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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jimmy Carter – His Legacy Supersedes His Presidency

Jimmy Carter Is One of Just Four American Presidents To Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Prize
President Jimmy Carter
I was a young man when the Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter faced Ronald Reagan for reelection in 1980. My interest in politics at the time was small. I had other more important things on my mind. Working in the family business, I was heavily influenced by my Republican parents. I will never forget my father ” grabbing me by the hair of the head,”  telling me we were going to vote, and I was to pull the straight Republican tab in the voting booth. So I did.

The next year, I was married at 21 years old working out of the family business-Ronald Reagan was president, and I learned what a mistake I had made. It was at this time politics began to matter very much to me, and I switched my party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Jimmy Carter was a one term president. Looking back on it now, he was subjected to much of the same obstruction from Republican’s that now President Obama has faced. Jimmy Carter was an anti-establishment politician of his time. With this said, the Nobel Peace Prize winner had significant accomplishments. As President, he fashioned an historic peace deal between Egypt and Israel. He returned the Panama Canal back over to its rightful owner Panama. For a brief time, he was successful in shifting America’s focus from foreign affairs to Domestic and World Human Rights issues.

Russia Invades Afghanistan

This focal point came to an abrupt end when Russia invaded Afghanistan. The beginning of the Islamic Revolution takes shape and quickly the attention shifts back to National Security. It’s a natural thing for someone who is a leader of the “free world” to feel their intuitions are right. This fact is certainly true about Jimmy Carter. Once Carter was voted out of office, he on several occasions made it known he felt he knew better than his predecessors. For example. During the presidency of George Hubert Walker Bush, when Bush was trying to build a coalition of nations a very ethereal task to expel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait Jimmy Carter thinks he knows better. Carter starts privately lobbying the United Nations Security Council and members of the Arab League not to go along with President Bush, and not to go along with Bush’s plans.

Jimmy Carter redefined the role of former president in America.

Not only, by involving himself in a broad range of humanitarian causes, but also, inserting himself operationally in diplomatic hot-spots across the Globe. One can only imagine what Jimmy Carter must have felt like some 20 plus years after being the President of the United States to learn you have been awarded the ” Nobel Peace Prize.” Jimmy Carter leaves the office of President labeled a loser and for decades a victim of harsh Republican ridicule only to be awarded one of the highest honors a person can receive. The Nobel Peace Prize.

Jimmy Carter will be remembered across the World for peace and human rights. What he has done after occupying the Oval Office has only upgraded the public’s opinion of him as a man it has solidified his legacy as a ” Peace and Human Rights.” President.

Campaign Spot: Southerner Jimmy Carter (1976)

Then Along Comes Fox News With Total Disrespect.

Not so, from Fox News and other conservatives. Debbie Schlussel a deplorable Conservative tweeted out:

“A cancer has cancer.  Oops, I mean, Jimmy Carter has cancer.  Same diff.”
Did this conservative floozy think this was funny? If she thought it was a joke, she thought dead wrong. I will say it, Debbie Schlussel, you’re revolting person. If my editors allowed the B-word it would be inserted.

Schlussel added:

“Only the Good Die Young: Jimmy Carter, 90, Has Cancer. So Sad, Too Bad“ 
In closing, these no class remarks do nothing to dampen the bevy of contributions Jimmy Carter has made to make this world a better place. There may have never been a better person-person in the White House than Jimmy Carter. His action and deeds are undisputable. His work as a peacemaker, human rights advocate and social welfare worker have risen him to a level that bimbo Debbie Schlussel could only dream of a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Get Well Jimmy Carter.

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