Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lawrence Lessig Cites DNC Rule Changes Forced Him Out Of The Democratic Party Race For President.

The DNC Have Changed The Rules For The Democratic Debates

Lawrence Lessig

Lessig a Harvard Law School professor and political activist has decided to drop out of the 2016 Democratic presidential race. Lessig announced his intentions to pull out of the Democratic race in a video statement released by the campaign on Monday.

Under Democratic National Committee debate rules announced this summer, candidates had to poll at least 1 percent in three "credible national polls" in the six weeks leading up to the debate in order to qualify. A DNC memo in August clarified that candidates had to reach that threshold a full six weeks before the debate, rather than anytime within the six-week time frame.

Many supporters of Lawrence Lessig say that it's just proof positive that the DNC headed up by Debbie Wasserman Schultz have rigged the debates for front-runner Hillary Clinton. In Fairness Lessig was a long shot with little name recognition. Lessig has been labeled the godfather of the " Campaign Finance Movement." Under the new DNC rules, it became apparent that Lessig had no shot at winning the nomination. Lessig entered the race as a single issue candidate. His campaign was a referendum against Citizens United and getting big money out of politics.

There is a lot of support in America for overturning Citizens United both in the Democratic Party and Republican Party. 83% of Democratic voters believe money has corrupted politics while 80% of Republican voters agree. Getting big money out of politics is one of the few issues that has bipartisan agreement.
The entire issue of money influence peddling in our governance is consistently a top two issue of importance to the American people. Neither in the Democratic or Republican debates do you hear questions asked about this subject. The reason for this is television networks run the debates, and these networks have the most to gain from big money in our political system. Large amounts of this money go to TV ads.

This reality was one of the driving forces behind  Lawrence Lessig entering the 2016 Democratic Primary. His goal was to be involved in the 2016 debates and talking about this issue. So, what did the DNC and these television networks do they changed the rules. Even though Lessig raised over one million dollars in contributions, attracted several well-known Democratic operatives and even ran a television ad he was never taken seriously by the Democratic National Committee.[DNC]

What's ironic is that Lessig raised more money that Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee both who were allowed in the first Democratic debate. What is also unfortunate the DNC totally left Lessig name out of the polling so how could he get the 1% required. Lessig went on the record stating that he was trying to run for president, but the DNC would not let him.

This practice by the DNC should tell us what the state of affairs are in American politics today. It's the corporate owned machine that is driving our political system today. The corporate owned media is trying as hard as they can to dictate to the American people who we should vote for.

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