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Slavery in America, Gun Rights, and The Second Amendment, What Do They Have In Common?

Slavery in America, Gun Rights, and The Second Amendment, what do they have in common?

Today's Weapon of Choice 

America is still feeling the effects of a racially motivated mass shooting in a prominent historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. In this shooting, nine people lost their lives. Anyone who has followed our advocacy here in the House of Public Discourse knows we advocate that ” History Does Repeat Itself In Politics.” With the coinciding action by the South Carolina state legislature to remove the Confederate Flag from the public square, we see the Rebels coming out of the woodwork. ” The South Will Rise Again, Crowd.

  • We have normalized sudden death and life-long crippling as typical outcomes of street-corner discourtesies.
  • We have refined mourning-and-healing protocols and expected to improve them further.
  • We have subordinated the supposedly unrealistic “never again” to the reliably anodyne “coming together” and “moving on.”
  • We have learned, from Florida’s Zimmerman-and-Martin case, that an armed man was challenging an unarmed boy, who challenged back, could legally shoot to kill if losing the fight he had started.[See Source]

Slavery In America Had Much To Do With Passing Of The Second Amendment.

When you factor in America has become a ” Gun-Worshiping” country with pro- gun advocates screaming about their guns rights, being taken away from them. It brings this country full circle back to the same old issue of State Rights versus the Federal Government. Then you have the secessionist, clowns. 

In The Present

Vice President Biden along with President Obama have formed Gun Control task forces to access the problems of gun violence stemming from the ” Gun Culture” in America. With little to no effect. Guns deaths, shootings, and purchasing of guns keep piling up. What is even more alarming is the growing death of children and teenagers by handguns from negligence by so-called responsible gun owners. [See The Facts]

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As in the time before the onset of the Civil War, there is the fear mongering by assorted pro-gun groups leading to record sales of assault weapons. Not hunting rifles. Human killing guns all in the name of self-defense.

Slavery, Gun Rights, And The Second Amendment

There may be some things you are unaware of concerning the Second Amendment. When you dig deep to find the story behind the story as we do here in the House of Public Discourse, you often find things that get lost in the pages of history. However, this lost information can be critical and relevant in today’s gun debate. Our research has discovered the real reason for the Second Amendment.

The Right To Bear Arms

One reason I love writing is that words mean everything, especially in legal documents. In the Second Amendment, you must pay attention to the term ” free state.” See the Civil War was fought over .”States Rights” with the focal point being on economics which the power of ” free Labor” provided by Slavery was at issue.  The fact you never hear mentioned is the reason for the term ” Free State and not Free Country,” were because of the need to preserve State  Militia’s  power to patrol and maintain Slaves in the Slavery States. If not many of the Southern States would have never signed the Constitution. Slavery and the Slave Trade was a big deal to our Founding Fathers. Patrick Henry, George Mason, and  James Madison all Virginians were clear on this issue and WE The People today should be as well.

We make no bones about it the Second Amendment is directly linked to our countries disturbing history of Slavery.  And, the problem is getting worst by the minute in these modern times we are in now. How? In the beginning, there were the Militia. In the South, they were called the Slave patrols.[Just In Case You Think We Are Making This Up.]

Slave Patrols Were A Profitable Business

These Slave Patrols were well regulated by the States. There were decrees put into place decades before the Civil War that all Plantation owners and white male employees must join a Militia. One of their primary directives were to perform monthly inspections of every Slave quarters in the State. The Slave Patrol members were trained on how to look for and handle any Slave uprisings. See, when you think about it, keeping all these Slaves in check was the first real job of policing in this country.

"Professor Bogus argues that there is strong reason to believe that, in significant part, James Madison drafted the Second Amendment to assure his constituents in Virginia, and the South generally, that Congress could not use its newly-acquired powers to indirectly undermine the slave system by disarming the militia, on which the South relied for slave control. His argument is based on a multiplicity of the historical evidence, including debates between James Madison and George Mason and Patrick Henry at the Constitutional Ratifying Convention in Richmond, Virginia in June 1788; the record from the First Congress; and the antecedent of the American right to bear arms provision in the English Declaration of Rights of 1688."[Professor Carl T Bogus]
It was always a fear of the White Slave owner in the times of Slavery that the Slaves would rise and revolt. There had to be a system in place and a legal instrument in place to allow for this ugly reality in our nation’s past. What were the keys to making this happen the legal right to bear arms and form militia or as we now know Slave Patrol?. There is no softening of the facts. Well, regulated Militia’s empowered by the Second Amendment were essential for keeping the Slaves in chains and the institution of Slavery alive.

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The thing that correlates with today’s white supremacist, bigots, racist, and overgrown children playing Army in the woods, is that not all white males were required to serve. Just like today, only the fringes of society took an active part in the Slave Patrols. Judges, Lawyers, and Political Figures, often were not involved in this disgusting practice known as Slave Patrols. However, Sally Hadden in her highly regarded book ” Slave Patrols” pointed out that white males had to serve in one way or the other in these Militias or Slave Patrols at some point in their lives. Undoubtedly there were Slave rebellions and uprisings during the time of Slavery in America. Runaways kept these patrols busy.

What sticks out here like a sore thumb is that Slavery and any other form of control of one group of people over another can only be achieved through a ” Police State.” The enforcement of that Police State was the job of the Militia. Another primary concern of the Southerners were Abolitionist and other anti-slavery groups who were always petitioning for the ending of Slavery. They feared these groups would entice the Slaves to run away seeking refuge in the North. There had to be a mechanism in place to stop this. Patrick Henry, Geroge Mason, and James Madison knew this and the Second Amendment was the answer. Without the Second Amendment, the South would have been powerless to stop these advocates or the subsequent rebellions.

"Little did Madison realize that one day in the future weapons-manufacturing corporations, newly defined as “persons” by a Supreme Court some have called dysfunctional, would use his slave patrol militia amendment to protect their “right” to manufacture and sell assault weapons used to murder schoolchildren."[Thom Hartmann-Progressive Talk Show Host and Author]

In Our World Today!

Take a good look at what political party is trying to raise this wage and that one is attempting to do away with a minimum wage altogether. With all the mass shootings and the clamoring by white hate groups about their heritage and their rights being taken away. Listen how politicians and right-wing pundits bump their chest and scream their rights should be determined by the States. You can’t help but hear the demonizing of the Federal Government the very government most of these backward thinking types depend on in some fashion or form. History Repeats Itself In Politics. 

Our research in the House of Public Discourse has found that many Americans both North and South found the idea of Civil War far fetched. History Does Repeat Itself In Politics.

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