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Authoritarianism + Racism + Fascism =The Tea Party

If you are behind the curve on just what Authoritarianism is please see Leave Your Authoritarianism At The Church House Please! As we begin the 2016 Presidential Election in earnest knowing who your constituents are is vital and even more important where they came from, in short, their history. In asking myself this question with the task of answering it properly my study was quickly directed to a term Mussolini American Republicans. Our research here in the HOPD quickly found that the Tea Party mindset is nothing new and has origins dating back to Mussolini. There was an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship in America. The upshot of the movement was to create an organization with a goal of reaching some 500,000 men. Their purpose was clear and simple. Intimidate the government. A Congressional committee was formed on the matter. Subsequently evidence found a plot to overthrow FDR.  This behavior is very much akin to the growing Secession Movement in America today coming primarily from the Tea Party crowd.[See Article

How fascists plotted to overthrow the US Government

Then low and behold the name Prescott Bush  materializes. That's right the original Bush traitor. The Daddy and Granddaddy to the modern day, Bush family who all but ruin this country and drove into the ditch. Prescott Bush was a Nazi traitor to this country and like his grandson Bush, Jr should have been tried for treason. [See Source

In 1932, Mussolini stated:

" We are absolutely opposed to Liberalism." 

Just like the Tea Party of today the Mussolini American 

Republicans felt that Egalitarianism was an absurd political lie.

What is Egalitarianism? 

Just like the Tea Party of today the Mussolini American Republicans felt that Egalitarianism was an absurd political lie. The moocher comments we hear today from the Tea Party and the go " fend for yourself," mantra of the Libertarians are shockingly similar to the outcry's of the Mussolini American Republicans. They claimed FDR's New Deal would lead to collective irresponsibility. Not unlike today's Tea Party, they claimed the fertile and beneficent inequality of men cannot be leveled by suffrage. 

These Are Not Lincoln Republicans!

Our research in the House of Public Discourse has concluded that the modern-day Tea Party is nothing more than a fascist movement motivated by racism and enabled by Authoritarianism. With the 2008 election rendering America, the first person of color to the White House created the spark to ignite this reemergence of blatant Fascism in America. The movement has been spearheaded by the American Christian Right. See the right-wing authoritarian follower is easily brainwashed. The late Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberston, and John Hagee have been some of the biggest perpetrators with a list growing daily. TV Pastors see money in Fascism, Racism, and Authoritarianism. They are obvious power and control seekers.  

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Another similarity, just like the Mussolini American Republicans hated FDR the same can be said of the Tea Party towards Barack Obama. 

The Tea Party tries to sell their organization as a cross-section of America. They allege they are a nonpartisan mix of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. This is absurd. Our research in the HOPD clearly reveals that the Tea Party is primarily made up of Right-Wing Authoritarian Followers who make up the ranks of the Republican Social Conservative faction within the party. The Religious Right. According to a study conducted on the issue found that most of the Tea Party followers suffer from " The Hitler Syndrome." [See Source]


The study points out over a dozen traits found in Tea Party members were consistent with Authoritarianism. These evaluation were based on the answers given by those participating in the study. All of these answers were a clear indication that a vast majority of Tea Party members suffer from "The Hitler Syndrome." 


Russ Limbaugh stated on a national radio station he wanted the right-wing death squads to come to America. What appalls this writer is our tax dollars funded these death squads? The American Republican Right has sponsored one of the most bazaars morally reprehensible acts ever in the history of man that is only rivaled by today's Isis. All this killing was done in the name of "GOD." Under Ronald Reagan, he merged the CIA operation with the " Vatican." In Reagan's zeal to bring down Communism, he empowered several former Nazis in Eastern Europe. Our study found that many of these operatives were Holocaust deniers. Moderate and Liberal Priest who opposed the Nazis doctrine were removed from power. Under G.W. Bush, the Bill of Rights was annulled. This annulment granted the now merged CIA and Vatican the right to spy on any American for any reason. What very few Americans realize is that our U. S. Supreme Court was given over to the Vatican.

In England, Bush's counterpart Tony Blair restored the Church of England to the Vatican and the E.U, was brought under the control of the Vatican. 

All of this was by design a plan and now the last piece of the puzzle. This   activity was said to prove GOD's forgiveness. And, while Rome's GOD had plenty of forgiveness for Nazis and pedophiles it strangely couldn't find any for the Nazis resistors in the Church. 

Rev Jay Smith
A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion and supporting him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."[See Source] It became apparent that no matter what President Obama does the extreme racist  Religious Right Nazis were going to criticize, obstruct, and commit sedition in this writers view. Here in the recent, we can add the 47 senators letter to Iran which constitutes treason under the Logan Act. The bottom-line is we have hoards of people walking around who call themselves Tea Party Patriots who are nothing more nothing less than brainwashed Nazis repackaged as American Patriots. 

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