Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders Has Changed American Politics Forever!

No One Ever Would Have Believed A Little Known Independent Senator From Vermont Would Change The American Political Landscape Forever.

The remarkable ascent of Bernie Sanders goes much further than an unexpected hard fought political campaign against a political insider and establishment icon Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders political revolution has far greater implications. No matter if the Sanders Campaign wins or loses it has already ensured that America's crony capitalism will no longer go unchallenged. As Bernie has said repeatedly "the same old same old will not work." 

However, at the same time, the ascent of Republican Donald Trump means that America is on the verge of becoming demented. Sanders and Trump are opposite reactions to the same problem. America financial elites have become so corrupt, arrogant, and predatory that political leaders like Hillary Clinton who are beholden to them can no longer provide "We the People" economic or political security. 

Many Americans Have Run Out Of Patience 

What the Sanders campaign and his unexpected success have borne out is that millions of Americans are done with status quo politics. American politics for the first time in decades is truly up for grabs. This is both exciting and terrifying when you really put these developments to study. As we have often advocated here in the House of Public Discourse "History Does Repeat Itself in Politics."

The Great Depression produced Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal while in Europe the "Great Depression" yielded us, Hitler and Mussolini. So just like in our world's past America's reaction to our present corruption and decline of the middle-class could bring out our best Bernie Sanders or our worst Donald Trump. 

We hear every day that if Bernie Sanders supporters do not support Democratic establishment insider Hillary Clinton what we will get is the demented Donald Trump as our president and furthermore if he was to get elected he [Sanders] could never get any of his goals done. No way could Sanders break up the banks for example. 

What the Democratic National Committee [DNC], the Clinton Campaign, Corporate owned media, and Hillary supporters are trying to force feed Bernie supporters is that only a pragmatic moderate insider like Hillary Clinton can get things done. What our research here in the House of Public Discourse has found suggest something totally opposite. America insider politics is so corrupted and dysfunctional that no one within it can get anything done. Let's start with Hillary Clinton and the banks. Her husband former President Bill Clinton made Robert Rubin former President of Goldman Sachs Treasury Secretary later came Larry Summer and Laura Tyson. Bill Clinton also reappointed Alan Greenspan as FED Chairman. Collectively they let the banks run wild in fact the Clinton's help them. Bill with Hillary's support repealed "Glass-Stegall" and she [Hillary] opposes reinstating to this day. The Clinton's banned "Derivatives Regulation" refused to use the federal governments authority to regulate the "Mortgage Industry," and did nothing as security fraud overwhelm the internet. 

After leaving office both Clinton's have made millions of dollars giving speeches to the banks while being silent about the prosecution of finical crimes. Now, Hillary Clinton has stated she will rely on Bill for help with economic policies? [See Source]  Bad Idea!

Could Bernie Do Any Better?

  • Yes, he [Sanders] could appoint an Attorney General and head of the Dept. of Justice criminal division who have not spent their entire careers defending corporate criminals. Moreover, he could use his authority to invite these appointees to our Justice Departments to put these people in jail instead. 

  • Sanders could also appoint an anti-trust division head that would investigate the much cozy cartel-like associations that evade on paying their fair share of taxes and are nothing more than money laundering schemes. These investigations could lead to anti-trust lawsuits against the banks. 

  • Sanders could appoint a Federal Reserve chair who would require banks to divest assets and operate safely. Sanders could also demand a regulation on Bankers compensation so if they once again cause a disaster they could not benefit from it personally.

All of this could be done without a single new law being enacted or debated. 

Win or lose Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential run has given "We the People" the opportunity to create a powerful and everlasting "Progressive Reform Movement." This country has been needing one for a long time and Bernie Sanders has long been a lone voice crying in the wilderness for these reforms. Now, his voice has been heard and this lone cry has become a roar. 

Insider Politics In America Are Totally Broken, But Donald Trump Fascism and Hillary Clinton Establishment Politics Are Not The Answer!

Written By: Johnny Hill

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