Saturday, June 20, 2015

Something From The Heart Of The House Of Public Discourse , Miss Bessie

Below is a photo of my X girlfriends mother Ms Bessie Lee Ward. Her daughter Annie and I are still very good friends, and I help her out when I can still to this day. To my mind, Ms Bessie is a true Christian. One that walks the walk and talks the talk. Here she is receiving the highest honor her church bestows on a person as the " Mother of the Church."  Ms. Bessie is in her late 80's and attends Bible study without fail in her church. When I think of this recent shooting in Charleston and look at some of the ages of the victims, yes, it's bad that all lost their lives at any age but to think of the elderly one who was around Ms. Bessie age and probably not unlike her it brings tears to my heart and makes me angry  cause in another place and time this could have been one of the sweetest and most pure of heart persons I have ever known. It's time for a cool change Yall Reminds me of a song
Miss Bessie Lee Ward

It's Time for a Cool Change 

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