Monday, March 23, 2015

If Ted Cruz Would Have Had His Way 16 Million Americans Would Be Without Health Insurance

Ted Cruz (R-TX)
It seems like  decade's but just a couple years ago new GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz led a GOP charge to shut down the Government over the Affordable Care Act.[ACA] Cruz claimed it would run up the deficit and that nobody wanted it. Well just a day prior to his announcing a run for the highest office in the land a very favourable report on the ACA was released. Most  anyone who follows politics knows that Ted Cruz is a favorite of the Tea-Party Crowd. It does not surprise the House of Public Discourse that this GOP nut-case was the first to throw in his hat for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. . If Cruz's position on the ACA is any indication of his political mind and savvy, the Democrats are salivating for this political charlatan to win the GOP bid.

What If Ted Cruz Would Have Got His Way?

Estimated 16 million gained insurance since health law took effect.

For starters, these 16 million Americans would not have become insured and to this very day Cruz and the rest of the seditious, traitorous , and law breaking Republicans are trying to shut it [ACA] down.  When it comes to matters of politics people, tend to have short memories. At the time of this heated debate back in 2010-11 there were an estimated 49 million Americans uninsured.That number has decreased significantly to about 35 million no thanks to Ted Cruz and the rest of the GOP sloth.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has made it illegal for Insurance companies to ask about someone's medical history. Before, and if Ted Cruz would have had his way Insurance companies could deny coverage based on this history or charge higher premiums. And, now he wants to be president. If Ted Cruz would have had his way millions more Americans would have to rely on Emergency Room care which is often ineffective and expensive. More times than not the taxpayers foot the bill, and this gives these vulture capitalist insurance companies the excuse to raise rates on those who do pay for private insurance. Scam 101.

The GOP Health Care Plan

Now, under the ACA the law requires nearly all Americans to have health coverage. This provision works very much like the law requiring people to have automobile insurance. Now, that the Republicans have gained control of both the House and Senate due to lack of involvement of the Democratic base in both 2010 and 2014 mid-terms the Affordable Care Act is in danger. If Ted Cruz wins the election, you can all but kiss it good-bye. We in the House of Public Discourse will do whatever we can to see this doesn't happen. This message can be a winner for the Democrats. But, for that to be a reality we must clarify to the casual observer of politics why repealing Obamacare would be a step back for America and more importantly Americans.

Before, Obamacare losing health coverage was a way of life for young Americans who were routinely dropped from their parents coverage by insurance companies. Now, these same young Americans can remain on their parent's plan until the age of 26. If Ted Cruz would have had his way this would not be the case. Ted Cruz and the rest of the Republican Party advocate buying your own health insurance at full cost which makes health insurance out of reach for most Americans and the 49 million who were without health insurance before Obamacare is proof positive of this factoid. Now with the health care exchanges through the Affordable Care Act Americans can purchase subsidized health coverage. These are the very exchanges that now presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said nobody wanted and were obstructed and sabotaged by the GOP and the rouge Supreme Court.

Republicans and their followers are political " ScrewBalls."

Unlike known idiot  Sara Palin, Ted Cruz has made a name for himself for being a Harvard-educated political nitwit. He[Ted Cruz] like Sara Palin created a furor in the uneducated poor white voter base known as the Tea-Party and these so-called Christian organization that the ACA would create death panels. However, the reality is that Medicare is considering a regulation to allow payment for end-of-life counseling and is asking for public comment. This counseling would be voluntary, and the idea has broad support in the medical community.

In closing, before President Obama even signed the Affordable Care Act into law the Republicans led by now presidential hopeful Ted Cruz were preparing a constitutional challenge to the " must have coverage" mandate in this law. A divided Supreme Court upheld the order with the position that the fines for not having insurance worked like a tax. However, the high court decision to not force states to extend Medicaid Expansion, in fact, is the only thing close to a death panel and its because of the Republican Party led by its now 2016 presidential hopeful.

Ted Cruz Is A Prime Example of A Political Hack. 

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