Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dominion Theology Is A Cult

Every day you see in the news or our social media timelines some wacky statement from a politician, Pastor, Priest or right wing pundit that the world is coming to an end. They pummel us that this demise is because of abortion, same-sex marriage, and removing prayer from school are the reasons. They blame the progressive social agenda is behind it all. 

Woman are being fired from their jobs for getting mammograms. We have seen gay people rights violated for being who they are. The "Christian Right" and political factions and players who are under their spell or in their pocketbooks have waged a full-blown attack on the church and state clause in our constitution.

There is an enormous difference between a conspiracy theory and covert plan to take dominion over society. The House of Public Discourse has been for years now eyeballing the activity of the Dominionist in America. There is an evil plan that has been in the works for years. And, unless we wake up there plan once deemed too radical to ever work will be materialized by these demons parading as Christians. Dominion Theology is a cult.

Radio Host David Pakman recently spoke to Rachel Tabachnick, researcher, writer, and speaker on the impact of the Religious Right and one of the foremost authorities on Dominionism.

There are Dominionist running for President in 2016, and the House of Public Discourse will be covering their escapades. When you see people advocating Moses as a founding father you have seen a Dominionist. When you see groups trying to replace science with the Bible, you have seen a Dominionist cult. When you hear Jeb Bush claim that unwed mothers are shameful, you have heard a Dominionist. When you read about politicians on both the state and federal government levels implementing legislation such as the recent Religious Freedom Act, your civil liberties have been violated by a Dominionist. For a detailed analysis on Dominionism read: " The Counterfeit Promise Of Dominionism."

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