Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Voices From The House

Linda Lou Bennington Nolan
"Sadly, after watching another GOP Debate, I am convinced that Republicans have no intention of providing any sensible debate because they're unwilling to address the issues facing this country. It was simply just another night of wasting time and money. Not one question was answered with a viable solution supported by fact. Most of the questions were side stepped with comments that had absolutely nothing to do with the questions asked of them or they used up their allotted time to bash Hillary Clinton or President Obama which got them off the hook from showing America they've got nothing to offer! Not a damn thing! All I could do was to shake my head in disbelief and laugh at the insane responses. I sure hope Americans are not as stupid as these people think you are and that you don't continue to vote AGAINST all of your own best interests!!! WAKE UP!!!
Every single one of these Republicans CLOWNS are still trying to paint a "doom-and-gloom" picture of the state of our nation... What a sad attempt at trying to "justify" why they should weasel their way back into the White House and undo all the actual progress we've made in the past seven years... Without so much as an IOTA of help from them!!! They provided nothing but UNPRECEDENTED OBSTRUCTION!!!"

JJ McCabe
As an American, and someone who is fully aware that our political system is watched around the world, I was embarrassed after watching the first Republican debate. Trump turned the debate into a circus, and he's the GOP frontrunner. What scared me is that Trump is not so much a product of the GOP as he is a reflection of the current Republican Party. He's misogynistic, racist, and cares more about his own wealth than the well-being of his fellow Americans. That's why we need ‪#‎bernie2016‬ U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders 

Sam Clark DiBrell
I stand in honor of all veterans of the United States, this Memorial Day 2015. All soldiers, staff, nurses, and civilian support during wartime have my deepest gratitude and respect. No one has sacrificed more for our country, than have you. My Dad fought in the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division of Iowa and Pennsylvania, as a Texan, under the Third Army commanded by General George S. Patton. Sam Clark DiBrell

Carter Mooney DiBrell --Purple Heart & OLC

Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen (Destruction Mix)

Shellie Bowlin On President Obama

Shellie Bowlin
I'm proud to say that I worked hard to get him elected in the '08 election (that was quite an experience and election night was exhilarating)! I'm proud to say I voted for him both in '08 and '12!
Once the ignorant fear-based lies and distortions have faded and future generations learn of President Obama in their American History and Social Studies classes, they'll learn two aspects of this period in time:
1. This President accomplished amazing things and led our country through a turbulent time with great poise, intelligence and calm reasoning. He didn't always make the right decisions but he admitted his mistakes and his legacy is one to be proud of.

2. The racism and divisiveness that was simmering just under the surface, that too many thought was gone, bubbled up and spewed its toxicity like a dormant volcano spewing molten lava and destroying all things in its path the moment President Obama was elected. It's been disgusting to witness. But just as volcanoes destroy as they create, so does the racist toxicity- as it boiled to the surface, it showed its ugly face and now we can see it, recognize it, and build a better world out of its ashes.

Now, let's not allow the idiocy of the GOP clown car to destroy all the progress made. I don't care if it's Hillary or Bernie. Vote Blue in 2016 - or we might not have future generations learning American History at all.

Sanders Vows To Do Everything to Stop TPP/Hillary Clinton States She Will Do Nothing

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