Friday, September 23, 2016

Dear World, We're Sorry!!!

Dear World, We're Sorry!!!

Dear World, We're sorry, We are doing our best but our country seems to be suffering from a severe case of oligarchy. There is no excuse for our slumber while the rich and powerful surreptitiously usurped our Government. All we can do now is apologize and promise to work very hard to take our Government back. Then, and only then, can we work on healing the damage we have let happen in the rest of the World? Please bear with us until we get our shit in one sock.

If it's any consolation we are screwing ourselves too. We are killing our own people by choosing asshole politicians who ignore, uselessly wring their hands, or actively promoting policies that redirect wealth, put record numbers of us in prison, profile and target segments of our population, and divide us using identity politics. We are suffering too. That's nothing compared to the millions of tons of bombs we drop and endless crates of weapons we ship that cause so much destruction and pain. It pales in comparison to the exploitation of the poor and powerless among you. Our pain is much less than we visit on you. We are aware of that but it is still deeply felt among some of us.
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Please understand we see the problem now. That's the first step in solving it. We are awake now and we have begun our internal fight to affect the change we all need, us as well as you. Though it may seem like we are fighting for our own rights only at first, we assure you that's not the case. We are fighting for you too. We can't topple the establishment that oppresses you until we overturn the system that oppresses us.

Donald Trump
Nothing epitomizes our problem more than our current election. The economic and political powers in our Country have put forth horrendous choices. I'm afraid that means things will get worse before they get better. On one hand, we have an outrageously bombastic caricature of a wannabe Mussolini. On the other, we have one of the more corrupt war loving puppets of the oligarchy we've seen in recent history. Neither will be good. Neither understands economics, be prepared for another disaster there. Both are a threat to peace and promote violence against you. That's the bad news.

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The good news is the oligarchy has gone too far. To use a U.S. colloquialism, they overplayed their hand. Those of us who are awake now are waking up others. We will end the reign of the oligarchs and put people in power that will end everyone's suffering, yours as well as ours. We will end the exploitation of all of us. We will stop the endless Regime Change Interventionist wars. We will make our corporations and Government treat you and us more fairly. All we ask is that you give us a chance to fix the problems. We will do it and we will make it up to you all by leading you, The World, into a more prosperous and free era without the destructive Neoliberal ideas. [See: Neoliberalism Help Lead To The Decline In Democracy In America.]

We will not try to force our own vision of how others should be down their throats. We will allow the rest of you to choose your own destiny without the threat of our military bombing you until your societies break down. To those of you who we have hurt we will help you rebuild your communities and help you be what you want to be.

Again, we're sorry World. We are deeply embarrassed by our current state. We'll fix it which in turn will help all of us in the end. Just be patient for a few more years. We know that sucks but it's the best we can do. We assure you that while we clean our own house we will not idly allow our Oligarchs to continue to hurt you. That doesn't mean you are completely safe but we'll be fighting for you. We'll be insisting on peaceful solutions. If the oligarchs don't offer you peace then they will have no peace either.

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