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America Loves A Good Conspiracy Theory!

America Loves A Good Conspiracy Theory. A large segment of the American population subscribes to some form of conspiracy theory.

  • More than one-third of Americans believes that the Obama Administration is secretly trying to take everyone’s guns away.. 
  • Twenty-five percent of Americans believe President Obama is attempting to stay in office beyond 2017, including 44 percent of Republicans.
  • More than a quarter of Americans believe that Muslims are trying to implement Sharia Law in American courts while 55 percent disagree.[See Source]
The conspiracy theory of “false flag” operations where the government plans and executes terrorist or mass shooting events to blame on others isn’t popular with a vast majority of Americans, despite the best effort of websites like Seventy percent say the government doesn’t perform that kind of operations.[See Article]

George Carlin Raised A Question With Comedy

What is at stake is more than one small country [Kuwait], it is a big idea - a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle, and worthy of our children's future. --President George Bush in his state of the union address, January 16, 1991

Let's Stop And Think For A Moment

President Obama must be " Superman." He[Obama] has contrived a fake birth certificate so well as to pass every test under the sun, moon, and stars, while managing to create " death panels" in the Affordable Care Act. In addition, this was being timed with Obama's  plan to destroy religious liberty by mandating contraceptives for religious institutions. Oh, I almost forgot the " Deep Water Horizon" incident that was an inside job to garner support for his tree-hugging base. Needless to say, it was Obama who masterminded the Syrian gas attacks as a pretext to war. Let's not leave out he[Obama] planned the shooting of a TSA agent to strengthen agency powers. And lastly, the one that stuns this writer's heart that our President Obama ordered the Sandy Hook school massacre to push through gun control legislation, and build concentration camps to house Americans who resist.

People Believe This Stuff!

People do believe in these conspiracy theories,  and they do so in shocking numbers. For example, about one- third of Americans believe the " birther" conspiracy theory that Obama is a foreigner, and that 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush Administration. " America Loves A Good Conspiracy Theory! 
It's clear that the popularity of conspiracy theories are the fad of modern day rebellion. There is a strong case to be made that many truths have come forth from tirelessly dedicated truth-seekers. However, this " creates a new conspiracy theory tab here button," has gotten a bit over the top. In fact,  it has lessened the overall credibility of many of the legitimate conspiratorial  questions being raised by advocates.

Why Do So Many People Fall For Conspiracy Theories?

One needs to grasp what is meant by conspiracy theory. Our study has found,  once a person believes in a conspiracy theory, it's  like " pulling teeth" for the individual  to see another view. Any fair evaluation on the topic of conspiracy theories brings you to the 'Grand-Daddy," of all conspiracy theories:  the Illuminati & New World Order- Conspiracy. 

What Do We Know That Is Real, Right Now?

Is Citizens United A Conspiracy Theory Come True?

The Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United vs. FEC, has probably affected the course of American politics  more than any other event in the last several decades.  How could this have happened?  And, in addition, was it foretold in the famous New World Order conspiracy theory? Citizen United will be the case that lives " in infamy " for all Americans who fought to get special interests out of our politics.  It was our " Pearl Harbour," " 911", and "Hurricane Katrina" moments. The Supreme Court has opened the " floodgates" for the Special Interests backed by the Global Elitists to steal the American Dream.  As it stands right now, foreign corporations  can spend undisclosed amounts of cash  and Citizens United tells the American people it's none of your business. 

In the paranoid mind, the Illuminati succeeded in their goals and have now infiltrated every government and every aspect of society. They are responsible for every evil and every unjust act that ever occurs anywhere; the fact that no evidence of their existence can be found only serves to make them stronger and more frightening. They are the demon in the closet and will probably never disappear from the paranoid fantasy world of right-wing conspiracy theorists. --New England Skeptical Society

 What's  So Seductive About Conspiracy Theories?

The idea that conspiratorial persons are these anti-socials living in their mom's cellar is incorrect. Studies have shown that believers in conspiracies are not gender, age, race, income, educational level, or occupational status specific. People with both political affiliations equally  believe in conspiracy theories. Liberals are more likely to suspect that media sources and political parties are pawns of wealthy capitalists and corporations because conservatives tend to believe that academics and liberal elites control these same institutions. GMO conspiracy theories are embraced primarily by those on the left (who accuse, for example, Monsanto of conspiring to destroy small farmers), whereas climate change conspiracy theories are endorsed mainly by those on the right (who inculpate, for example, academic climate scientists for manipulating data to destroy the American economy).[See Source]

The Recycled Conspiracy Theories of Alex Jones, NRA, Glenn Beck (with Arthur Goldwag)

Sam Seder 

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