Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jared Fogle’s Foundation Caught Playing Games With the Obesity Epidemic!

Jared Fogel
Not only, has Jared Fogle turned out to be a major disappointment as a spokesperson for Subway. He’s now facing allegations of fraud. According to several credible news sources, Fogle’s Foundation set up to assist in battling this Childhood obesity epidemic took in millions and gave out doodle- squat.

There are no two ways around this issue. The Jared Fogle Foundation is a massive fraud. Charity Watch President Daniel Borochoff in a report filed by USA Today stated:

“As with a lot of celebrities, the charity appears to be more about image-enhancement than charitable deeds.”
 In terms of distributing grants USA Today, who looked into this issue found the Jared Fogle Foundation issued a total of zero grants to schools fighting against this childhood obesity epidemic. The Tax records associated with the Foundation show that between 2009 to 2013 most of the money went to the Foundation Director, and the rest is lost in ” la la land” somewhere.

Also, it bears mentioning that the Director of the Foundation was busted months ago on Child-Pornography charges as well.What the facts are showing is these guys both Fogle and his Director are interested in children in a sexual manner. They set up a Charity that puts them near children but do nothing to help the children. The only thing their efforts do is put them in the immediacy of children.

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Jared Fogle Mr. Clean Subway spokesman guy has turned out to be one sick individual. Fogle, who seemed like an interesting guy with an interesting personal story of weight-loss, and to a certain degree became a ” Pop-Culture.” icon. However, in reality he is a put on a fake. In the case of Fogle, he wrapped himself around one of the major healthcare problems in America obesity all the while being a crook and child molester to boot.

And, You Wonder Why People Are Leary Of Giving To Charities?

It’s these type stories that embed themselves in people minds. The crookedness and the sheer lack of Morality. The actions by Fogle goes deeper than just his actions. It affects all those who are trying to be of service who are ethical. This indecency does affect the overall fight against the obesity epidemic in our country. The majority of Americans no matter their political persuasion to coin a phrase ” have had it up to here.” with these types of violations of the public trust.

These type actions simply dampen people’s ability to trust period. Jared Fogle is worth some 15 million dollars as a result of gaining the public’s trust. You can bet that is why Subway had him front and center as their spokesperson. Once again, we see the sin of greed being the motivation here. Based on the evidence this Foundation was nothing more than a front set up to make Fogle more money. What it looks like is that Fogle’s Director, who was not worth 15 million dollars and the one who pocketed large sums of cash, was not to assist Fogle’s fight against the obesity epidemic in America. But, instead, help him acquire child porn and children to molest. Sad.

Former Jared Foundation Director and Jared Fogle remained in contact after child porn charges

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