justice. It can be natural or civil in nature. Natural injustice is acts that do harm to mankind by violating natural rights. Civil Injustice is the unlawful violation of civil rights. [See Source]

The Civil Rights Acts Are Under Attack!

How Soon America Forgets?

America is a nation that was founded on the rule of law. In the Ferguson case, it was a grand jury's to make the right call. Many in America think  the process has run amuck. Civil Disobedience is rising up not only in America but all over the world. People are angry. With the recent events surrounding the killing of unarmed civilians on the rise, to coin a phrase," Houston We Have A Problem."  We have heard calls coming from the White House to please protest peacefully. From day 1 of these incidents becoming front-page news, many in America know these events are routine. There is a given that is undeniable; a deep distrust exists between police and persons of  color in America. This distrust can clearly be linked back to racial discrimination.

Civil Injustice Goes Way Deeper Than Ferguson?  

This issue is about America. We The People have a right to be angry. What has become evident to so many people now, that others who have had encounters with law enforcement before understand, is that the Judicial System is rigged.  What has resulted is a firestorm of civil disobedience across the country. 

We are all for Civil Disobedience at the House of  Public Discourse. On the issues of racism, corruption, and inequality they all equal to the sum of Civil Injustice. 

People Are Mad As Hell And They're Soon Not To Take It Anymore!


Thousands of people have protested in our nations' capital. Despite the cold of New York City, thousands showed up for demonstrations. There has been an outcry to change the legislation and process of police related shootings and deaths roaring across America.

According to most reports, the mood of the crowds has been calm but defiant. All sources show there are a plenty of police nearby. 

With all of this activity and protesting, there is one thing that remains paramount, " Cops Almost Always Go Free." Indictment on law-enforcement is rare. 

We Must Have Civil Disobedience or We Have Nothing.

Non-violence does not mean acceptance. However, resistance is necessary and has been throughout American history. Civil Disobedience is not at all passive.  It involves strikes, boycotts, an unwillingness to cooperate, and mass demonstrations.  In fairness in the realm of Civil Disobedience, sabotage is not out of the question.  What is imperative is that your civil cause plays to the conscience of the world. The recent activity of police in America has awakened the conscience of the world to the level of Civil Injustice in America today.  To a point, maybe we can use these tragedies  as a springboard to effect change.  Direct actions do not devalue the use of political rights such as the right to vote, civil liberties; however, Civil Disobedience checks those controlled and now rigged mechanisms. It is important that we recognize just how and who are writing and passing laws these days.  What are the motivations behind these laws?  These factions  include many lobbyists who write the laws and buy the politicians to introduce them. [Laws]   

There are and have always been people in America who are troubled by Civil Disobedience. The 1% and Global Elites and their  strings-attached politicians get a little upset when the people raise a voice. The purpose of Civil Disobedience is to do that very thing, to upset the status-quo.  It should be the goal of every person who calls himself an activist, or someone who cares about people or the good-ole concerned citizen to rise up with a loud voice at these troubling recent events in this country.

It should be clear; Civil Disobedience's primary intention is to disturb the stimuli and in this case, the civil injustice in America. It has become evident we have a secret police in this country. Our research at the House of Public Discourse has clearly shown a total regression of civil rights, civil liberties, and other social justice issues on many fronts. The police in this country act as if we are a totalitarian state. Speaking out for injustice has never been a beautiful game in America. Many have lost their lives in this struggle. All of these recent events has brought me back to my junior high school days in the mid 70's and the man with the plan was Billy Jack. With a country out of control and with civil injustice creating civil disobedience America needs that " One Tin-Soldier," more than ever.

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