Sunday, May 1, 2016

America Needs A Third Party And We Need It Now!

Six out of ten Americans say a third party is needed and the current Democratic Party race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders proves it beyond a reasonable doubt.

The House of Public Discourse over the last several weeks has been reviewing data concerning the ever growing desire for the establishment of a third political party in America. 

"A majority of Americans, 60%, say a third major political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties "do such a poor job" of representing the American people. This matches the high set in 2013. Since 2007, a majority of Americans have generally called for a third party, with the exception of the last two presidential election years." [See Source]
The approval ratings of Congress is at all-time lows. The American people are fed up with the dysfunction of how our government works, The image of both political parties is in the trash bin. To coin a phrase from Bernie Sanders "enough is enough." Now, in 2016 with one Democratic Party primary debacle after another and the outward show of favoritism by the Democratic National Committee [DNC] the Democratic Party establishment and their corporate owned media outlets, and the shutting out of Independent voters by way of closed primaries Progressives and Independents are screaming for a third-party.

Only 26% of Americans polled feel that both political parties are doing an adequate job of representing the American people. 60% of American polled say the two political parties are doing such a poor job that a third party is not only needed it’s needed right now!

At no time in America's political history has there been such an outcry for a third political party to be established. In the past, there has not been a huge variance between Democrats and Republican voters on whether a third party was needed. For decades, Independents have been the loudest voice screaming for a third party. However, with 2016 Democratic Party presidential race taking on the appearance of political rigging and voter suppression within the Democratic Party mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, there has been a huge spike in the call for a new Progressive Party. 

Enough With The “Spoiler Argument" The Two-Party System Is Already Rotten To The Core.

The question at hand for advocates of a third party in America is how do you build on this political momentum?

One thing you do not do is to continue to vote for a lesser evil and reaffirming the status quo. That is exactly what happens when we continue to vote for either party’s establishment candidates. Both the Blue and Red party's have brought us to this point. They have colluded along the way, they have created a corrupt perverse system that works for the benefit of the wealthy and is a true Plutocracy. [See Article]

Our government, as it stands today, works for the wealthy and not in the best interest of all Americans. This malady has happened with the collusion and the corporation of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. It[corruption] will continue if we don't right now " while the iron is hot," by people power take charge and send a clear message that " We the People" are not taking it anymore and we are going to change the system of political corruption once and for all. We are not talking about just changing the players that operate with this perverse system they play we are talking about changing the game period. It's time to change the rules. This is what Bernie Sanders message has been from day one we as a collective people have the ultimate power to effect this most needed change. We all must put our heads together organize and get behind a new Progressive Party that operates with new rules geared for the interest of all Americans and we need to start at the local and state levels right away and start preparing for the mid-terms in 2016.

There Has Been A Line In The Sand Drawn For Many Progressive Democrats Who Feel Betrayed By The Democratic Party Establishment.

Where do you as an individual draw the line? Think about it! As a matter of principle, will you draw a line? There have been violations of the "War Powers Clause,"and the "War Powers Resolution." [See Source] When will the lesser of two evils not cut it for you personally? For many of us, this writer included this is what we got when we fell for the Obama 2008 " Hope and Change" declaration and many of us were not focused on the fact that Obama just like Hillary Clinton has turned out to be nothing more than a " Third Way Democrat." [See Article]

Yes, Obamacare has been a big improvement and most Progressives fought tooth and nail in support of President Obama in his fight against the Republican obstruction to its [Affordable Care Act] passage. However, and this writer remembers like if it was yesterday when I heard that Obama had caved on the single-payer opinion and the private for profit Health Insurance Industry skipped on down the streets happy as a Jaybird on Jaybird street knowing now that every American has to buy their perverse products. What irritated this writer most is he [Obama] did not have to cave in and Senator Tom Harkin (D-IW) said it best.

Top Democrat: 'We Had The Votes' For Single-Payer

As Bernie Sanders has made clear in his bid for the Democratic nomination America remains the only industrialize country in the world who relies on for-profit health insurance companies and Obamacare does nothing to change that and was brought to us by the Democratic Party. 

Will you draw the line with impunity on the war criminals from the Bush Administration that in 2008 he spoke of with such disdain and rightfully so but no sooner that he[Obama] got into office he says " let's not bother with bringing them to justice let's move forward." Will you draw a line now that in 2009 Democratic Party " Hope and Change" president Barack Obama signed into law the power for any president to point out any American citizen deemed them to be a belligerent, or terrorist and have life, liberty, and freedom to move about without no legal counsel, no charges, no trial, and you could be incarcerated for life under this 2009 legislation. The first time in the history of America any such legislation ever became law.[See Source]

Finally, will you draw a line in the sand against the obvious rigging of our political process by both the Democratic and Republican Parties?

This argument based on fear by Hillary Clinton supporters and the corporate media pundits that our " Political Revolution," and Bernie Sanders is doing harm to the Democratic Party and our insistence that we will no longer settle for what we perceive to be a lesser of two evils and that for us " Any Blue Want Do" attitude in fact is not harmful it is the example of grassroots Democracy at its best. 

America Needs A Third Party And We Need It Now!

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