Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Really A Lesser Evil?

Is World War III On The Horizon?

For many people across the world, the nomination of Hillary Clinton by the Democratic Party has invoked but one word, Horror! Even still, some progressive leaders say it's a better duty to vote for this neo-con warmonger than Donald Trump for she is a lesser evil. But is she, and what is the consequences of this strategy? World War III maybe? 

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton a Wall Street backed infamous warmonger is just one presidential election away from becoming the first woman president in the United States. Many around the world feel her rise to the highest office in the world poses a legitimate threat to world peace. Not just to Americans, but to all of humanity. As both first lady and a New York state Senator, Clinton supported every legal and illegal aggression ever conjured up since her time in the public sphere. In March of 1999, Hillary Clinton urged her then-president husband, Bill Clinton, to bomb the Balkans during the Bosnian War even though, there was no threat to U.S. security. [See Source]

She supported the War in Iraq and most fair-minded Americans know what a disaster that vote has been to our country. Unlike, her opponent in this 2016 presidential race Donald Trump Clinton has a track record of being on the side of warmongering and screwing things up with her judgment and decision making. 

Clinton admits the U.S. role in creating Al-Qaeda!

Despite this admission by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Clinton repeated those same mistakes by supporting the uprisings in Libya and the Jihadist in Syria which lead to the emergence of ISIS and the migration problems in Europe. Hillary Clinton is a Henry Kissinger dream child of regime change is the answer to every problem concerning foreign affairs. It was Hillary Clinton who introduced Americans to the so-called Asia-Pacific pivot. This pivot has placed U.S. Armed Forces in a head-on collision with China by placing naval combat ships in the region. [See Source]

She has on more than one occasion and again in the first presidential debates made it known that both Iran and Russia would be targeted if she [Clinton] was to win the White House. She is already making unproven claims that Russia has hacked into the Democratic National Committee servers among other accusations as well. You see Clinton surrogates, her campaign, and her supporters ramble on how dangerous Donald Trump would be with the nuclear codes. But, it's Clinton who has stated that the nuclear option is not "off the table" in dealing with the aforementioned countries. [See Source] Unlike Clinton's many public comments of accommodation for whatever is politically correct at the moment, which she has a history of doing you can be assured that her threats of using the  "Nuclear Option" are not just empty threats. A Clinton presidency would have a partner in this horror in the form of the new Prime Minister in the U.K. Theresa May.

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Prime Minister May has stated publicly her willingness to launch a nuclear weapon.[ See Source] There is no denying Hillary Clinton is a war hawk, neo-con, and untrustworthy, who has skirted prosecution due to her privilege and political standings in the corporatist world. This writer found it rather hypocritical to trash Trump for not releasing his tax returns while she never released her Goldman Sach's transcripts and her deleting of over 30 thousand emails.

So, why are the so -called leaders on the progressive left Bernie Sanders included who would be demagoguing her if she had an (R) beside her name haranguing other leftist that it's now our duty to fall in line and support her?

Noam Chomsky
They like Noam Chomsky are advising us especially in swing states to just " Hold Thy Nose," and vote for Clinton over Trump, Why? Bernie Sanders has done the same as well, Why? There is a clarion message here it's calculated and it's disheartening. We have seen those with influence who could step up to the plate and fight this illegal coronation of a presidential candidate who could be out front and lead us to fight against this outrage are now urging us to fall in line while these leaders themselves fall back into their roles as partisan ideologues. These leaders want us to follow their choices which has much to do with their own "Party Identification" then what is right for our country. 
What they are really saying is there is nothing we can do about the two-party system in America and any other vote would be a wasted one. 

There is no question that this election is different than any other in history. This time more than any other time maybe since the "Cuban Missile Crisis" the fate of our world is at risk. There are not enough words to describe why this is true and our research here in the House of Public Discourse bears it out.

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy stances could very well lead America back into another war and this time with the "Nuclear Option"on the table. Moreover, she has stated a nuclear first strike isn't out of the question. There is no doubt in this writer's mind that an outbreak of World War III would suit Hillary Clinton, and more importantly, her corporate donors including the Military Industrial Complex just fine. War-profiteering is a huge money maker. These realities are real and this issue must be addressed with not just the American people but the world community as a whole. We no longer have a political choice in this country. The Democrats proved that this election cycle. Our democracy has been sold to the highest bidder and our votes are now useless.The system is rigged!

First of all, Hillary Clinton is not "Progressive." Second, there are legitimate questions being asked about her behavior concerning using a private email server and her activity along with husband former president Bill Clinton about their Clinton Foundation. There are allegations of fraud, money laundering, and political cronyism. 

America's Two -Party System Has Left We the People With Quite The Conundrum! 

Our research has found that too many Americans become attached to these political personalities. No different than they do a favorite actor or ball player. So many Americans have become fixated on Party Identification--- the only thing that matters is if they have a D or R by their name. This form of loyalty and allegiances clouds people minds and blinds them to see what these political personalities really are behind the public mask. 

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a political instrument for the Third Way and other Think Tanks, Wall Street, and other political insiders who benefit from our nation's wars. We highly suggest the following read.

There is nothing exciting about Hillary Clinton. She is nothing more than an ambitious evil person who has positioned herself as the right person to carry out the desires of our nation's war-profiteers. With this power and influence, she tries to pose herself as some kind of expert on world affairs and this above all else entitles her to the presidency. 

Not pulling any punches, Hillary Clinton is the poster child of all that is wrong with America's foreign policy that has developed over the past decades.

Whoever gets elected this November will constitute the biggest tragedy ever in terms of a presidential election. Both candidates are an embarrassment. But, to suggest that Hillary Clinton is somehow a lesser evil in this race is just not borne out by the facts and the recorded history and lastly the public record. 

Written By: Johnny Hill 

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