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Hillary Clinton's Foray into McCarthyism

Hillary Clinton's Turn to McCarthyism!

One of the most exceptional things in the current campaign for the presidency of the United States has been Hillary Clinton's foray into McCarthyism. For just about any of us who grew up in politics or who came of age in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's understands one of the central attack schemes to discredit your opponent is to somehow tie them to Russia. 

There has always been a demonizing of the Kremlin as the ultimate evil.   To imply that your political adversary is supportive and controlled by Russian leaders, operatives, and Intelligence officers is McCarthyism in its purest form and the Clinton's know it well since it was once used on them by George H. W. Bush during former president Bill Clinton first run for the presidency. 

Understanding McCarthyism

Hillary Clinton's campaign has been using this age-old tactic since day one against Bernie Sanders suggesting he was too far-left a socialist and out of the mainstream. Now, her campaign and the mainstream media her backer's control are engaging in an all-out assault to demonize Russia by accusing them of hacking into the Democratic National Committee [DNC] and trying to influence the current election.

The use of McCarthyism is generally one used by the Republican Party over the years. But, 2016 is different, with Neoliberal Third Way Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. In the past, whenever Democratic leaders tried to enter negotiations, arms deals, or other negotiations with Russia to decrease hostilities Republicans would accuse these leaders of being Communist. The Democratic establishment with Hillary as their go-to person has totally rekindled this Cold-War McCarthyism rhetoric with an over the top Russia bashing with no real evidence to back it up. McCarthyism in a nutshell.  Even so, American Intelligence agencies do the same thing so at the very least the hypocrisy is nauseating. 

Jill Stein
What has become apparent through the release of emails by WikiLeaks that anyone who dare question the Clinton campaign, for example, Jill Stein, the Clinton's accused her of colluding with the Russians because she appeared at an event in Moscow sponsored by the Putin-controlled television outlet RT. There seems to be a concerted effort by the Clinton camp to accuse anyone that opposes them and brings to light their dark dealings like Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as being Russian operatives. Blame Russia! What's ironic about Clinton's attack on anyone who is opposed to their new Cold War with Russia is that President George H. W. Bush used similar smears against Bill Clinton in 1992 accusing Bill Clinton as a Kremlin operative. Bill Clinton countered this by accusing the elder Bush of McCartyhism and Red-Baiting.

The Clinton's Have Ties to Russia More Than Most!

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton has been a major disappointment for this lifelong Democrat to see and this attack on Russia and in fairness, the patriotism of Donald Trump reeks of hypocrisy in its highest form. It is the Clinton's who have a lot of ties to Russia. The Clinton Foundation with the help of Bill and Hillary helped Russian companies take over Uranium industries in various parts of the world. [See Source]

Former president Bill Clinton has received money for various speeches in Russia. It was the Democratic Party in 2012 that blasted Republican nominee Mitt Romney's comment that Russia was our worst geopolitical enemy. 

There's More:

There is no disputing that the Clinton Foundation has had ties and dealings with Russia. So, now that emails have been leaked that cast a shadow on the Clinton's and Hillary it's the age-old truism of history repeating itself in politics and Mitt Romney was right after all. Disgusting!

Knowing the danger this kind of rhetoric has been in America's political discourse in the past to use it now as a poly to move attention away from their own misgivings is not only problematic it is irresponsible and dangerous. 

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has provided a great service to " We the People." To those who accuse him of a crime like the Democrats are so out of step with the new revolution in this country. 

What the DNC and the Clinton camp is trying to do with Julian Assange is the same very thing they did to Edward Snowden. From the beginning of the Snowden affair, he was demonized by the Obama Administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as being an agent of Russia. It never was Snowden's desire to end up in Russia. While passing through Russia his Passport was revoked by the U.S. rendering him stuck there. First, United States creates the situation that leaves Snowden stuck in Russia and then second because he is there accuses him of being a Russian operative. Typical!

It’s no coincidence that the attacks on WikiLeaks come after damaging evidence of the behavior of the DNC and Hillary Clinton towards Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. Leaks that resulted in the resignation of the top five members of the DNC including chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The facts are the unbiased reporting by WikiLeaks has made them an enemy of the Democratic Party. And, as a result, their tactic of the day is to return to the age-old remedy McCarthyism. Blame Russia! 

This is a disturbing strategy and to see Clinton supporters buy into it hook, line, and sinkers tell us of the damaging effects party-identification has had on American politics. America is a divided country because of it and this year's elections have brought it out for all to see. Others are turning a blind-eye.

Why this is disturbing and dangerous in the likely event Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and you 
constantly exacerbate the public by proclaiming Russia a world super power is our enemy that have operatives in the U.S. namely anyone who disagrees with her policies will have long term connotations on how the America treats Russia, how the American media and people expect our government to react to Russia. Right now, we see Russia progressing to a war footing, unlike anything we have seen since the end of the Cold War. [See Source]

What About Donald Trump?

On more than one occasion Trump has praised Putin on being a good leader. Moreover, there have been many in the Republican Party that have praised Putin including the Christian Right. [ See: Unholy Alliance, Putin, and The Christian Right] From what our research here in the House of Public Discourse can discern from Donald Trump is that he comes from the tradition that the United States should coexist with the world's dictators unless those dictators become a threat to American Security. Any criticism from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton would be hard for an informed person to take seriously when some of the closest allies to the Obama Administration and the Clinton Foundation are dictators and tyrants like the current Saudi Arabia regime.

Colluding up to dictators in all regions of the world has long been a standard U.S. policy and for Hillary Clinton to attack Donald Trump for saying nice things about Putin is not only disingenuous it's political stupidity.

Trump's admiration of Putin does seem to be a personal one. No doubt, Trump seems to admire the fascist persona, Putin has displayed throughout the years and in fairness mirror some of the policies of the Republican Party itself. This machoism of Putin that seems to draw this praise from Trump is just another in a long line of character flaws Trump possesses.

In Closing, the bottom line many Americans feel we should not be instigating tensions with Russia based on circumstantial evidence at best and blaming and accusing another country of espionage and tampering with our election especially when the United States has a track record of doing the very same thing and more importantly turning to McCarthyism to deflect attention away from your own destructive behavior.

Written By: Johnny Hill

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