Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Christian Fascist and Their Political Religion

Lakewood Church Houston Texas
One of the biggest things this writer has noticed living in the same city Houston, Texas as  Joel Osteen's Lakewood mega-church is that it's totally isolated from the community. Our research here in the House of Public Discourse has found this  isolation is not unlike all mega-churches around the nation. They do not reach out to other denominations. They do not reach out to the public schools. They could care less about local officials. The only two groups we found them to reach out to were law enforcement and the military.

U.S. Marine Corp appreciation day. State Trooper Sunday. Our source reports they would bring these people in and praise them for their Christian service. It is the position of the House of Public Discourse they know full well what they are doing. These forces of coercion within a society are fundamental if any radical movement is going to succeed. Over the last several decades in America, our governance has been overrun with radical right Christian extremism. These religious groups and organization not content with religious matters have holy-rolled themselves into the public sphere of government. They have brought this to materialization through deeply funded media outlets and expounded their rhetoric through networks like the 700 Club, TBN, CBN, and others.

There is no greater example of Christian extremism finding its way into our politics than televangelist John Hagee. Pastor Hagee proclaims the U.S. must join Israel in a preemptive military strike against Iran. The nitwit overweight pastor says GOD ordains it himself and it would be the fulfillment of an end -time Biblical prophesy. This confrontation with Iran will lead to the Rapture and the second-coming of Christ.

Watch Pastor Hagee Stink His Nose Where It Does Not Belong.

So, What Do These Self-Proclaimed Christians Really Want?

Political Religion is what these people want. Political Religion is a non-church religion that has a spirituality aligned to combat and struggle. While it may employ democratic means to achieve its goals it frequently resorts to violence, and so generates fear in the communities it targets. Religions infiltration into our 21st century politics is the greatest problem facing our country and world. See, in short, if we did away with religion no one would have a reason to kill and die for. Modern day science professional have been advocating this for many years. This becoming a reality, however, is far-fetched. The problem with religion is not what people believe personally. Political Religion becomes dangerous when this personal belief system becomes involved in political decision-making.

The founding fathers of America particularly Jefferson and Madison were insistent that one's faith in GOD was of a personal nature and not a matter of the state. The issues lie in dogma and the interpretation from that point of view. The problems come into play when these dogma's begin to influence laws, judicial issues, and when people aren't discussing these issues based on 21st century attitudes. Political Religion becomes even more dangerous when religion and nationalist views coalesce so that it  forms a political ideology.[See: James Madison On Church and State]

We The People are already seeing how these ideas have created a political divide in America and have cause some unstable individuals to act out in violence. What is missing in this equation is the lack of critical thinking at least from the American political right who shun intellectualism and have been for a dumbing down of America since the Reagan years. What the facts are is these radical Christian zealots like the Dominionist don't use critical thinking whatsoever they use mystical superstition thinking. This thinking and its infiltration into our political process is the biggest danger this country and world faces today. 

One might ask why this is dangerous? It's dangerous cause World War III could be the result not of some mythical Bible story but due to a lack of critical thinking.[See Source]

It is the view of the House of Public Discourse that Americans need to stop fuzzing over taxes, economics, and social issues. We should draw a line in the sand on our countries future and rebuke these mystical  thinkers who beat the drums of war to their dumb downed minion. Political hacks like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and this real nutcase Ben Carson, while highly educated themselves they are playing to the least common denominators of our society for support.[See: Why Do Poor Uneducated White People Vote Republican?]

The attitude of "American Exceptionalism"  and this horrid belief system that somehow America was a nation founded on Biblical principles could be the primary factor in our nation's demise. 

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