Friday, October 2, 2015

Gun Violence An American Epidemic Costing Taxpayers Billions

Gun Violence in America is reaching epidemic proportions.

Anyone who keeps an eye on the daily news in America knows there is a serious gun violence problem in America. To get a grasp on why all you need to do is compare gun ownership in America with those from other countries. Statics shows 650 million people around the world own a gun. 270 million of those gun owners live right here in America. There are 90 guns for every 100 Americans. America has by far the  highest gun ownership rate in the world.

Presently the United States ranks fifth in the world for deaths by handguns. Trailing only Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil

On the other side of the coin, Japan with some of the toughest gun laws in the world also has the lowest death by gun rates with only 11 in 2008. Compared to the rest of the world America stands alone in high gun ownership and high death rates from gun violence.

Gun Violence In America —-The Cost?

What does gun violence in America cost us? First, there is the human toll. According to a report by Mother Jones guns kill over 33,000 people per year. Another 80,000 are injured in gun-related events. Most of these deaths and injuries come from suicide and attempted suicide. Next, homicide and assault in which the actors usually more times than not know each other or from Domestic Violence. Third comes accidental shootings and lastly police shootings.
So what is the yearly cost of all this death? 229 billion dollars! This price is higher than Obesity-related health problems. This price tag is almost as high as what we spend on Medicaid. What does it cost the taxpayer when someone is shot and killed?
  • Police Resonse=$2,200
  • Emergency Transport=$450
  • Hospitial=$10,700
  • Family Mental Health=$11,500
  • Courts=$2,300
  • Prison=$414,000
We pay for 44 of these single gun homicides every single day. These figures are a direct cost per day. What is some indirect cost?  People lose wages when they are shot and injured by guns not to mention overall workplace productivity.Individuals who are injured from handguns suffer an overall quality of life which no price tag can be affixed. According to our source, it cost Americans $700 per person every time a human is shot by a gun. ” Gun Violence Cost.”

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