Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Red States Win By Cheating Let The Voter Suppression Begin!

Red States Win By Cheating Let The Voter Suppression Begin! 

The Republican tactic of cheating and disenfranchising voters in the Red States is away in earnest. Roll Tide! Alabama has taken voter suppression to a whole new level for the 2016 election cycle. 
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The latest round of voter restrictions coming from Alabama has laid the racism factor up front for the whole world to see.
"Due to budget cuts, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said that 31 satellite DMV offices would no longer have access to drivers licence examiners. This action means residents in these counties will have to travel to other counties in the state to apply for a drivers licence." [See Source]

 75 percent of the 31 counties are mainly populated by "Black Voters."

Just last year the state of Alabama enacted a "Voter Photo ID Law." What this says is you must have a photo ID to vote in this state. And, if you live in a county that no longer provides the state issued photo ID you are on your own. The classic Republican Party " fend for yourselves." routine. 

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There is no sugar coating this move by the state of Alabama. This action by the state is racially motivated. The top 10 counties in Alabama with the highest percentage of black registered voters are Macon, Greene, Sumter, Lowndes, Bullock, Perry, Wilcox, Dallas, Hale, and Montgomery. Thanks to these new so-called budget cuts eight of them will be closed. 

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In fact, our source here in the House of Public Discourse has found that in every single county in Alabama where the Black's make up more than 75% of the population will see their driver's licence office closed. Of course, Alabama state officials say this is not a premeditated move by the state to suppress the minority vote. But, no matter the motivation by the state the results are the same. All of these voter ID laws enacted by various states have been conceived on the notion of a nonexistent widespread voter fraud claim. Many of these state laws concerning voter suppression have been written by the American Legislative Exchange Counsel. [ALEC]

 The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

In report after report, study after study, investigation after investigation, it has been found that voter fraud is not a problem in America. Voter Fraud in America is a myth.   Any person who has ever had to venture to a state DMV office knows they are historically a pain in the rear. Moreover, for elderly, sick, or poor people with no vehicle getting to these offices can be difficult. These actions by lawmakers in Alabama are not a coincidence. 

States With New Voter ID Laws Since 2010 Election

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The Republican Party will do whatever it takes to hold on to power in the Red States. And, if cheating is the order of the day so be it. 

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