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America's Fed Up With Israel

Unbiased Research Tells The Real Truth About Israel

To Coin A Republican Phrase To The Poor, Go Fend For Yourself! If you are reading here expecting a balanced accounting of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, stop now because you will be sorely disappointed. As a researcher and writer of politics, I take pride in reporting what the facts are and not the hyperbole. I say this because the events surrounding this conflict, when told from a non-bias perspective, will be difficult to absorb  if all you know about this issue is from mainstream media outlets.  I say don't expect a balanced accounting because this conflict is one of imbalance, and there can be no equilibrium when facts reveal there is severe civil injustice prodded by a people upon another people, which is the case in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Granted the American people have strong opinions about this conflict one way or the other. However, opinions do not equate to facts. For anyone to claim that there is or ever was balance in this conflict, he is either misinformed or in denial. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is covered in so much myth and double standard. For example. In PM Netanyahu's 2012 speech at the UN, you get a clear indication of the myth and double standard.

The Myth

 PM Netanyahu begins his remarks with the assertion that Jews lay claim to the land based on a decree from King David some 3000 years ago.  The Jews call it the "right of return." It's important to point out that these Jews marked for return were not the same Jews who were expelled some centuries ago by, if you know your Bible, GOD himself. See, if you know your Bible, this was not the first time GOD past judgment on these stiff-necked people (Bible's description, not mine). Also, these Jews who were earmarked for return were not descendants either. Calling these Jews descendants would liken me to calling myself the offspring of the Pilgrims . I make this point because what Jew is a descendant of Jesus?  Oh, I forgot the Jews are just like the Muslims, they don't believe in Jesus. In actuality, the Jews claim  some  heritage to the land based on a Book more and more people today find suspect. The claim is Zionism, in a nutshell. You would expect that if a people[Jews] felt entitled to the land based on heritage they would accept that as a principle across the board.

You never hear a Jew or the American media expound on the " right of return," of the Palestinian people and if you do, it pales in comparison to the Jews in the biased American media. Then based on our source here in the House of Public Discourse you hear, in fact, Jews proclaiming that the Palestinians don't have the same rights. Hence, the " double-standard."

What's interesting about this double standard is in creating a land for one group of people [Jews]we created refugees out of another.[Palestinians]  The major question in this issue you never hear asked or reported on is: Who were the indigenous people of the land historically, and which group of people were forced from their homes?  In the Israeli -Palestinian Conflict, the people with the " Keys and the Deeds," were kicked out of their homes and forced to live as nomads. Our source explained there are Palestinians still living today who can show you where their family living area [Family Farm] was that is now an Israeli highway.

With this said, the reality is a small group of people denied rights to a large group of people and with such a case self-evident violence is a given. Conflict is a given. Civil-Injustice is a given.

This conflict is the granddaddy of all double standards. In the 2012 UN speech, PM Netanyahu relied on the Bible account of King David as the Jews claim to a heritage. However, many researchers and academia through exhaustive study question if he ever existed. King David to many is nothing more than a Jewish myth. Quoting the Bible may work fine in some circles but in this world today quoting the Bible as a source of authority is nothing more than the Dominionisism we have been following in our House blog.[See Source] [Read: The Counterfeit Promise Of Dominionism Doctrine

We report this because archaeologists have dug up the Holy Land trying to find evidence and have turned up nothing on this great King David of the Bible.

Here is the reality. Right now! This minute! Palestinians are being kicked out of their homes and forced into exile by the use of force in order to prove that this mythical figure existed.[Palestinian Point of View]

America's attitude is changing on this. America's Fed Up With Israel.

Now, in the present, we have these 47 traitors from the Republican Party have us clamoring for war once again. Their behavior is nothing new. It's their obstruction and sedition made ready by gerrymandered safe zones.[ Read: Has Liberty Given Way To Gerrymanding?]  We should get our perspectives aligned with the truth and balance on this issue that is clearly unbalanced. 

Many feel it's way past time for America to revisit its foreign relations with Israel. This relationship and the need for support from the [Jewish Lobby] has driven U.S. policy in the region long enough.
 Israel has had such control over our foreign policy in the area we should be in " let's start over mode."  Millions upon Millions are at stake in campaign contributions. You factor in the Jewish owned Press, and we see where this imbalance originates. Sincerely.

Both parties need to reevaluate attitudes based on the fact that growing numbers of Americans are asking legitimate questions  about why we spend so much of our money on Israel. [See Source]

The poll echoes a Gallup survey from last week.Gallup asked Americans whether they thought Israel's recent actions were justified. While older Americans clearly sided with Israel, 18 to 29-year olds said by a two-to-one margin (51-25) that its actions were unjustified. No other group was as strongly opposed to Israel's actions.
The National Journal's Ron Fournier had this take on the demographic split: "'s a warning that Israel's decades-old public relations and political dominance is coming to an end unless the nation's leaders change the narrative and reset their strategic position with moderate Palestinians." 
Our President
President Obama's diplomatic efforts with Iran are totally within his sphere of authority, moreover, represent the attitudes of the people who voted him into office. As of the rendition of this writing, some untold thousands and growing daily have signed a petition to bring these senators to trial. The letter these 47 Senators sent to Iran was not only the biggest example of congressional overreach but also it was a national embarrassment and disgrace and clearly obstruction of justice for lack of term. It is clear  as the nose on one's face they[GOP] were trying to undermine our president's role and duty to carry out foreign policy deemed in the best interest of the people who elected him. How American! Based on the petition circulating there is a growing pulse for Civil Justice in this case. There should be a case. [Johnny Hill-House of Public Discourse]

There is much distrust in American foreign policy globally. Unfortunately, we are not that shining city on the hill President Reagan spoke. The Bush Administration has seen to that. What we do not hear much about is the impact of this letter and why this effect reaches the level of treason. This stunt by the GOP may be one of the dumbest, most  criminal acts done with malice and  aforethought with an arrogance that " Act of Treason," is a valid question.  Hypothetically, harken  back to the 1960's when President Kennedy[JFK] and Russia were staring each other down and people were constructing  fallout shelters. What if a bunch of GOP Senators had written a letter to Russia telling them that negotiating with  President Kennedy was in vain?

Moreover, think about it. What this letter said to Iran was no matter what you and Obama work out we going to bomb you in two years when we take the White House. 

The effect has been to throw a wrench into the possible peaceful resolution to a 30-year-old conflict.  Moreover, there is this American arrogance that suggests we hold the high ground in the issue internationally. Russian and China, to name a few, are doing business with Iran in spite of Israel and America. Its imminent focus to sabotage the talks has failed, but it gives Iranian officials a moment of pause on the political future of America. This letter is proof positive that the Senate can't be trusted with diplomatic issues. The Logan Act got it right. 

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