Saturday, December 6, 2014

Voices From The House--One Love!

Voices From The House.

JOBS!!! Where are the JOBS??!!! They're not in Kentucky coal country where #1 unemployed #1 disability rolls are. Still waiting on that coal job to open up are you?
West Virginia has a history of enduring boom and bust cycles. All states do to one degree or another. But the ones who carried on in the state as opposed to those who chased around greener grasses in another state are the ones who cultivated new industries. The rust belt areas of rural NY, PA, & Ohio have the same problems that West Virginia does. This should be an invitation to collaborate and experiment with what works and learn from what does not. Don't alienate yourselves from solutions.
[House Reporter: Kelly Dane]

Time for White People to Wake up...

Voices From The House.

How wrong is this country on the issue of police brutality in the face of racism?

I'm guessing that the majority of American's understand the concept of equality. Equal treatment under the law. When a population is oppressed by government the people throughout History have always upon awakening fought back. I believe we might be witnessing an uprising. The question however, is whether or not we will join together to fight the good fight...regardless of race, sexual preference, or any other difference. The time is now to understand that we are One People, on One Planet with One LOVE![ House Mentor: Diana M Buettner]

One Love!!!! Powerful!!!!!

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